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Hey all. As the subject title shows, I'm looking for a way to improve MT4 desktop platform's scaling mechanism. It can only scale up to 50 points vertically, and it's still difficult to read the chart's pattern properly, Is there a way to improve it's features further? Also I'm open to learn about
When I try to import a csv history file to history center it automatically duplicates every candle. the format of csv file is correct and the same as the exported file from MT4
Hello guy! Huge respect for all the good hearted people who help the newbees. I searched 4 days for a solution but I couldn't find it anywhere, either it is an advanced code or I am to blind at this moment to find it. So, I want to code a complex (from my point of view) EA and I'm stuck at sending
#property copyright "Candle Pattern" #property link "" #property version "1.00" #property strict #property indicator_chart_window #property indicator_buffers 8 //--- indicator buffers input string n1= "------------Engulfing pattern----------------------" ; input bool
I just needed to download MT4 APP for my PC. At the MQL site, I clicked the MT4 APP but once opened, it always turned out to be MT5. I don't need the MT5 for now. Please where and how do I download the MT4
Hi I want to count whole numbers. for example: 1.23456 is counted as 1 because there is only 1 whole number, for 123.456 it must be 3 and so on. I didn't find any predefined variable for this. does anyone knows way how to do that? Thanks
Hi I have expert auto trading EURUSD but the symbol chart is EURUSD. "note the dot" so it not execute any order so how to change EURUSD. to EURUSD in mt4
As far as I can tell GetTickCount() does not work in Tester (if I'm wrong then PLEASE correct me). So my question is, how can I "inject" a delay into Tester? For example, let's I want a more realistic OrderClose() function - obviously in Live/Demo closing an order takes time - a few 100 mili-seconds...
Hi I am using MT4 platform for Forex trading . I am new to MT4 and trading. I am trying to learn MACD indicator and using it on the chart in MT4. But when I insert MCAD on the chart, It only display signal line and bars, but it is not displaying MACD line. ie only have MACD with 1 lines and
Hey, this is basically a general question but it's related to EAs. I find that my EA does not work the same way with one broker, Prosperity, versus another, Hugosway. I did program the EA using a Hugosway client in MQL4. Is this a coding issue or are there actual differences between brokers? Thank
Hi All, I have the code below to find the fibonacci and entry point and tp and sl on the chart and start trading based on the data on the chart. it suppose to monotor the market and if the market reaches the entry point (that can be moving entry point like Psar indicator) then start the trade
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Hi, it is very strange. I want to read MACD signal of TF M1 on TFM5. I mean I used below code to read MACD of TFM1 and when I attach EA on TFM5, I can not read MACD signal of M1 from M5 chart. On real chart, it shows the value, but when I do backtest it always shows zero. DO you know why? double
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hello, need help please. how to get validation to use lot = 1.0 or lot=1.10 ? input lot = 1.02, error input lot = 1.1, error if I input manual Lot=1 or lot = 1.10, then passed. But if I use script validation below, then get error 131 OrderSend error 131 double cLOT( double ilot){ double ilot_max
Hi, I am unable to locate the Add/Withdraw fund in the MT4 Android App.  Please let me know where to Add/Withdraw Fund.  Currently, I log in to to fund/withdraw fund. Thank you.
I hope I am posting in the right category. If not pls direct me. Hello, I am using Excel RTD from FX Blue Labs from  Pepperstone to connect my Excel 365 (Desktop) to MT4 to get real-time forex data and historical ones. I need to know how to use the fill handle to fill all the cells without typing...
Hi there everyone, this is just confusing me, and I need to get my ordering right. if( A < B  &&  C < D  ||  E < F ). In that statement, does it mean:   if ( A < B  &&  C < D ) "or" (A < B  &&  E < F ) or does it mean: if ( A < B  &&  C < D ) "or" ( E < F ). In other words, does the "or"...
Hello I start in the mql4 code and I want to understand why my small program does not launch while the compilation shows no error! (I’ve been stuck for 3 days) Goal of the program: Alerts the user that the stochastic oscillator of the M15 M30 H1 H4 timeframe of a symbol is on purchase or under
Hi, I have one indicator that gives me one alert when I have one engulfing candle in a range of RSI values, but for some reason the indicator is not reading the RSI values and some of the alerts are not being given exactly when the candle closes. Here is the code open1= NormalizeDouble ( iOpen (
Hello Traders I tried connecting my mt4 for email alert notification using Amazon Vps to automate 24/7. After entering all the parameters using: SMTP server: / also switched by using port 465/25 and co SMTP login: my email Password: ******* From: my email To: my email I keep getting
why my mql4 program works in the mt4 that i wrote the program on it ,but it dont work in another mt4
Hi professionals, I just need to get one result per day But the result changes with condition change through the day and expert restart so please advise. Thank you
hi all, i've just learned that this zigzag indicator exists and i'm tempted to try and create a code and use it's values. However I'm not sure what codes are related to it. By this I mean I've searching the help but found only 3 articles that include the word zigzag, 1 is how to draw it, and the
I have been using iCustom with an EA i am creating to add some custom indicators. Some of the inputs for these indicators have a dropdown list of different inputs which are all words, For example some of the input option are "Open Price", "Close Price", "Median Price". I have tried writing the word
I was wondering what exactly is happening in the following block of code:    Sym = Symbol();   TimeFrame = Period();      SymPoints = MarketInfo( Sym, MODE_POINT  );   SymDigits = MarketInfo( Sym, MODE_DIGITS );   //---        if( SymPoints == 0.001   ) { SymPoints = 0.01;   SymDigits = 3; }   else...
Hi guys, I want to ask you a few questions about how to identify trend in Forex and which will be the best way to do that in my case, because if I have to be honest I really don't know what to do. It is such a mess in my head after so many articles read (+ MQL4 documentation). Although I'm a...
Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me find a version of RSI indi for mt4 that I can change the ma calculation instead of using the standard Wilders. Just to clarify, I'm only looking to change the initial calculation, not add an MA to an rsi for crossovers. My first post
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Hello, I am using <Deleted>, i have 16 identical robots across 4 different VPS servers on 16 different MT4/programs. They were running all very well, until yesterday; EUR/USD rose very hard, the result is that 13 out of 16 are almost blown up, there are 3 robots that still doing steady profits. All
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hi guys ,i run my expert on aud cad chart, and i expect that it will calculate my lot price but it comments, there is not any nesbat why
I am runnning MT4 under Wine 6.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 focal. Have already run $ wincfg to set programms' window dimensions and scale police size. Now I am facing the issue that the toolbar submenus are not aligned and spread on two lines, and within submenus icons are also split on two or even three
Hi all, I'm new here and also with programming mt4 EA. I would like to create a EA that performs following task: -Open a new sell position every minute. -After x sell position opened, the new ones are opened every 15 minutes; The total of sell positions that can be opened should be defined as input