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I hope its ok opening a post for this. Can anyone point me in the direction of and EA that simply opens a buy position at the end of a bar if the bar finished high and a low position if the bar closed down? The closest I got was the attached file - but it doesn't work? Cheers
Hello folks. I have been researching Indicators and am very impressed with how well this " Fisher " Indicator works. The problem though is it seems to lose its mind on some of the charts you attach it too. Is there another version of this Indicator out there or a script to refresh this Indicator
hi, i'm garnet i'm newbie, can u help me to find indicator like: monitor 1.02 fibo123 web, barrage grid,hand made,Murrey +Zigzag by rosh pip ( picture in picture) by phy daeng indi open trade analysys channels news reader indi multi indi and multi info
Good evening. In my first EA I used the OrdersTotal() function to check whether there are open orders or not: if(OrdersTotal()==0) DoTrade = 1; if(DoTrade == 1 && (TipoOperazione==OP_BUY || TipoOperazione==OP_SELL)) { [code to open 1 order] } But when testing it I found...
I have used Pitchfork coordinates to calculate the middle point (4) of the 2-3 leg. Th code is simple: t1 = ObjectGet(name, OBJPROP_TIME1); p1 = ObjectGet(name, OBJPROP_PRICE1); t2 = ObjectGet(name, OBJPROP_TIME2); p2 = ObjectGet(name,...
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Hi, I am new to this forum as well with Forex. I have MT4 and I have firebird as a mq4 and maestro as ex4. When i start the EA the terminal experts box says: 10:25:12 Compiling 'MACD Sample' 10:25:12 Compiling 'Moving Average' 10:25:12 Compiling 'Accelerator' 10:25:13 Compiling 'Accumulation' 10:25...
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Hello, I've an EA that's based on Multi-lot Scalper and I want to make it trade for micro-lots "0.01" The problem is that it start the first trade successfully but when it comes to take the second trade, it doesn't respond though it works well for lots "1" and mini-lots "0.1" quantities. I wish...
Hi, I am a newbie MQL4 progrrammer, i need a function like : double get_hightest("EURUSD","2010.03.05 16:30","2010.03.05 17:45"); and returns the price. If anyone help me i'd be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
email from Forex Robot World Cup Team ---------------------------------------------------- After a lot of thought and intensive internal debate, we have decided to close the doors of the FRWC's Royal Trader to new clients. On Friday March 5th, at 23:59 EST the product will be taken off the market...
(EUR/USD) Pivot = 1.36148 Projected High 1.37555 Projected Low 1.35083 R1 1.36778 S1 1.35177 R2 1.37749 S2 1.34547 R3 1.38721 S3 1.33576 (U.S./JPY) Pivot = 88.81 Projected High 89.55 Projected Low 87.84 R1 89.47 S1 88.37 R2 89.91 S2 87.71 R3 90.35 S3 87.27 (GBP/USD) Pivot = 1.50583 Projected High
I receive that error in the Journal tab. I know what it means, but I wonder how a broker knows the trades come from an expert advisor and not tried to be opened manually? Is a special tag attached to such order? Can this be bypassed anyhow?
I'm trying to figuer out thy the letter 'i' is used frequently instead of a numverical value? Is the 'i' a standardized variable or constant or ???? Is it indicitave of an 'interval' or ??? If this is so, how does one know what that interval is refering to if there is no 'int i = 5; //etc?'
HI all I'm new here. Trying to find "The Rumpled One's" indicators - such as "3 Level ZZ Semafor modified version". Can someone give me a hint. Thank you!!
New article Custom Indicators in MQL5 for Newbies is published at Anynew subject seems complicated and hard-to-learn for a newbie. Subjectsthat we know seem very simple and clear to us. But we simply do notremember, that everyone has to study something from scratch, and evenour native...
In an EA, the only problem is that it enters multiple trades on a single candle. I tried figuring out how to make it only take one trade per candle or give it some sort of time delay before making another trade, but with no avail. can you help me to have only trade once per candle? It would really...
I lose the position icons that are plased by EAs when I change a template Can these be restored???? THANKS
Hello. Can someone help me to add a levels tab to the SlopeDirectionLine indicator. I want to build a channel around it. I noticed that the standard moving avarages indicators, not the custom one, has this function. I have tried adding the following, but nothing... #property indicator_level1 50...
Anyone know if migrating to 64bit Vista/Win7 will negate the "not enough memory" issue with MT4 when handling large hst files? HistoryBase: not enough memory 'GBPJPY1' [4438779 bars] I've got M1 data for a number of currency pairs going back to circa 1998 and if I try and do much of anything with...
Hello, recently i'm facing a problem, i found that eventhough i have stopped the EA, but it will still sending signal like normal..... i'm place my EA in VPS. what is the cause of this problem?
I need to use SendMessage with a whole array of messages; some of them have the normal use of lparam ; but in other cases I want lparam to be a pointer to a string that has to be sent to target window. That means that sometimes I need int SendMessageA ( int hWnd , int Msg , int wParam , int lParam )
Hello, I am looking for the VPIC- Volume Price Confirmation Indicator or EA for MT4. If anyone could forward some info it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Hi, I am writing the indicator which makes an alert when ma crosses the price. But during the compilation there are two errors - "unexpected token" in the two lines - I underlined these two lines. Could you tell me what should I add to the code that it works? //---- indicator settings #property...
I have an EA that stops out, TS or TP but then it jumps right back in again in stead of waiting for the next reversal . What coding do I need to wait for the next signal . Ray
I'm trying to do a Custom Indicator which I'm told should be quite simple but I'm finding it impossible as I've got no knowledge of programming at all. I want it to sound an alarm if there is a pattern of bullish/bearish/bullish/bearish candles. I think I need something like...
How do i store the the current value of a variable in array element location 0 and the previous bar's value of the same variable in element location 1 of the array? thks.
Hi code experts, My problem is when i made my EA it's work fine but when i add a flag of American session time (to open positions at American market time only but it may close it at anytime) the EA stop working and didn't open any positions. Really I tried to find where is the problem in the code,...
Hi All, I am testing my EA with Broker demo account. The Ea (mistake) have sent 800 email message in less than 1 minute and now (yesterday and today) the client terminal say me "Mail: not enough space for". Now I have corret the sendmail error and I want normalize situation. Is there a method to...
I am creating offline charts. When I open an offline chart, I recieve an error "xxx Database Errrors", in the log file. The offline chart displays correctly, except there are missing bars in the chart, randomly. No pattern to the missing bars. I have accounted for all errors from no history .. and...
How can I query a chart and get the time interval that it is using ?
Can one of you skilled programmers clue me in on a good way to keep a running total of the loosing trades over a trading session ? I would like my EA to count the loosing trades from my trade history based on magic number and date. I can then have the EA stop trading for the remainder of the session