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Hi all, I'm searching for the Adjustable Fractal indicator. <Deleted> Thank you
I have updated and compiled in Meta Editor an indicator then saved it to the data folder though I can see it in the navigator drop down list it will not drag across and open into a chart and will not convert from a mq4 file to a ex4 file, any ideas thanks
Hello everybody! I'm looking for a best option to program my strategies and indicators. The Metatrader editor it's so poor if you compare with other languages (or others IDE's). Is there any way to debug our code..or at least, program our codes more easily? I found a Eclipse pulguin in internet, but...
MetaTrader 4 Build 600 with Updated MQL4 Language and Market of Applications Released Over the past 7 months since the release of the public build 509, we put in a lot of effort to improve MetaTrader 4 client terminal. MQL4 programming language for developing trading strategies has undergone...
What i did initialy was use the iCustom function to return the value of the last two shift of the indie,, Now i m gonna need to write a calculations that would do exactly that on an expert Advisor i.e it would calculate the values of each bars and stores them in an array where i can i ndex the last
Hello I am learning to code with MQL4, but there is very little explanation on the programming of a customer indicator for Smoothened rate of change (S-RoC). I have attached a section of the code that I do not underhand the syntax. I have also attached below the link to the page where I got the
MT4 upgrade has stopped some indicators working and and application was not updating. Had to rename operating profile and restart to get to going again. Indicators <Deleted> and <Deleted> not working even thought they are paid up. Market says i have to buy or new even though they are paid up. Every
Hi, I try below code for Week Open Price on Indicator. I have not any error code but below code does not shows me correct time. if(TimeDayOfWeek(Time[i]) != TimeDayOfWeek(Time[i+1])) Any help would be better. Best, Max 
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open buy : candle close > ma10 open sell : candle close < ma10 close buy : candle close < ma10 close sell : candle close > ma10 time frame : M5 help me please
Why Fibonacci Expansion tool can't move freely 360 degree like MT5 or I miss out some setting? When I use Fibonacci Expansion tools the second point is limited to 180degree and third point is limited to 90 degree. I found out his is so inconvenient to use. Any suggestion
Trying to save me run time by generating a single string array instead of 2 int arrays. Is this better for speed in mql4 or doesnt really matter
Profiler does not work on backtester (live charts profiler not good enough) and I need high quality code; should I be looking at other software? MQL4 Solutions only; MicroSecond count good practice to detect efficiency issues
I have a Custom Indicator, but i have a problem, When New Candles Come, It Dosn't Work As Well, Until I click On Compile Button, I want It To Be Update On Every Tick //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| //|
Hello I have been working on an EA for the past couple of days and I'm pretty new to mql4. I have no idea what is wrong with the code or any idea on how to fix it and was wondering if someone could help me It would be extremely appreciated. I have yet been able to set the conditions for the take
How do I get my Expert Advisor to set a fixed stop loss. For example (buy), I want the EA to return 3 candles and place a stop loss below the third candle. Thank
Hi i have an indicator i want to use in my ea through iCustom but can't get it to compile due to "OnCalculate not found in custom indicator" error.   Here is the code. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|...
Hello, I have set an indicator into my MT4, each time that the indicator was printed on the chart I used to get and alert window but it just stoped working. I double check that the indicator has enabled the alerts. Under Terminal > Experts I can see the alert but the window with the sound does not
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I know it's boering to find but I have unbalanced left parenthesis error in my script here is the module I've been working on - I know there is not ticket management to know witch ea does the trades or manual trading that's how I want it -This is an order management script to do sorta a martingale
Hi all, I wrote this code to check if there is at least a trade with take profit reached in History. I only leave current day trades in History. for (cnt= 0 ;cnt<OrdersHistoryTotal();cnt++) { if ( OrderSelect (cnt, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_HISTORY)) { if
Hello When I make a panel, I try to choose the best font size and the size of the buttons or labels etc to make it appear as I wanted, But when I send the EA/Indicator to another people sometimes they send me back a screen shot which shows that the texts are not fitted in their places. I don't know
Are any of these Robots available for MT4 because MT5 is not offered in the US
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Hello Dear MetaTrader Users, I am using MT4 Platform. I recently have created an EA. Now I want to apply that EA on all the Forex Pairs. I would appreciate if someone can guide me on that
Hi, can someone advise me how to take the values of the leading Kumo in Ichimoku? I can take the current values but I don't know how to take the values that are shifted 22 periods in the future. Look at this: double SSA=iIchimoku(NULL, 0, 7, 22, 44, MODE_SENKOUSPANA, 0); double SSB=iIchimoku(NULL,...
Hello folks, I've ventured into MQL4 coding to build an MT4 custom indicator to aid my manual trading strategy along with an EA to calculate order levels and place a trade. The indicator populates the index buffers to display different styles of arrows under or above a candle to represent varying
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Anybody have details on this indicator? Seems fantabulous to me. I have it, but want to know how its calcaulated. Cheers. -SFX
Hey, I'm on a script to test something but I have a problem. I have an indicator that draws trendlines on the charts. As you in the pic (attached) I can see it's angle value (343.3) but when I try to call it in the codes by OBJPROP_ANGLE I get 0 value. I tried my best on this but I couldn't solve
Hi, last Monday 11 trades were placed on my <...> account without my knowledge all within a second literally. I don't know how? My IPhone was logged on and showing the chart and on the coffee table, I was on the landline at the time. . No-one else has access to my devise or has the password, more
Hi there, What would happen to the EA if we restart MT4? Imagine your EA has the variable "int Status=0;" in global area. Its value may change just in start() function, and now after a week of trading with EA you decide to restart MT4 to prepare for the new week. Your EA has calculated Status=2 in
Please See My Screenshots.... In My Indicator Texts Are Being Shown Using the Comment function ... See my second attached pic... but what i want is show those texts content something like attached pic #1 I mean what i got is Comment function texts properties can't be changed... like font size or