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Hi, did every thing exactly as instructed. Inserted my activation code, but still getting alert " your key is not valid Please activate your copy. Your expert ID=0." Can anybody help me with it ?
Hi, All I need an indicator that calculate the signal when the latest bar is just opened. For example for a macd crossing in a M5 period, if we don't calculate after the bar is closed it will change to up/down very often within a M5 bar. If my EA is based on the crossing signal, it will open buy and...
Hi all, Great forum, I'm new to the mql4 programming, so it would be great if you could humour me a bit to start with. I want to make sure that the last trade was closed at least 40 mins before opening the next trade (I'm using an ma crossover system and it's an attempt to cut out some of the...
  H_line value (1)
Hello I would get Hline value,i would work with this data,its possible? Thanks for help
I have downloaded day trader EA and tested it with the data and it gave me promisingresults. I attached it to the chart and Mr smile is on however there is no auto trade sign.What is wrong why is it not excuting auto trade? Need help..........any kind experts:)
As I have no programming skills, I thought I would ask the users of MQL4 to help me automate this profitable trading strategy I learnt from Investopedia. It is used on the 5 minute charts only and traditinally uses only the MACD and 20EMA for entry signals. I however thought I could add the 10EMA...
I'have just upgraded to the new build 213 and I'm having great problems with history datas in backtesting. I do not know if the problem is connected with this build or what else, anyway on two different systems, after upgrading, all my history date are corrupted with some big holes. I removed all C...
Hello, Right now, i use variables load from a file as parameter for several EA to comunicate.So far it works. Now i use the EA's on VPS.. i want to know if there's any methodfor EA's to access variables through website.. for example reading variable on it would...
Same as the subject. Thanks for any help.
I need someone who I will pay to write a simple EA. Will you do it. John D
I would like to understand the MT4 binary files: ticks.rawsymgroups.rawsymbols.rawsymbols.sel What are they mean exactly? Could MT4 developers open their format for us? Thanks & Regards!
I want my pending sellstop, or buystop order to expire at 3 hours of placement. Do I need to set it as order expiration.........Please help with the code.
Iliya Gladkov
Forex trading forum. So this is a special forum on automatic forex trading! In addition to forex forum is interesting sections: Documentation MQL4BookTechnical AnalysisCode BaseArticles on tradingAutomated Trading ChampionshipTraders Forum
can i know what is the server time used for the coming championship, is it GMT 00:00 ?
Hi i discovered that my code can run a lot faster by changing the && to multiple ifs. But how does one handle multiple ifs when an else is involved eg if (A>B && C>D) { Do_XX; } else { Do_YY; } it is not correct to use if (A>B) { if (C>D) Do_XX; } else { Do_YY; }
bagaimana cara setting EA supaya mengambil posisi secara otomatis seperti yang diambil stategy tester, kadang stategy tester ada posisi tapi di trade tidak ada posisi......mohon bantuannya bagaimana caranya? thx
New article Forecasting Financial Time-Series is published: Forecasting financial time-series is a required element of anyinvesting activity. The concept of investing itself - put up money nowto gain profits in future - is based on the concept of predicting thefuture. Therefore, forecasting...
I am using Interbank FX for trading forex. Recently I looked at the ADX indicator that comes with the trading platform. I found out that the values for the ADX indicator is not the same as those displayed on Metastock 10. Any one encountered the same problem?
is there a way? double LastPivot = ZigZag(1);  ???????
Hi everyone. I just joined today, and I have a very specific purpose for signing up. I need help with the strategy tester. I'm trying to back test an Expert Adviser my brother created. I'm running InterBank FX 4 running the base STRATEGY TESTER with all the defaults. It keeps hanging up shortly...
How to open 1 buy order at most and 1 sell oder at most at the same time? Thanks.
How much would the resell rights on an EA go for do you think? Also, how easy do you think it would be to find someone willing to sell?
I want to pass the value a variable from a custom indicator to an EA. Since theEA doesn't use the external buffer I think I an use it to get the data. Is thisright? it's going to be a simlpe int value of 1 or 0. Or are these only used topaint item on the chart. If this is not possible can I have EA...
Hello, I am writing my first Expert Advisor. When i use the compiler I get this message:End_of_program - unbalanced left parenthesis. How gen I resolve this? Thanks, Dropje
Hi Is the Object WindowsRedraw( ) a replacement of the obsoleted function ObjectsRedraw()? Thanks Tom
Hi there, I was wondering what would be the best CPU for speeding up Strategy Tester in MT4. I heard that dual or quad processors are worthless as MT4 cannot use it. So with this in mind the old Intel Single Core 660 (3600 MHz) would be the best, right? Thank you for your comments. Lino
Hi all, I have this entry condition: Bid > High[1], were High[1] is the highest bid of the previous daily bar. I need a condition to avoid the trade if the Bid price forms an up gap with High[1]. How can I proceed? Thank you!
Hello everyone, I am new to metatrader and new to this forum as well. However I am very much looking forward to gaining new knowledge on MQL4 and MetaTrader. I was wondering if there is an indicator on the software of a rather modified bollinger band. We all know that the bands are calculated using...
I am wondering is it possible to measure the degree in mql4, I mean I have a moving average that draws dots, connected with a line, I need to be able to measure the degree the line is going up or down? Is that possible ? Thanks!