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I tried to use the icustom function to call heiken_ashi_smoothed into day trader expert. it failed to compile, am sure something is wrong . i am confused with whole thing. if someone can help me, attached is the indicator.Then my work trying to produce a better expert. some body please helpout!!
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A System: Code Sample 1
Is MetaTrader Tester working faster on 64 Bit OS then 32 bit OS ?
i have a program statement that places an OP_SELLLIMIT. It is being accepted as an order with no errors, but when the price target is hit, the order just disappears from the screen. Never does show up as a 'sell' order. tia, Keith Sell_ticket=OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_SELLLIMIT,Lots,SellAt,3,0,0,""...
Hello I have been trying to find a close all ea the uses a percentage eg if the account equity is 15% lower than the account balance close all positions. any help would be great cheers kiwi
I am going to allow some one to offer their coding abilities first because I love this forum so much, It consists of a data window and an indicator but only moving averages . Please email me so I can send you the template.This program will blow up the forex so I need a programmer that not only knows
Hi All, ok this is a bit off topic, but I know there are some good C(++) coders around on this forum. So i'll will give it a try any way. here the problem I'm having... Im importing a dll in MT with follow function in it. #import "some.dll"int MB_GetInputActRange(int idx, double& pActMin, double&...
bool New_Bar=false; int start() { Fun_New_Bar(); if (New_Bar==false) int i=0; while(New_Bar==true) if(iSAR(NULL,0,0.02,0.2,0)<Ask && i=1) OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,0.1,Ask,30,iSAR(NULL,0,0.02,0.2,0),Ask+2000*Point,0,0,0,0);...
Could someone explain what the error may be ? thanks
Hello all. Here is an EA that seems potentially profitable. I found it on the MT4 forum. There were no instructions on how to use it. The author is Creative Science. For whatever reason, I cannot access their website for further information. I have been running it for a while on a forward demo...
Greetings, Can any kind souls here assists on how to modify chart viewing time frame, let's say a 20min frame. Any assistance is much appreciated. Please assists!
Hi all! I just want to create a spread signal based on two CFD's. This signal will be calculated as: Close(CFD_1) - Close(CFD_2). How can I get a Spread [Pos] = Close [Pos] (for CFD_1) - Close [Pos] (for CFD_2)? I don't know how to get the Close[Pos] info for a different Timeseries the indicator is...
Hello all, This is my first post here, so bear with me. I have been studying Forex EAs for a while now, forward testing many of them and learning the programming language bit by bit... A friend of mine who is a C++ programmer asked me the other day to think about plotting the stock market moves in
Hi all, I have 4 time data series corresponding to Open, Close, High and Low prices. How can I get them represented as candlebars? Thanks in advance!
Hi, Is there a way to stop the EA or Indicator from functioning when the filename is changed? example filename of the EA is "MAcross.ex4" whenever this EA filename is changed I want the EA to completely stop functioning. Can this be coded? Regards, Mikhail
My SIGTrader 4 software just jammed and shows no movement of anything. Would someone please advise me how to unblock it? If I install it again over the present software, will I lose my funds held in it? Please help - I'm locked out until I can get it going again. Thanks, Stuartp77
Tester graph Hi all, I'm Rob and on my first attept on creating an EA have thrown up theses results. what i would like, if there is anyone willing, is to explain some of the results, especialy the "optomization, and how it works, please. OK, these are my results, Bars in test 75149 Ticks modelled...
Can any one please help me and tell me why my EA only takes buy positions...I will attach the mql4 file. Many thanx in advance for the help.
In the way NinjaTrader (for those who knows it) does. A logical answer for the calculation could be to do it at the opening of the next new barusing the previous one data ([1]), but I get an extrange result. Thank you in advance and nice Sunday!
I need someone with the expertise to fix this ea so that it can properly set independent tailing stops for each of the trades of the 4 this ea opens.
Hi, I would like to draw an arrow/marker on a specific position - height - of a chart, different for different "shift" positions. Which functions can be used? Drawing functions are not so simple to understand.... Thanks in advance Alex
Hello everybody, I am trying to make my EA do a little hedgeing under certain conditions. I have my buy orders happening at the correct time, I would like the EA to open sell orders when: //Open Sell if(Ask = Last Orders Start Price - 0.0025) code code sell (I have this...
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I want to compare yesterday’s MA value with today’s MA value. I have set the MAs as follows: Today’s MA SMAnow = iMA(NULL, 0, SlowerSMA, 0, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE, 1); Yesterday’s MA SMAprevious = iMA(NULL, 0, SlowerSMA, 0, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE, 1+1); I have coded – if(SMAprevious < SMAnow, xx...
Hi, I currently have a signals site that is coded in php and uses mysql for the database. I would like when a new signal is entered by a trader for this signal to communicate with the EA so that it makes the trade in the users MT4 platform. I will need it to be able to Enter trades Exit trades
This EA is currently optimized for the GBPUSD 4hr chart but I would like it to work on multiple currencies, could some exam the logic and explain to me where I am going wrong. I am having a hard time understanding the MarketInfo function. I would like the final EA to only take one order at a time...
I tried to use the window Orders in Type only appear.- Instan execution, Pending Order, & Modified Order. I can not find Multiples
I, i'm found a good estrategie in parabolic sar indicator, but i don't know how to edit in a metaeditor, somebody can teach me? thanks
If I am using a Moving Average based on Closing Price. Is there a way for it to only compare the last two digits of the Indicator ? For Example: We have the current Bar, We have the bar previous to that (Close1) and the bar previous to that one (Close2). If Close1 = 1.2058 and Close2 = 1.2042 Is
Hi all, How to write EA code with this condition : Open Order: 1. when order#1 open is BUY i wanna put order#2 SELL stop with -50 with lots double 2. when order#2 executed i wanna put order#3BUY stop with same price with order#1 3. when order#3 executed i wanna put order#4SELL stop with same price...
even get this error when sending the order from the user interface~ Error Code: 2