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Hi Admin, When i subscribe to a topic i don't get any mails when someone reply. Can you please fix that for me. Thanks!
Based on this article (here). I'm wondering does anyone else have another on.line source of gauging the Total number of Forex traders? IMO, Technical Indicators like RSI are good but flawed within Forex because of the discounted volume. I wanna know if everyone else at the table already...
Hello everyone, After searching for 2 full days, I decided to ask here. What i need is to read more than one hst file and output a result in a new hst file (which will be open in offline charts). For example, read EURUSD and GBpUSD, divide their values (open1/open2; high1/high2 etc.) and output
As we know that we can return what we need from function. can anyone show me how to return 2 or more value from the function and pass it to out side function? Thanks.
Hi Pros, We could only choose Daily or shorter periods at the strategy tester. Any method to test on the weekly data? Thanks
Hi, i wanted to close a trade when it hits certain level of bid price. when execute the close order, can i get the value of profit or loss when i close the order? How? i need help on this issue because i am trying to implement a bit of martingale strategies in my EA to cover my previous losing trade...
I need a counter to count 30 days and at the end of 30 days send an alert saying "30 days is counted". Please if you know the solution let me know. TIA
hi i wonder if we can make the main function of the EA, int start() faster than what it's now cose i have an EA for counting ticks.....but it some time lost some ticks and didnt record it hope i can find a solution the EA is attached...
Hi everyone, I am playing with fibo channels and would like to make it look more friendly on the screen. Is there any way to display the vertical width of the channel (which should be the same number no matter what the slope of the channel is)? Is it possible to code this in MQL4 or MQL5? Many...
Situation: I run a collection of indicators that generate pricing values for 38 hlines this is currently being done across 10 pairs/EAs. As you can imagine, that is roughly 380 per new candle and it is really rough on the CPU. So what I am looking for is a way to obtain all this data, without...
Hi Guys, What is the best way to determine the trend? Looking at the 50, 100 or 200EMA? And if so how much should it angeling up/down before we can say it's a trend? Or are there other smarter ways to find out the trend? Thanks for your reply in advance.
Can u give me the code? plss the script must check if no open position are present and will open a 0.01 (sell or buy it's the same) position with no sl or tp, if true. thank you
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An EA does not trade in real time. Messages that the MT4 gives are attached. Have no idea what they mean. I need help please. Many thanks.
I am coding an indicator based on moving averages I have extern int PERIOD = 5; if i run my indicator twice on the same chart and change the external input of one of them to 10 everything appears fine at first, it correctly positions 2 separate lines on the chart but as new bars appear the lines...
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Piptronic – GCI Financial Par ces quelques lignes, je tenais à faire part de mon expérience faite sur un compte géré par GCI Financial au moyen de l’expert advisor Piptronic. En l’espace de 3 semaines le montant de mon compte a été divisé par 2. Pourquoi ? l’EA prend 3, 4 ou 5 positions en même
I am currently trading with multiple tabs, as many as 12 tabs at a time, and I occasionally faced the issue of the MT4 crashing. The nature of the crash is such that after I restart MT4, it will work again until the next crash occurs. The frequency of the crash is rather random. At times, the...
I posted a message and asked for help on creating a code to calculate up to 30 days and then send an alert saying " 30 days is calculated". After no one here was able to help me I managed to solve the problem my self. The code is below: static int counter=0;int newday=Day();int oldday=newday-1;if...
i would like to research a new idea, at least new for me. Is it possible to create an indicator or an EA that will draw a horizontal line for every candle's low price? Example: lets say i have (3) candles, first candle low price of 1.2934, second candle low price of 1.2874, and third candle low...
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Dear all I've started my first EXPERT in MQL4 2 weeks ago. I decided to use iMAOnArray in my program but when i use output of this function, it's equal zero(0) and i put a Comment with value of this function but i saw it zero(0), But when i plot it in a Buffer in an Indicator it's not equal zero. i...
HI! Can anyone explain Step By Step how set diferent predefined volumes in all accounts in Multiterminal Platform? When o click in box i write the manual lots but when get out from that box it put lots to Zero!!! What iam doing wrong?
Good morning, I need help in   int BarOpenTime;    BarOpenTime=TimeCurrent(); turning BarOpenTime into double value for next tests. Can somebody please help me. Thanks a lot.
I have create a EA that only trade one "Buy" or "Sell" at 1 currency, therefore...... i need to trace a ticket where same to currency that attached. I got the magic number.... but how to get the ticket with the magic number and cut off the trade?
Howdy everyone, I've recent started writing my own ea and am running into an error when backtesting my set SL to BE code. The error is intermitent and seemably totally random to where on the compile it sometimes will happen a handful of times, other times its every 5-6 trades it does it. I'm...
Hi, After manually closing a trade what will happen? Will it go to init(), or start(), will it go to deinit() ?
If i want a indicator in a EA to read frome the higher timeframe how do i code that? if (iCustom(NULL, 0, "TriggerLinesAlert", 1, 15, 3, 5, 5)
MT4 can calculate square? I can not. EX Print("square=",10^2);
Hey guys, I have a mt4 ea which i built from the EA builder at The EA is running as it should on EUR/USD pair, and i have put a magic number on it in settings (1379) i have also been doing some manual trading on the same account whether it is from the same PC, or another with...
Someone can modify the attached indicator so it will display pivot points based on weekly candle instead of daily candle? Help will be much appreciated
dear all friends i realy need output of this function to use in my expert but it just returns zero to me. How can i use this function in expert? if i can't use it which function and how can be use instead of this one? best regards to all
Hi, I made a script which uses Open[i] and now I want to replace with iOpen(symbol,period,i) but it returns 0. I don't understand the help which says: If local history is empty (not loaded), function returns 0. what does it mean ? Thanks.