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New at this EA programing and I'm having some issues... I'm trying to get my EA to only open an order at the point where a new candle starts, so far with out luck. Can anyone suggest some code that will work or point me to a thread with this info? I'm running diffrent EA's I have on the same pair...
Does any one know how to load a particular symbol on the chart using an EA.Please help if you can. Thanks.
When a tester is running for a certain symbol and time frame, it require that price data to start process. If data is not available tester will not run. Can any one know how to explicitly load data using an EA. Thanks, -Kar p.s. Any idea where can i get help related to this issue.
how to delete pending order with condition "when next bar period begin"??? for example, delete pending order in 0001 minit when 0002 minit,or delete order in 0012 hour when 0013 hour/delete pending order in 1st bar period when 2rd bar period begin.
Hi I am a newbiew at this. I have an idea for EA but need to someone to help me code.  I did preleminary coding in VB6 ( jsut the structure) If some1 can help me to write mql please email at or Thanks
Hi, I have a script which opens pending orders. It will work fine once or twice, then stops working. Journal says the script is loaded successfully, then removed. Both when working and not. Can anyone explain this, or point me to a reason why a working script stops working? Driving me a bit nuts...
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2008,an Interview with Andrey Soloviev (solandr) has been published. Andrey Soloviev (solandr) is a regular Participant of the Automated Trading Championship. In 2006 he presented a simple Expert Advisor, in 2007- a multicurrency one. This year...
Hi, i modified a Fish indicator to add long/short infos. This is working well, except.... when i attach indicator this information doesn't display in window. I do a right click on indicator to open the edit properties window. I change nothing and click OK. All is now allright, information appears....
With pressing 'chart moving' icon, We can move chart to the left and make some empty area.. Now, I want to draw some lines (ex. MAs) in this area. Is it possible to draw lines like Moving Average Lines in this area??? Show me the functions or codes, pliz...
I am trying to put an order, I am cloning the already present MACD example, in which I do not understand the following please explain, thanks. All the required variables have been defined OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,LotsOrder,Ask,3,0,Ask+ProfitLimit*Point,"macd sample",16384,0,Green) Profit...
Hi there Just introducing my expert advisor Here is how it works We have decided to lease the ea for 1k a month for a min of 6 months The ea will return good profit and has the best sucess rate i have seen The ea wont trade every day nor every week but when it trades it trades to win We have been...
For example. My T/P level is the 1.382 Fib and I'd like to make this a thick GREEN line with label "target". - Or - My stop loss is the 61 retracement so I'd like to make it a thick RED line with label "Stop". Is this possible? Or is there an indi already made? Thank you so much for the help.
I wrote a custom indicator. It plots the history corectly but it is inconistent in real time. If i recompile it displays corectly until a few new ticks come in then it goes wrong. I looked at a lot of similar code and everyhing seems corect but it is still incosistent in real time. Any ideas on how...
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Hello with all. The future projects are: The possibility of moving the indicator or you want on the graph. FunIndicator V1.8 and News version FunIndicator V2.1 and FunIndicator Lite I added lighting clock if the market of the country is open. Trana_.rar it's font file.
Hi there, Can anyone help me on how to get the higher and lower values for the actual day on a specific chart and save this value on a variable? I don't know how to code it on mq4. I need the values for the "actual day". Thank you very much. Regards Paulo
This indicator which belongs to Bollinger Trading System is very usual in some software. But I do not find it in MT4. Please help me. Thank you.
How can I resize Two Dimensional Arrays
I can I code automatic deactivation of an expert advisor ? thank you
hello all, am practically new to Forex and its really exciting, but my grouch is that i still dont know how to identify the currency pair that will make the most movement, so i can benefit maximally from each trade,please i really do need idea and cool suggestions. Thanks a ton!!! basamta
Dear People, I need some clarification, on the meta trader platformconfiguration. Please explain what the following are, (I mean how &when to use): I could not locate a help zone in the help file that iswhy I am asking here, I hope you willunderstand. (1) “Optimizedparameter” found on “Testing”...
Nice to meet every one. You make trades by MT4. You make a profit in every trade. Your broker finds the problem. He gets you into trouble bt controlling MT4 server. Can it happen?
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Hi there, I need to know how can I program a code to find if a position for a currency pair is open or closed? In fact, I do not want to find if it is open. What I need is to find if it is closed... For instance. The following code returns TRUE if a position is opened: void CheckPosition() { for...
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please i wanna know the code i should tupe to perform this task (wait 5 seconds) because when it's always checking it entered closed loop and metatrader hangs.... thanx alot
I want to routinely run a check function. However I found to use the start() in the EA is too frequent. I want to run this check function say every 1 min. Does it possible to define one? Thanks!
How do I get the second value (the signal level) of a custom indicator? Im using the following syntax QQE = iCustom(NULL,PERIOD_H1, "QQE", 2, 0) but it always returns the main level Thanks, Steve
Is there a way to print the profit from a trade as a comment on the chart with $ and commas? Example: $2,289.10 Thanks in advance, Y
Hi. My MT4 is creating large files in the /tester/logs folder when using strategy tester. Some files are as large as 118gig (yes gig). Is there an option I can change or is something else wrong. Rudy
Hello, I want to get the volume information per tick. I can't seem to find a command in MQL4 that enables me to request this information. Can anyone help? Nate
Hi, I just coded a very simple indicator that give the range of candlesticks.  I want to create a moving average of that in the second buffer.  The moving average works but only on a forward basis.  I'll post the code below; if anyone can help so that the moving average works throughout the whole...