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void SellStop(double price,int MagN,double LotSize,datetime expiration=0,double sl=0,double tp=0,string comment=NULL) { double stoplevel=MarketInfo(_Symbol,MODE_STOPLEVEL)*Point(); price=NormalizePrice(MathMin(price,Bid-stoplevel));//===============================|| SELL
I've created an indicator that put automatically orizontal lines on the mt4 platform in oder to indentify targets. But, if later i draw a separated trendline and then I change timeframe,the trendline and everythings else I have on the platforms (like comments) goes away... Is there someone that
Hi I am using ADX cross EA. At the moment it buys and sells only when +DI and -DI crosses. Could someone please help as below If No trades exist then place trade based on LAST +Di and -DI cross. I have tried to store the last cross signal value in "static double" under void OnTick(void), BUT ITS
Bonjour à tous, First, let me thank you all for the fantastic job done there. I use the MT4 ADMI indicator in Multiple time frame analysis on the forex market but it consumes to much time/energy to do this manually. So, is it possible to build an ADMI EA which alert me when these conditions are
Hello,   I managed to change the default templates so every new chart I open I have the right colors, but when I'm testing my EA and custom indicators I still get the old default template.   How can I change that?   thanks, Giulio 
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I have enabled smtp access in settings of gmx. However I get test message failed. Is this the correct configuration for gmx mt4 smtp settings? Also, On the gmx setting page where can I find "Send and receive emails via external program"?
Hello, Could you help me? Possible to send hotkey from an EA or from an indicator? For example F11 for switch fullscreen, or CTRL+F5 for next profile. Thank you. Steve
Hi, i want to open an order of every new candle lets say on H1. i wrote this code, but it always wait for close on opened order. I mean i want open 24 orders per day (H1 TF).   //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|...
hello guys please help i got EA candle open ..i try to add button long and short but button not working ..if i press button long or button Sell not working..please help.. what should i do
I am looking for an order entry management tool for MT4 that allows me to split 1 lot into ten 0.1 lots (limit orders) with various TP and same SL. Ideally, there is an option to stagger the limit orders as well (e.g with 0.3 pip interval) If you are a price action trader, I am basically looking to...
Hello to all traders, I am looking for a too/ea/pluginl that allows me to place multiple orders simultaneously with individual settings. example of what i am looking for: this tool allows me to trade maybe aud/usd - eur/usd - nzd/usd - usd/chf at the same time by simply entering individual settings...
I'm writing an EA based on a strategy that uses several predetermined levels to open orders, so the EA needs to manage several orders at once and make sure only one order is opened per price bar, per level so if there are 4 levels a maximum of 4 orders can be opened per price bar, more orders can be...
Is it possible to create some tracker expert, that will monitor open orders andwill select appropriate order and close it when certain conditions are met ?
Hi, let's assume i know how to create pending orders, i am sending two pending orders, above and below a price level plus a distance, once the pending orders ar set, could you help me with the flow? i mean, no code needed, just the steps to manage this orders correctly, and coding by myself. When...
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Hi, Every time I want to refresh my chart window, I click in a different time frame.And then, I chick again in time frame I was. So I get two question: 1- there is any short key I could use to refresh my chart window? 2- there is any code I could use in MQL4 in order to refresh my chart window?...
I am trying to test ea on open prices only from 2015.1.1 to 2020.4.7 but MT4 is skipping years and tests only 2015.1.1 to 2017.8.7 chart H1 H4 when I use M1 open prices only then it works fine how to fix this? Every tick test works fine for any period GBPUSD60 - 7 MB GBPUSD1 - 380 MB with or without
Hi guys,       I am looking for two answers here. First to partially close an open order automatically on a specified profit target. I know that i can do that manually at market value by right clicking on the 'order', going to 'close order' and change the 'volume' as desired and close the partial...
Hi All, So I have this simple code that Alerts the Value of DEMA. However when you look at the chart the trendline doesn't seem to hit the correct value of DEMA. Here's the simple code: #property copyright "Copyright 2020, Arcee P. Palabrica"#property link ""#property
Hi everyone, I have a question which has come from recently not being able to place market orders with my broker to the insane volatility. I was unable to place market executions to open or to close trades, however if I placed a pending open order it would work as well as having SL and TP orders in
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I am finally trying to take the first steps with programming and I am inserting a lot calculator system on one of my EAs that does not have one. The code is this. extern double LotSize = 0.01;extern bool UseMM = false;extern int Risk =
hi every one I use below Indicator to show candles time in all frame time now I want when 10 seconds left until the end it changes font color to Red can anyone help me ? Best regards Neda
I did this small variation of the MACD indicator, where I only changed the moving average from Simple to Exponential, then added two buffers to make the indicator line change colors. However, my indicator is bugged. After running for some time the values start getting messed up, and I get multiple
Hello guys, I am very confused. Why does this code not work if I press 'Q' but it works when I draw any object manually? void OnChartEvent(const int id, const long &lparam, const double &dparam, const string &sparam) {//--- ChartSetInteger(0
Hello to all my friends and professors. I want to create a mini chart that allows you to add any indicator separately. Is it possible for friends to help? It should be like this
Hello dear trader community, I have coded sth.It does not give order. I am about to lose my mind. Anyone can help me solve this problem out? I really appreciate that. Thanks in advance for your help and time. Best Regards //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|
I am using a swap strategy with two account with different brokers (hedged accounts). I have the code that sync between the two account (via two brokers). When i close a BUY order with broker A, my EA send Close message and the SELL order on broker B gets closed. i get profit from (swap-commission)
Hello, My Trading System Idea is the following - - look to buy if the Bias is "BUY" and look to sell if the Bias is "SELL", pretty obvious, in general. How to go about executing the buy/sell orders is a different story because the current story is about figuring out this aforementioned Bias. How do
To keep things simple and rather than having to change some of my EA settings each time i change time frame, I was thinking of setting up some presets that automatically applied based on the _Period value. I don't know if i have taken the correct approach but i went down the path of multi
Good Morning! I am trying to put an EA on the market, but the validator does not accept it. In addition, the validator does not say the cause of the problem. The only error message is: "test on EURUSD,H1 there are no trading operations test on NZDUSD,H1 there are no trading operations test on