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hello ,,, i have this indicator //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| MTF_###Gann_HiLo_Activator_v2###.mq4 //| MTF by Zathar, mod c codobro//+------------------------------------------------------------------+#property
The product works far from what was advertised and it was said the product was autonomous and works manually with an indicator. Which is different from working with an iCustom function. I would like to cancell the purchases made $60 USD in total. Payment is still being varified
Hi Sorry if a silly question but I'm running multiple EAs in MT4 and find it time consuming to manually open a chart and place the EA on it. Error prone when you are testing 50+ EAs  I know in a script you can open a chart but can you add an EA to that chart? Any help much appreciated. Thanks
Hi all Apologies for the long post but here is my problem: I'm writing an indicator to continuously (ie on every OnCalculate call), plot the last few fractals, and draw support and resistance lines on those closest to High[0] and Low[0].The high fractals are those higher than High[0], and the low
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Hi - I written a simple EA to plot a trend line using ObjectCreate and OBJ_TREND, with OBJPROP_RAY_RIGHT set as True. I have variables which return the Time and Price value for the two anchor points. The trend line is drawn and extends to the right, and I am trying to get the return the trend line
i try to edit volume indicator to send noticfication when turning color from red to green, ends up having many notification, can anybody help me?i just only 1 nitidication. The actual indicator i take from the standard volume indicator from mt5. this is part of it: int OnCalculate ( const int
Hi, anyone out there who can help me with this? I'm struggling with two nested IF statements for OP_BUY and OP_SELL situation as well. The second IF statement always calls the user-defined functionmodify() even if the condition is not full filled. e.g. profit_in_points (PrIP) is still smaller than
I've been trying to code something that will modify the take profit of two trades when two trades of a certain symbol are open, essentially, if OrdersTotal=2 I've tried various OrderSelect functions but cannot seem to make it work, can anyone provide me with the code necessary to run this sort of...
I am trying got test an indicator through back testing on MT4 but i an getting no results at all. I have search google for a few days now and i cant seem to find the answer. No graph, no results whatsoever!! Any help would be great
Hello everybody, I wrote very simple code to analyse and backtest Inside bar strategy, but it is giving strange values when hits Targtet profit points. AUDNZD, H4, Spread 30 For example from the attached picture: System opened 2020.05.07 00:00 No 11 Buy Stop order Price: 1.06644 // High of signal
Hello I wanted to know if I can set up autotrading basis an indicator applied to my charts
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I have a problem. Everytime I add the property strict compiling method, I get errors with undeclared identifiers. This doesnt happen without property strict
Hi, how can i check in mql4 code, if indicator is loaded twice? BR, Mamboki
Find attached Indicator. Unable to convert to EA where BUY & SELL comment is there. Anyone help
Hi, does anyone know where I can find a tutorial on how to send telegram forex signals to my mt4 plaform ? Thanks
I have created a dll. But it is not getting copied in the MQL4-->Libraries. This is what I am getting: This error is occurring when I am Metatrader4 terminal is open. When close it, it let me copy. I had attached an expert advisor. That EA I have removed before copying the Dll file. But still I do
Dear experienced traders, I used to download data from my broker for a test, but the quality is only 25% and my back test always drow down sharply. Could you kindly teach me how to get high quality data? Where do you get high quality data? Thanks in advance and best wishes, Sky
How would i copy a Mt4 chart template to another Mt4 brokers charts...including all settings and same indis,trendlines,fibs etc
<Deleted> //+------------------------------------------------------------------+
When I read the new bar opening price for a daily bar, the first tick (may be first few ticks) will still send the previous days open price. Would anyone be able to guide on why
It returns as the code is wrong, but I am not able to know what could be wrong. Can anybody help me? if(TrailingStop>0) Trailing(); if((CountTrades()<1 && (BuySell==0 || BuySell==1) && b) || (CountTrades()>0 && FindOrderType()==0 && (FindLastBuyPrice()-Ask)/Point>=Step*Plus) || (CountTrades()>1
I have an EA backtested with MT4 on different pairs. I need to merge the different reports into a single one to compute global stats. I don't use fixed lotes, as for each trade the EA computes lots as a function of stop loss and the percentage of balance I want to risk for each trade. Therefore I
Dear Experts, I am looking for an EA for this breakout level trading. This EA had given 100+ pips constantly for the Last 8 months. 1. It counts last 4 hours high (buy entry) and Low (sell entry) in London or Asain session...... 2. Sets the TP/SL as the spread of that High and Low ( 20 pips) 3. It...
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hi guys , why if i decleare array in this mode return me error invalid index value ? int VisibleBar=WindowFirstVisibleBar();double aBodyCount[VisibleBar]; is a integer
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I have worked on a simple DLL for mt4 by using visual studio 2013 c#. I added RGiesecke modules by using NuGet packeges. I can call simple procedures when it has only integer values. But when the function in the library has string values, mt4 cant find the function. Also, it makes wrong results for...
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Hi all, I am new to this programming language. I just can't find out WHY MT4 doesn't find the folder under the FileMove Function... I am missing something here... The goal is to send an attachment to an email.. However the standard function SendMail doesn't provide that... So I want to upload it to
HiI am looking for an EA/TOOL that would send the trades opened on mt4 to my discord channel Can I find one
Hello house. Please can anyone help develop an alert app for my Android phone MT4, especially MA crossing and Bollinger crossing of all timeframe, one minute and five minute TF very important
I have been playing with ODL MetaTrader (demo) for about a week now and it has been running like a trooper. But about 2 hrs ago the platform "froze" - no activity registered since about 21:55 GMT (now about 00:21). I added two programs to my computer at about the time I lost the live feed... Any...
Hi all, I use to put my pending orders using, of course, entry price and TP/SL. I would have also additional information, i.e., margin required or pip value in order to have clear idea of money associated to SL and TP. The preferred choice is have the opportunity to choose if set SL and TP by price...