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I wanted to keep error logs in a file, but the programme overwrote the previous logs and there was always one line. In the documentation, the example says that using SEEK_END can move to the next line and keep writing, but it didn't work for me. Also, sometimes when I opened the file and it showed...
Can someone please tell me why this gets and error 4109 - "trade not allowed" on the demo account I set up? //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Test.mq4 | //| Copyright © 2008,...
What does the Slippage do in the order send function? Thanks
I have been strugling all afternoon on a little piece of code that has no reason not to work. It is a simple fucntion to modify existing orders. Here is the code: void test(){double last_tp_s=0, last_tp_l=0;int total=OrdersTotal();   for (int cnt=0; cnt<total; cnt++)    {      if( OrderSelect(cnt...
Hello! My first post here :) I just finished writing my indicator. However, I need to erase the old line which my indicator has drawn (e.g. from bar 50 to the last bar). Here is what i tried: for ( int i = LastBufferValue ; i <= Bars ; i + + ) { My_Buffer [ i ] = 0 ; } The above code does not
Please state me the mql4 code for this statement. if ( Highest(Bar, ROCSeries(#Close, 1), 3) < StdDev(Bar, ROCSeries(#Close, 1), 31)) ? then buy.
for example. i use a indicator ma double iMA(string symbol, int timeframe, int period, int ma_shift, int ma_method, int applied_price, int shift) i want get ima(.......,shift =1000) almost i can't get that,that will make a error, then ea can't keep working. how to make sure i can get that...
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2008, an article Reporting the Sixth Week (3 - 10 November) has been published. The sixth week did not influence much the Participants of the top ten. Once again we see reply
can horizontal lines be placed on the chart using only ea?
Hello, I remember that I did in an EA long ago. But now I do not recall example: I want to rebuild a variable name . I want the variable "xx" takes the numerical value of EURUSDbid double EURUSDbid ; double xx; xx = "EURUSD" + "bid"; //obviously does not work. "xx" picks up the value string,...
Hi All, Can anybody tell me how to get the 'Model', 'Optimization', 'Open Chart', 'Use Date', 'Visual Mode' and 'Modify Expert' of my Strategy Tester for the MetaTrader? Thanks in advance...
  Forex Tracer  (1)
I have added forex tracer and im waiting no for 10 hours, nothing happened yet. I did everything the video showed. How long will it take to make the first trade??????
Hello, What's the "Magic Number" when building an EA? Thanks
I tried to use ErrorDescription(GetLastError()) to get the error message, but the programme couldn't be complied successfully and it said "function is defined". So how can I get that? Thanks for help.
Does anyone have a copy of the breakoutma EA that use to be in the codebase? Or better still does anyone knows who the author was? Ed
When I code a multi currency pairs EA. Do I need to apply it to all the currency pairs' chart? I only applied it to EURUSD, when the OrderSend() call the Bid, it should open EURJPY, but the Bid send to the OrderSend is EURUSD's Bid. What should I do with it? Thanks.
  Running Live  (6)
Please teach me How can I run EA live. I have been testing with History Data testing my EA.
Hello i have never seen an indicator that use another indicator, attached, to show the candle value of the open price to the high "above the candle" and the open price to the low "below the candle", and i want to simplify researching this heiken ashi indicator but what needs to be is what the candle...
Hi, I want my EA to perform the same task (looking on Internet for a file) at the same moment every hour (XXH with 59MN for example). My problem is that my EA works on H1 time frame so 59MN doesn't exist if I use the information from the chart. Until now, all my attempts to use server time were
I like this indicator a lot. It is similar to one that I have tried to write for Trade Station's easy language. How do i get in touch with the author? Thanks. Al
can someone tell me why this ea refuses to work i built it the the strategy builder at: but i try to back test it and i get a slue of problems.
  MT4 auto restart  (2)
Hello. I've searched for previous threads about an auto-restart function in MT4. If the platform is closed because of an operating system reboot, does MT4 have the ability to automatically restart when the operating system restarts? I ask because I'm running MT4 on a remote server, and if the server...
Hello, I want to just print simple ZigZag previous High and Low values from shift 0 to 5 But I get zeros for (int i = 0 ; i<=5;i++){ Print(iCustom(Symbol(),Period(),"ZigZag",12,5,3, MODE_HIGH, i)); Print(iCustom(Symbol(),Period(),"ZigZag",12,5,3, MODE_LOW, i)); } Can Any body help me Im getting...
I'm building a Position Sizing calculator as a function based on the "Kelly Formula" (Win Rate-((1-Win Rate)/(Avg Win/Avg Loss) I've got the over all code and calculations working with manual inputs(extern) for the required variables and am now trying to get thefunction working dynamically by...
Hello, I'm trying to apply some modification to a old .mq4 file but when I save it it's not possible : access denied ???? It is also not handy to do some backup, when you look into the expert file the .mq4 files are no more there??? (They are there in fact but invisible with windows Vista.) If you...
MT4 FXT head version is 405? who know about infomation? thanks!
This is the error msg i get after compiling without errors. and then trying to run the program. The compiled file does not exist in the experts folder, and after searching for it, it appears not to exist on any part of my HD. Does the same thing on two seperate computers. 2008.11.08 18:40:25 Cannot...
Firstl, please forgive my English ! I download the IdleLib.dll in test, However, no information, Do not use this library has it? Please give me Help! Thanks ! I tested the code is as follows: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| myTest.mq4 | //| Copyright...
After loading the Custom Indicator from such sites as ForexFactory, Forex-tsd, and even MQL4, into the FXDD-MetaTrader4/experts/indicators file, and then highlighting the Indicator in Navigator and then right-clicking on the message: Attach to a chart, nothing happens. I have recently reinstalled...
Friends, Wanted information from its brokerage: START FOREX ( How can I tell if a broker is serious? I told her very well, but not much know a little more! thank all!