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Hello, I want to open a new trade when price has passed a threshold, when I did this with a for loop and with OrderSelect(i, SELECT_BY_POS) it worked fine, but now I'm directly selecting one order, and when I print both the bid price, and the order opening price, they have the same value. For some
Hi, Example See picture I dun want drag and drop because too many codes to many chart windows many times.... I need straight one time 1 code match 1 chart window Any idea code? I think relate to ChartOpen or etc
Anyone know where to find an MT4 moving average indicator that can dynamically display the next higher timeframe
Hi! Instead of hovering my mouse to change the time frame, is there a single hotkey i can set or press to change time frame?  If yes, can i also choose if this hotkey changes timeframe for all my charts or just the chart im viewing? thank you! for Mt4
Hi, in my chart I'm working with manually drawn trendlines lines (the MT4 build-in line objects). To speed up the process I'd like to create an indicator that does: - If I press the key "B" the line tool will be activated with a blue line - If I press the key "R" with a red line My question is
How to Download free Indicator from the MT4 website list of indicators?? and How to instal it on Metrader MT4 platform? Please help, thank you
Hi all, I have an MACD indicator with 2 lines that I want to use on my EA. I already tried using iCustom on an indicator that doesn't have a lot of parameters and it works find. Since this is the first time I found an indicator that has a lot of parameter I kinda confuse how to make it works. What I
Hello people! This is my first post, I hope this is allowed and that it is in the right place! I am testing the "KG_Support_and_Resistance" indicator, but I am not able to enable it on the MT4 platform. I release the indicator inside the graph, but it does not appear on the screen (no error
I have MT4 installed on my desktop. EAs work on my DEMO account just fine on my DESKTOP. I try to use it on a live account, and NOTHING happens. I install MT4 on my laptop. EA's don't work at all on my laptop in DEMO or LIVE accounts. All the settings are the SAME as on the desktop. I NEVER have the
I am a somewhat newbie, been programming Mt4 for about 2 months. Anyways, I developed this Custom indicator , not sure if its relevant but calculates everything from BAR 1 to +, basically always ignores BAR , calculation is only relevant on closed bar. I have a developed an Expert Advisor that uses
Hey guys, I searched in the BillWilliams.mqh for the Fractals indicator and I found some fragments of it. But this kind of coding (with classes etc.) is way beyond my knowledge. Can somebody tell me where I could change the original arrow-wingding to a symbol of my choice? These arrows are too
hi guys anyone now why this is script crashed ??? //+-----------------------------------------------------------+ //| MT4 CUSTOM INDICATOR 123PatternsV7.MQ4 | //| copy to [experts\\indicators] and recompile or restart MT4 |
Hey Traders, Kindly help me on how I can set email alerts from MT4 to my email address. I was using  the set up in tools, Options, mail and used However it does not work anymore.
Context: I am trading on 28 different currency pairs I am trying to create a function where you cant buy or sell two of the same currency at the same time. E.g. buy eur/usd and buy eur/jpy not possible because eur is overexposed. Does the code work? void OverExposureCurrencyPairs(){ string
Hi everyone. I hope you are fine. I have a question: What's the exact timing of an OrderClose()'s result(true/false) being returned? In the following code, will the result of OrderClose() be immediately returned in row1, so we can use it in row2 within the same tick ? Or shall we wait for the order
Hi, I wanted to count how many buy or sell candle in a selected area by manually drawn rectangle. If possible to find out index number (start to finish of rectangle) . Thank you in Advanced
hi experts i'm wonder there is a way to show two currency pair at same window(both have candle format) like EURUSD as main window and GBPUSD in sub window thanks
as you know the OrdersHistoryTotal() function returns the closed orders in history based on the history tab settings... now say i want to search through all the orders in history no matter what kind of limitations they are .... if i make a loop with OrdersHistoryTotal() it searches thorugh the
Hi, I provide free service for my valuable clients and implementing my coding knowledge. i would like to add my link on mt4 chart, when me EA or indicator applied on chart my given link on browser. is this possible to code? I really appreciate the peoples who helped me to solve many issues and make
Hi all, Pretty raw with coding and have hit a wall. I don't mind admitting that I've backwards engineered some code on an indicator I found online to make it work for me. It's a manual pivot where I enter the H, L & C and it plots the pivots on a chart. However it's using a horizontal line and I've
Hi Q: Does MT4 EA gets reinitialized again when Datacenter changed manually? Description: I am using MT4 Client with 2 EAs running. If I changed the Datacenter (e.g. DC1 to DC2), - is the EA reinitialized or - is it running as if it got disconnected from the MT4 client's internet and just runs as if
Hi all, I have a custom indicator and I want to use it in my EA. I saw the iCustom documentation but still failed to make it works. Below is my code for the iCustom function, can anyone help me? int shift = 0 ; double VWAPindicator = iCustom ( Symbol (), PERIOD_M5 , "VWAP Bands" , 20
HI, I need your help. I draw the horizontal Line on the chart by manual. And I want the EA to read the value (price) But when I draw it by manual, object name has some numbers. --> 38987 What is this number? TO read the price of the line, I want to use double Price =ObjectGetValueByShift(
Hi everyone, can I do TP that doesn't have value (infinite TP) but having a trailing stop. So basically the trailing stop would be the close price for the trade. Does this strategy can be applied or there's something bad things that will comes up later? Thanks
I have downloaded account history from signal provider in csv. How can I import this now in MT4? Would be appreciated for your answers
hi experts i'm trying to develop a custom indicator but at this stage it's getting very heavy and mostly cause the mt4 frozen i wonder there is some general instruction for for optimizing the code so or even a tool to show which part of the code cause the frozen problem
Hello,    I'm attempting to export mt4 account history into excel in order to calculate monthly returns. I have no problem getting all of the data into excel. But my problem is trying to perform any functions for numbers greater than 999 or less than -999. So basically any number that should have a...
Hello my friends, Ive got a little problem with a part of my ea. OrderSend("sysmbol()",OP_BUY,Lots,Ask,0,StopLoss,TakeProfit,NULL,0,0,Blue); OrderClose(OrderTicket(),Lots,Bid,0,Black); return value of 'OrderSend' should be checked return value of 'OrderSend' should be checked I tried nearly
Hello guys i developed an EA based on support and resistance using a support and resistance indicator that draws lines on the chart. The condition for a buy is once price touches the support line at the close of the candle it buys and if price touches the resistance line after the close of the
Hello, How do I tell the iHighest and iLowest commands which direction I want to search. For instance, can I do: iHighest ( NULL , 0 , MODE_HIGH ,- 5 , 8 ); to do a search from shift 8 to shift 3 where shift 0 is the last candle, i.e. left to right search. I've tried it but couldn't get it to work