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Hi Guys - I'm struggling with something that should be really simple and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong here. I have 2 simple Dynamic Arrays. The first one stores a list of all my "Winning" (positive) trades and works fine after I sort them (MODE-DESCENDING): for(int i=NoTradesBest-1; i>=0; i--)
Hi,   it's been a month i'm stuck with this problem.   I found nowhere on Internet how to set up a hidden trailing stop so i tried to code it myself.   there is an error in my "Hidden TrailingStop" code.   here is my bot...
Hi all, I need to check if there is an arrow object on a certain bar, like in this graph. I'm watching the OBJ_ARROW functions but I don't find what I need. Have you got a suggestion? Thank you
Friends, can any developer insert the CALL and PUT buffers to work with MT2 in this attached indicator? Thank you
I am trying to drawn a TREND line but I just get a line running across the screen (the wide GOLD line below). EAM55_2 & EMA55_1 are the EMA's for 2 consecutive figures. The start time on the right hand side appears correct but I just want the length to be (in this example 5 (or 6) periods). Trying...
Could somebody please be so kind and teach me how to make a function to get the amount of bars since the order is open!? For example, if I bought a EUR/USD on 9/2, then today such function should return 10 in a daily chart, 240 (more or less) in a hourly chart, and so on. Much appreciated
I keep getting MT5 from the website
Making backtesting on my MT4 I need to keep different objects on my chart. So I save them all preparing new template with them ... fortunately when I need go back to them an I am loading saved template they do not show up ... Strange because it shows three MA's on but not text or fibo levels
Hey Folks!! Hope everyone is doing just great!! Kindly assist in resolving a "zero divide error" that keeps coming up at the code below; double change; double PRI_MA; double CUR_MA; PRI_MA=iMA(NULL,60,60,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,60); CUR_MA=iMA(NULL,60,60,0,MODE_SMA,PRICE_CLOSE,0);
Does somebody know why, when I paint an OBJ_VLINE, whether I use Time [0] or if I use TimeCurrent (), although the line is painted in the right place, the date it shows is not.?? In this backtest I have done about the year 2018, it shows the year 1971
recently I had to format my Win10 disk and am resetting up Mt4 I'm marking SR area with the horizontal line tool say on D1 but after, when I lower the time frame to H4, the horizontal lines disappear thought I was making a mistake & did it again -- disappeared again -- and again must be doing
Hi all, I would like to program my EA to detect if an object appears (an arrow... put there by an indicator) on the current bar of my chart. Is this possible? Thanks! Shawn
Slow and buggy and some of my indicators have ceased to work. Will you fix soon? I'll jump on to MT5 if you can migrate the indicators
Hi all, could you tell me if is there a way to read with an expert from the Alert window? I'd like to open trades on the basis of an Alert window signals. Thank you
hi i need a favor to add alert function into this MA dashboard indicator. i found this indicator on FF. the creator of this indicator is Hanover, but unfortunately he is not doing personal programming requests anymore as he said here, but he allowed us to add that function as he gave the mq4 file
Hi, can anyone help to check this code for Bollinger Band MT4? Becos it is not working in the right way. (see in picture). //Technical analysis of the indicatorsextern int BandsPeriod = 20; //Period of the Bollinger Bandsextern double BandsDeviation = 2; //Deviation of the Bollinger
Hello, Can you help me, please? Is it possible I can put in the same window two indicators RSi (2) and Moving Average (13) Exponential? How do I do this? Thank you. Roger
Hi, I've just started learning to code mql4 over the last couple weeks and have gotten stuck with the first stage of the custom indicator & EA that I'm trying to code. The first thing that I'm trying to get this to do is to create 2 vertical lines for each week, one on Monday 6.00, and one Friday 21...
Hello I have created multitimeframe stochastic indicator. but when I am trying to use 2 indicators on chart it deletes arrow from one sub windows and show only at one sub window. I even tried to use global variables but it get still error. so please if anybody could help
Hi guys, I would like to know what code to use if I am attaching an indicator/EA to currency XXXXXX and would like the indicator to fetch the High/Low of nth candle of YYYYYY of the same time frame? In simpler word for example I attach the indicator to an EURUSD chart 15min, and under certain
Hi, attached is the Zig zag with Value indicator that tells the points change from every measured Low to High or High to low. What I need is that this indicator should show the change in Percentage instead of telling in points. Is here anyone who could do it here? thanks
I want to draw an OBJ_TRENDBYANGLE trend line. My goal is to draw a slanted short line starting from point 1 (no problem here) and end to the price X (a lower price) by -45 degree. and the mode OBJPROP_RAY_RIGHT is set as false. the problem is, It seems in short line ( not the ray mode), it doesn't...
A wingding object can not be seen completely under the horizontal lines whose OBJPROP_BACK property is set to "false". How can pull this wingding object over those lines?
Hi guys, I need to show many symbols in my Dialog box which I create it by using CDialog .mqh. (located in : Include/Controls/CDialog.mqh ) Is there any way to loop on objects of a class? need to have many labels on my dialogBox. Just give me tips to implement them. thanks
Dear Experts, I am wondering if it is possible to display only one particular symbol in MT4 terminal while there are several symbols open trades exist? Any feedback will be highly appreciated. Kind Regards
Hi, how can I loop through days to find minvalue and max value, it would be interesting to write to file the following informations: <Day number>,<session>,<MinValInRange>,<MaxValInRange>,<NumPipsInRange>,<VarPercent> Variables: string Fname = Symbol()+".csv";//filename with current symbol The first...
  Background color  (4)
Hello, How do I color the background of the chart based on a MAcrossover?
Can anyone please shed some light on this error code 137 "Broker is busy". What causes the error and who is to blame, the broker or the code? How can the problem be fixed.I have an EA and yesterday the EA started OK with a BUY order, but did not close when it should have and although the EA kept...
Hi guys, does anybody know how to use the step by step back testing function? Ive seen people deleting candles up to a certain point and then going forward candle by candle. How does it work?
Good morning everyone, I need help from you! I just bought a new computer with i-core 9 series x with 128 GB of ram and I started using the back test to optimize '' asmani 22.1 '' with the EUR-JPY pair. I expected the new computer to take much less time to backtest, but it has been...