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It seems live update has a problem with Vista. Vista asked me for administrative permission when live update started. I allowed. But the download never started. It seems it's Vista only and XP is OK. Does anyone have solution? I'm now stuck with build 220. Please help. Thanks.
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Hello everyone, does anyone know where i can get a free virtual server to run my ea? someone told me it's available, but does not know where. if you know where i can get one,kindly reply. Thanks.
I've run into a problem trying to change the name of function Criterion in my EA which is patterned from the usualexpert.mq4. I wanted a unique trading criteria/strategy name to differentiate it from others in the metatrader include folder. The function has been renamed in the list of include files,...
Can somebody please tell me how to back test with the Strategy tester correctly? Every time it runs the test, it has zero results, zero trades. I downloaded the history files and set the expert key correctly (I believe). It doesn't give any recognizable errors in the journal. It runs the test, or so...
Is there a way to keep drawing an object on a chart, with the same name, continuously? Is there a way to make the name a variable?
hi, i started to do my first expert advisor, but first i had to do the indicator.... somebody can say to me whats the diffence between the indicator and the expert advisor? why i have to do the indicator first? i'm trying to do with just parabolic sar, someboby have some advice to me with that...
I want to modify existing orders when the price action has moved beyond 50 pips from the order open price. I have the following using the ticket variable of the last opened order but the strategy tester does not have any modified orders only buy and sell. ANy ideas? Would it be better to find the...
Hello, would anybody help me adjust my EA so that it will work with a 5th decimal place. I have 2 EAs that need adjusting.
I have the following if statement to be entered when the target profit is 50 pips (500 for 5 decimal systems). I can't get the value to exceed 500, am I doing something wrong with the *Point part? if (OrderType() == OP_BUY && (Bid-OrderOpenPrice())*Point >= 500 ) { // code } In my debugging, as...
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I am debugging an EA script. WHat is ordertype 0 ? The MQL4 book only ciontains the names eg BUY for(int i=0;i<OrdersTotal();i++) { OrderSelect(i,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES); if(OrderSymbol()==Symbol()) { Print ("OT: " +...
MQL4 gives an error with this code: ERR_NO_ERROR variable not defined. This is the code I got from the MQL4 book. void logError(string functionName, string msg, int errorCode = -1) { Print("ERROR: in " + functionName + "()"); Print("ERROR: " + msg ); int err = GetLastError();...
Hi All - I am having with the above code: for (i=0, i < TotalOrders() First thing to note is that I am using trade context code with global variables to prevent problems with trade timings and trade context errors. My code places a pending order or modifies an existing pending order immediately...
I am looking for an indicator that will provide notification when a price level has been reached that has entered by the user, thanks for your help
Is ther a way to create an fib indicator in a separate window? I would like to overlay on point and figure indicator. Is there a way to do this? I know it can be done manually but would want something more dynamic.
This indicator has two lines (high=buffer(0) and low=buffer(1)). Essentially, when both lines are low it is a buy signal, and when both lines are high it is a sell signal. Also, the distance between the two lines is a measure of price stability (the greater the distance, the more instability there...
Hi my first post here and greetings to all and thank you for clearing this. Am I alone in seeing this issue between "Indicators" and "Custom Indicators"? Probably... Maybe I'm missing something or I've altered the Client Terminal (CT) settings, Why are there different indicators in the "Indicators"...
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Hi, could somebody please tell me what's wrong? My EA should only open 2 pending orders: 1 buy stop and 1 sell stop.  But when i test it in strategy tester SOME TIMES it opens too many unwanted sell stops (or buy stops). I mean when it comes to X candle it does open only 1 order but on other test...
If I have Fibanocci0 and Fibanocci100, how do I determine the rest of the lines?
Please visit this site: Site is tested between a group about 200 of selected users for a period of 20 weeks and the performance was satisfactory. Please use it and let me know your comments. Thanks in advance
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How do you remove the downloaded data from strategy testing? This has used up a number of Gb from my hard drive. Thanks
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How do you round a number to 2 decimal places in MQL4? MathROund only does it to integers and has no input fordecimal places?????
I am about at my wits end with having to make exceptions for normalized double's that don't make sense. I have had most of my troubles with conditional if statements There are several occurrences of this problem throughout my expert. Most I have either found a different algorithm to handle the
The value here comes out as 0.00 What am I doing wrong in the iMA ? Comment("Teeth value (red) is: ",DoubleToStr(iMA(NULL,0,TeethPeriod,0,MODE_SMMA,PRICE_MEDIAN,i),2)); This only happens on GBPJPY
I have two points: orderopenprice() and High(1). I need to simulate a Fib Retracement between these points by drawing a line from the open price thru High(1) to get price points. How can this be done?
Please help to set time points: I want to set a time point that's sometime before a given time, for example: TodayDatetime=2009.07.09 0:00, to calculate a time point that's two weeks earlier: TwoWeeksDatetime=TodayDatetime - 2*7*24, time unit in hour, the problem is how to make this work? Thanks,...
This EA in the tester only entered 1 trade in over 2 years worth of data. Any ideas why? It's based on the alligator indicator and when the green line moves below the red line or vice versa, it should enter a trade. All trade closes are handled by the stop loss, which is modified at regular...
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Hi When I use the Alert function, it makes the alarm sound once. How can I get it to repeat the sound every 10 seconds and then stop when I press the Ok button like the normal alarm system already built into MT4??
I am modifying the alligator indicator. I want it to send me a screen alert when the green line crfosses the red line but it does this constantly, not just once and then again on the next cross Any ideas: [quote] for(int i=0; i<limit; i++) { //---- ma_shift set to 0 because...