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Hi all, please can some one tell me how to write my ea code on cci indicator. How can i write, that if, cci 50 ( typical price)is greater than 0 on bar 1, and cci 50 (typical price)is lesser than 0 on bar 2.? Thanks in advance.
Hi, I can't find metaquote ID within the iPhone Metatrader 4 apps.   I have looked under Settings, including every single option under it.  No luck.  Could anyone help please.  Thanks in advance. 
Hello Everybody; In this EA, i need to trailing SL. There is not Trailing SL. Can anyone add to this robot? Thankss
I log into my accounts and it shows the right info, but as soon as I try to open a trade it malfunctions: it doesn't even show me the currency of the trade I'm about to open, nor does it let me change it. I've been using this app for over a year and it's never given me any trouble, so I don't know
+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                                      ProjectName |//|                                      Copyright 2012, CompanyName |//|                             
if (OrdrTotal== 1 && OrderSelect (SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES)) { if (OrderMagicNumber()== 2000 && OrderSymbol()== _Symbol ) { if (OrderType()==OP_BUY) if (Ask>OrderOpenPrice()+CLP* _Digits )closed=OrderClose(OrderTicket(),OrderLots(),Ask, 0 , clrWhite ); else
Hello All, Has any one converted MQL5 Math functions such as "Beta, Exponential , Gamma" and or others from the MQL5 subfolder include>Math>stat to MQL4 code ?? I would like to incorporate some of the MQL5 Predefined Math code into MQL4 if possible. I'm not sure if this can be done. I received
RewriteMQL4 to MQL 5 Script errors Need help! Much appreciated in Advance. 'PlotIndexSetInteger' - no one of the overloads can beapplied to the function call 'PlotIndexSetInteger' - no one of the overloads can beapplied to the function call 'PlotIndexSetInteger' - no one of the...
Hello, Working on a project for my brother based off how he trades. He mentioned that he draws multiple trend lines on the phone app when deciding. I followed a snippet and can draw the highest trend line & lowest, but looking to draw the previous high of current one etc. Is it possible to do that
Hi folks, I am a newbie need help for my code. I copied all the stuff from here and there. Till now everything is working as expected. Trail & Breakeven both working individually. But if I activate them with "if else" both start working , SL moves to BE then TS and viceversa rapidly. i.e. SL simply
Why does it look like this once when I look at the chart
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I need 15M 1H 4H 1D 1W  for all 28 pairs for 30 periods back in my EA. I have used a very good tool in MQL5 published  here but is there a way of doing this in MQl4?
Hi , can anyone kindly demonstrates how should I load Indicator in a new Chart in MQL4. I want to open a new chart customize it and load some indicators with custom parameter. ( it is not possible with templates). I am using indicator to open a char with Ichimoku in it. by the way how should I
Hello guys i have a couple of questions, I mean it seems that is an awesome EA but im not sure if the backtesting using the StrategyTester on MT4 is accurate or if you can trust 100% on it to use a live account, because it seems that is having a good performance but im not 100% sure What do you guys
I've been struggling to find out how to find the value of the upper/lower lines of the standard deviation channel at a given time so that I can code a break above/below the channel. I found the following code on the forum and I believe someone is trying to provide the answer I'm looking for but I'm
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I think time has come for this thread...Kindly place your repainters here...and...Voila!...they will become non - repainters, with my Magic touch and my programming skills... P.S.: You can place your decompiled, expired & ex files in here...makes no difference to me...the work will be done...that I...
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The purpose of this thread is more personal ... At some stage (some 4 years ago, posted it at this post : ) coded one variation of an indicator that I named TMA centered. After that somebody shortened it's name to TMA and ever since I am receiving emails...
hi everyone I have indicators code in MQL4 and I want to use it in Mql5 How I can change codes into Mql5 I don't know any thing about Mql5 codes below are my indicator's code I really need it as soon as possible Best Regards Neda
Hi there all If you can please help, i would like to open 1 buy & 1 sell. For some reason my EA opens many trades, I know there's a way to open 1 buy & 1 sell. By using "if (OrdersTotal()<1)" i don't want to use that because i want to use the same code on a different pair. If there's way please
A negative MA shift value works fine in charts, but returns 0 in MQL4 code. Why is that? Please don't tell me that "we can't look into the future." That is not the point. The point is a that negative MA shift value plots a certain position in the chart, and I want to obtain that same exact
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Hello, this is learning to program in mt4 and I am making an indicator that would be a donchian channel, I was able to do the upper and lower channels but now I don't know how to calculate the medium (it is formulated), but I don't know how to program it. I add any help
I want to provide support for language(Czech) other than English. The way I am doing is that I am using hard coding words like (" zrušen ") on my MT4 panel. However, on the panel, I see different character. Like the below snapshot: Please suggest a solution. Thanks`
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Hello people, I am trying to solve the current problem. In mql4 there is no command which would add an indicator to a chart like in mql5 ChartIndicatorAdd(). It is really sad. I want my ea to initiate an indicator. Scrolling forums i came across with such solution but it isn't working properly....
Dear Programmars I am a super newbie who started coding about a week ago, trying to self-learn and make up an EA with my trading strategy base on Heikin Ashi and multi-time frame. I was so happy to see my codes finally complies, however there are some error while running on the tester, such as
Sorry. I'm not sure how to articulate this. Can I add a number to a variable? So if I have a variable named double Wave1. How could I add a number to that to rename and create a new variable named double wave2
Really new to coding. MQL4 is the only thing I'm learning. Someone wrote me a code so that I could play with and experiment with some ideas I have. They did the hard stuff and created variables that represented the swing highs and swing lows on the price chart (H_Price would be a swing high price
Hello we strongly urge you to include items such as "Recovery Factor" and "Sharpe Ratio" in the " Account History Report " in MetaTrader 4. We need such statistics for financial analysis and risk and capital management. With respect
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This is the Metastock code for an indicator called Better Bollinger Bands. Can anyone code it in MT4? Any help would be appreciated. Better Bollinger Bands I pds:=Input("Periods",2,200,20); sd:=Input("Standard Deviations",.01,10,2); alpha:=2/(pds+1); mt:=alpha*C+(1-alpha)*(If(Cum(1)<pds,C,PREV));...
Hello, Currently, I have configured my EA to send a notification to my iphone whenever a new trade get executed. Can metatrader4 send notification to all my 3 apple devices including iphone, ipad mini and ipad? Because I am required to enter the metaquote ID in the sendnotification area of my...
Hi all, i need help. I want add to my EA this: If bar is closing (each bar), close position. (EXIT BUY / EXIT SELL), thank you //Close //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Signal Begin(Exit Buy)...