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ahmed bahije
Hello everyone here, I am new to the Forex field. I would like to know how I can do a backtest report like a screenshot attached ?? When I do the backtest on MT4 platform I don't get like a screenshot attached but I get a different look. Please clarify regarding this. Thank you in advance
Hi, I wanted to code a script which changes the chart-mode (line, bars, candles) of all open charts. When dragging the script into a chart I want to choose the chart-mode with a pulldown-menu. But I don't know how to use the ENUM_CHART_MODE correctly. Can somebody please help me? #property
I'm trying to create an EA based on change in direction of a moving average. ActuallyI have written the code, but it doesn't trade when I backtest it. It should createa BUY when the MA changes direction from negative to positive and a SELL when itchanges from positive to negative. It should also...
Hi everybody, I am on Mac and I was looking to install a few EA's into my trading account. I found that when I go to login to MQL5 through the tools and community tab on MT4 it does nothing, I click ok and it just closes me out. I'm not sure if the problem is occurring because I am on Mac or not
Good day, is there any library or anyone knows how we can make Sub-Charts with regards by using mql4. I notice in mql5 there is an include file that we can utilise to make them, however not available in mql4. How do we make Sub-Charts on mt4
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I have this good indicator that is based on MACD, moving average and Ichimoku. The problem is it only sends "Sell" signals and doesnt send "buy" signals. What can be the problem. Please have a look at the attached
Hi, We are not aware of what kind of objects can be drawn by user on the chart manually. Let's assume sometimes we need to copy some of them. Because they are in different types so we have to say if it was a vertical line get the time1 , thickness, color etc. If it was a rectangle get price 1 and 2
Hi everyone, I am having a hard time to have my lines stay in the charts. I have opened a profile for each forex pair I am working with. On each profile I have a few different time frames open for the FX pair. Whenever I put MAs etc on the charts, it stays. But when I put on horisontallines , move
2 indicators I encountered that repaint: Fisher and Weiswave3c and I attach them here for your help Weiswave3c repaint was only found when backtesting on MT4 platform as per the different images below: first: then a few bars later
The "go to definition" is not working. i've tried highlighting the word, then right-clicking. I've also tried only right-clicking with the cursor on the word. No luck. but F1 key seems to work after downloading the helpfile and restarting mE twice.
The AccountInfoInteger( ACCOUNT_LOGIN ) function will get the new login account number before the EA be called by OnDeinit() event when the user switch to another account with the same broker. (Not sure if it will be so when switching to other brokers' accounts) It supposed to be the logout account
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many charting programs have a " live cursor" where if you're using the Crosshairs on a bar, it automatically shows you the values of indicators being used below ie Stoch is @ 33 & Macd is -150 etc you can then have definite numbers on a Macd for say a Divergence as opposed to a guess is there a
The new MQL4 introduced a function named ShortToString which is supposed to convert a Unicode character code to the equivalent character, but when I use it all I see for the most part is a question mark instead of the character. If I use a label set to use the Arial font, I should get the character...
Hello.. am creating an EA based on a custom indicator... the problem is filtering the buy and sell signal after creating the EA to open buy on buffer ''0'' and sell on buffer '1' but the EA will open only sell orders on a buy/sell signal (all signals) after trying some modifications for 2 days, and
Hi Guys, I am trying to extract MA values (with iMAOnArray) when I attach a 13 SMA to the OBV indicator by drag and drop using the First Indicator option: My code is below and the param2 values are all zero. I have read many of the other posts about iMAOnArray and I think I have used it correctly
So when my algo satisfies certain criteria which it processes in OnTick(), it then needs to wait a few bars for a specified price to be hit. I have a few questions about how this is possible. 1. How do I tell it to look for that price but give up if it doesn't happen in the next 3 bars? I feel like
Hello.. am creating an EA based on a custom indicator... the problem is filtering the buy and sell signal after creating the EA to open buy on buffer ''0'' and sell on buffer '1' but the EA will open only sell orders on a buy/sell signal (all signals) after trying some modifications for 2 days, and
Hello All. I am facing issue regarding mql4 metaquotes problem anyone here please help me . Please check the code below while i am adding this with indicator its break some of function used in indicator Besides this indicator work perfectly! #property copyright "Copyright 2017-2019 (c) MT2 Software
My algo looks at candlestick data from 5 bars ago and compares it with the moving average using the iMA functionand Open[4]. I've just realised that comparing that data is wrong because iMA will always be using data from the current tick (not from 5 bars ago). I figure I either need to somehow call
how do I write an ea that enters a trade when previous high or low has been taken out by new ones when i actiavte it with a button, please any ida, i am new to mql4 programming
Hello, I am very new to MQL4. Been doing a lot of digging and couldn't find, thus the post. First of all, to be clear, I'm trying to implement BB to RSI. If I were to implement it to the chart, I'll drag BB to RSI Window, and then, on BB Setup Window, under 'Apply to', I'll select 'First Indicator's
does anyone know of a trendline alerter that works on the currrent MT4 build I refer to a sloping trendline alerter, not the one already in MT4 I found a few older ones including Alerter4U but none work thanks
I, newbie, have a questions regarding my open orders (in automatic mode). In a downtrend sell orders are placed (i.e sell 0.03). I have some open positions that I do not understand. For example: my order type of trade sell, price 106.164, S/L 108.694, T/P 107.129 My question is: why is T/P (107.129)
Hello, I want to make my Custom Chart Template For Metatrader 4, but don't start to me!
Hey guys, I trust you are well, I would really appreciate if someone can help me. I have tried using both ChartScreenShot & WindowScreenShot to take a screenshot of my chart, however, the screenshot does not have any of my indicators on them, this is when back testing my strategy. Interestingly
I noticed that with every manual change of time-frame EA is restarting. Sometimes it makes some difficulties for me. In the project I'm currently working on, every time user runs the EA some conditions have to be in checked OnInit() and if necessary, a message box will appear to give him a warning
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I start this thread for the following reason: - to develop ASCTrend EAs according to the manual trading systems described here and - to delevelop new asctrend system for M5 timeframe. Please find updated templates (3 templates) and all the indicators for this new...
From the diaries of the worlds worst programmer. So I have implemented the following code in my bot, the idea is to take a screenshot OnTimer and on a button click...
As I understand it, the launch of the backtests with a genetic algorithm is cached. Does a result of a 'launch A' may appear in a result of a 'launch B'? Being 'A' and 'B' 2 launches with a genetic algorithm with identical characteristics: symbol, timeframe, date section, spread, parameters, etc