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I need help with my EA please, as you can see he has the parameters configured so that he only makes the purchase and sale, as well as closing them, I just need someone to help me and tell me how I can do so if this EA If you lose one trade, open the next one with twice the number of lots and with
Hello all i am experience some issue with an indicator that i am working on , can somebody please take a look and tell me why its causing this issue ? to put it simply the indicator is not refreshing Explanation: when i attach the indicator to the chart and leave it on, after sometime when i attach
Hi! I'd like to draw a fibonacci without click mt4 fibo button. It needs to my expert advisor. I'd like to use a simple button to start drawing. (Button code not good, but I think I can write to work good.) So, I need: click on the button, than click and HOLD on chart to start drawing fibo (fibo
The MT4 account is being entered, but it does not work. It has already been de-installed and reinstalled, but still does not work
Good afternoon friends, I am learning how some things work, and I have run into a problem that I do not understand. It is a multi-frame table for buying and selling (it is only a test to start a project). The problem is that if I use symbols , everything works fine, but if I use text, when I change
Dear Friends I am new to MQL4 language and trying to learn it, and building my own Expert for 2 Moving average crossover, I know there are some already built solutions, but I have some other logics to be incorporated so writing my own code, below is the basic version of my code where I dont see any
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I am trying to download MQL4 NOT MQL5. Every time I go to download MQL4 on my laptop it automatically downloads MQL5. How do I fix this issue
void TouchedSR() { InsideResistance= false ; InsideSupport= false ; for ( int i= 0 ; i<10; i++) { double HiCandle = iHigh ( NULL , TradingTimeframe, i); double LoCandle = iLow ( NULL , TradingTimeframe, i); //Test for being inside a zone. if (LoCandle <= HI_Res &&
Hello. I'm using the mql4 standard library and using CListView created a list. Can somebody please tell me how can I change the listview background? To avoid misunderstandings, I mean, it's white by default and I want to change its color totally. I don't mean to change the border color or the
Can anyone add an Alert when apper Classical and Hidden Divergences in this indicator please? Thank you very much
int OnInit() { static double A = 0.1; //Buy static double B = 0.2; //Sell int Ticket1 = 0; int Ticket2 = 0; return(INIT_SUCCEEDED); } void OnTick() { Ticket1 = OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,A,up,1,cp-20*Point*10,cp+15*Point*10); Ticket2 =
Hi, i'd like to retrieve the latest closed pair specific (eurusd) closetime. However , i am seeing all related iterations. How could i choose (retrieve) the recent one? Responds are appreciated... void OnStart () { //--- for ( int i = 0 ; i <= OrdersHistoryTotal() - 1 ; i++ ) { if (
Hi Everyone. I have recently built a Moving Average cross over EA. My issue is that it sometimes places the same order twice and I cannot find the reason why. I only experience this issue when live trading (1M Charts) and the problem doesn't show up on Strategy Tester . Please note that I am a new
Hey y'all. Been programming recently, and was frustrated at how limiting and silly array searches are in MT4. So, I wrote some new ones. One for searching a single dim array, and one for searching a 2 dimensional array. I think they're kinda neat - maybe you will too. Also, in the file are 2 array...
Hello All, I am trying to set up push notifications to go to my iPhone MT4 app. the notifications come through on my desktop but at the end of the notification it says "not sent to *******" MetaQuotes number. Also, if I send a test alert it does not go through to my phone at all. How do I fix this
Dear community, after i placed some alarms on several charts on mt4 i see that i cannot set more alarms. Is there a limit on mt4 to place alarms
hi dear, can i send and receive data in ea in mql4 using webrequest ? (send and receive via json or ... ?) thanks
Good afternoon, I am programming an EA that needs to check whether the previous bar has crossed at anytime the Price Channel indicator or not. I'm using a PChannel indicator I downloaded as a graphical guide, but I've programmed my own in the EA. The PC I've programmed works fine, except when the PC
Hi, I want to use OrderSend with fixed sl and tp for my strategy but in backtest as you can see in the picture it was not trigged when my target price hits the price. the order send successfully without any error. what is the problem? thanks? double StopLoss=GetStopLossPrice(PZ_GetLastBDTrendLine()
Hello I would need some help please. How can i save the Takeprofit Level ? I dont want to put it in the "OrderSend". Because i need it for something else. What happens here is that when the OrderSend is executed in the Comment I can see the Value allthough it lasts only until new tick. How can I
Hello,everyone, I would like to ask about how to set up auto trade based on MT4 alert? For example, i got a MACD indicator and it can show an alert for buy/sell signal. How can i make that alert to be a order by programming? Anyone can help me? Thanks a lot
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Hi all, I need a MT4 indicator that counts up/down bars and pips for a certain period. Additionally if it is possible, in a small window to count the same on any timeframes. For Instance: EUR/USD 1M Up Bars 432/Down Bars 522 Up pips 6663/Down pips 3342 EUR/USD 5M ...................... etc I tried
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Hello. I am new to coding, and am learning a lot, however I have struck something that I cannot get my head around at the moment. I am trying to call the result of a test in one of my indicators, to an ea, so it can add it to its own tests before placing a trade. The ea is a simple moving average...
Hello! Please I'm trying to run my script but each time i run it, it doesn't run in my current open chart. I'm currently on the XAUUSD(Gold) and each time I compile and run my script it runs on EURUSD, and I'm tired of dragging it to my current open chart. Currently running on MT4 with MQL4
I'm trying to figure out how to export the Account History and get it into an (Excel) Spread Sheet for Analysis. I did a search, but didn't find a solution. Thanks to any and all for any assistance
Dear All, Why my indicator can not show anything? I want to design a indicator for weighted rate of change with formula as below #property indicator_separate_window #property indicator_buffers 1 #property indicator_color1 Red //---- indicator parameters extern int RPeriod = 10; extern bool
Confusing how ArraySize doesn't work in a loop. I am looping the array elements to move all down and update the zero array with the latest spread. input int Spreads = 8 ; int iS[ 12 ]; //spreads array string sS; //spreads int OnInit () { ArrayResize (iS,Spreads); //Print(ArraySize(iS)); //8