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I don't understand at all. How is it possible? A line of code calls a functionwith: Print("BEGIN") at the very top. Below the function call there is: Print("FUNCTION WAS CALLED"); The program prints FUNCTION WAS CALLED but NOT BEGIN ! All files are freshly compiled and there is only one function
Hello traders, During the confinement, the AMF (French regulator for trading) disallow to trade SHORT on the France 40 (CAC40) indice. Because of that, my broker unactivate the sell for France 40 and in MT4, even in the strategy tester we cannot sell (OrderSend error 133) for all sell. I'm building
I am trying to close partial orders, see snippet of my code... bool PartyClose(int tik, double lot, double price) { for(count=zero_int; count<=zero_int; count++) if(!OrderClose(tik, lot, price, iSlippage, clrRed)) Print("OrderClose Error ", GetLastError()); else return
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Hi guys, on my costom indicator I draw a lot of hline bye this line code: if(!ObjectCreate(ChartID(),Obj_Name,OBJ_TREND,0,time[i],TG,time[i-1],TG)){ Qnt_Symb=FileWrite(FileOUT,"Errore creazione oggetto getlasterror ", GetLastError()); }
Greetings everyone am kindly and humbly requesting if there is anyone who can help,convert this indicator for me please thank you regards Domingo
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I think time has come for this thread...Kindly place your repainters here...and...Voila!...they will become non - repainters, with my Magic touch and my programming skills... P.S.: You can place your decompiled, expired & ex files in here...makes no difference to me...the work will be done...that I...
Hi guys I'm struggling and hope that someone can please point me in the right direction. Once a trade is open, I would like to open another buy trade if the price moves 10 pips up or another sell trade once the price hits 10 pips below the OpenOrderPrice. For some reason my code isn't working. It
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b-clock view Time(Minutes,Secound) how long to the last bar complete
I have an EA that i use for back testing and figuring out my strategy. I am using the 1.5 times the ATR for my stoploss and I am using $20,000 for my risk. Everything is perfect for 25 currency pairs, but the 3 pairs that have USD as the base currency are being calculated wrong. I can't figure it
hello i want and bot to do the following : if i place order Buy EURGPB at0.87060 (for example 0.15 lot ) Tg1 at 0.86860 (20 pips) Tg2 at 0.86560 (50 pips) Tg3 at 0.86060 (100 pips) Sl at 0.87660 if Tg1 hit i want to close 0.05 lot and Sl to be break even if tg2 hit i want to close 0.05 lot and Sl to
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How to code this think I am trying this for last one month I am not expert level I am on learning If the PSAR trend is changed to positive to negative my Open buy positions will close and just opposite in case of sell Do I need to use switch case or just I can do with if function Thank you in
Hi, I am looking for feature of MT4 if there is one such that I will be able to get Alert pop up window manually to review my old Alerts. I know this Alert pop up window I can get by executing Alert() command in EA/Script/CI, but for some reason if I close this window then How do I get it back...
Hello Forum, I am writing a function in MQL4 where I want the lowest array of an RSI to be lower than a number I define. There is no error when I compile it but it won't execute. These are the errors I get from the Journal. 2020.04.28 06:55:22.813 2019.11.05 00:00:03 Testing pass stopped due to a
Hello, I have an expert and I would like it to make a WebRequest to verify the current version number of the expert, and alert the user if there is a newer version. I am wondering if there is a way to add the URL to the Allow WebRequest from inside the expert. I assume this may be a security issue,...
Before developing Neural Network systems for Metatrader we experimented with Volume Spread Analysis(VSA). What we've done with this trade assistant is taken the VSA trade setups that signal the largest movements in the market, simplified them for the non-VSA expert, and modified the VSA concepts...
Starting today, when i save code i can no longer read it outside of MetaEditor. It appears garbled/empty when looking with a text viewer. My back testing system can no longer read from the code to configure the tests to run. Has anyone else seen this? version 5 build 2302 24 jan 2020
Options > Charts setting are not applied, and neither is the default template
Hi, I have a 2d-array and want to get the max value of each column. The ArrayMaximum()-Function is for 1d-arrays only. In the picture you can see an example. The numbers are stored in an 2d-array. In TF5 the highest number is 71. Is there any function in mql4 to get to this value? I've looked over
Hi, So I'm working on this simple script, that reads through a txt file, where each line is in the form of "AUDCAD. 0.9076 a", so the pair, price and a letter meaning (a)bove or (b)elow. I want to use it as a price alert script. I manage to read the file, get the pair, compare it with MarketInfo
Dear all, I wrote an EA that allows a total of 5 trades to be opened at one time. However, I only want one trade to open per bar although not necessarily at the beginning of the bar. Therefore, the code written here ( or similar variations does not work for me. I
Hi all, I've got an include.mqh file with a few useful functions that I'd like to provide to some people. However I don't want to disclose my source code as it took long hours to do it. The idea is for them to include my file like: #include <coolfunctions.compileExtension> function() {
Hello, I'm trying to add Martingale to my EA, from another file that defines lots. But I researched and I couldn't solve a mistake, forgive me because it seems simple, please help ... EA code: #property strict#include "SetLotSize.mq4"#define MAGICMA 20050643extern int Frames=2;extern int
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hi guys i have coded this ea and it work fine to some dgree m i been trying for the couble of days to figure out what is wrong bur i cant find it m i tried using some print statment in attempt to find the error but no luch , i dont even get ordersenf error or somthing from this sort to even start
Predefined functions are not working. They are not turning into Pink color and so I get an error that it is an undeclared identifier. Any ideas?? //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Predefined Variables.mq5 | //|
I have an ex4 indicator that I downloaded, I would like to create notifications for this indicator when I have a signal (Up or Down). On Data Window I noticed that it has 4 Parameters and these only show values when mouse is hovered on a specific point of the indicator in the bottom Window. Some of
hello everyone first of all thank you for read my post. I have faced one problem. I am creating custom indicator that buffer[] takes value of 1(for example buffer[i]=1) when moving average is increasing. I wrote code but this error appeared "SetIndexBuffer-no one of the overloads can be applied to
How to do it? It is possible? Best Regards
Can anyone assist me patiently and kindly? I' am new to Forex and basically just learned the pips thing, not even that well! I've just opened an account with Blueberry Markets and using their MT4 Platform for Demo but want to add their EA (algorithm auto trader) on to my Demo account so I can see if
Hi guys. I am trying to calculate and draw RSI for each currency using RSI value if seven pairs of that currency. But It keeps drawing straight (Horizontal) RSI lines instead of wavy lines. Can anyone tell me where I am wrong with this code? 
Hello, Would You help me find a way to: Read with Expert Advisor a Alerts? Best Regards