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Is there a way to hide/show indicators without erasing them? I would like to be able to add trendlines/support/resistance lines on a clean chart and then turn my indicators back on. I can do this on the FXCM platform, but I would like to be able to do it on MT4.Thanks! andre
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Hey guys, I am a member of a signal group today when I was talking with the admin of the group I told that I will add more funds to the account... after that he asks me I want him to manage it for me, I need to send him the acc and pass of my mql, that way I need pay to him 25% of the profit... is
I would like fairly simple EA that will move my take profit to 0 when my option goes -3 pips in the negative
Can any body tell me why this indicator does not work in the strategy Tester although it works fine on a chart? The problem is that in the Strategy Tester (ST) it is stuck stuck on only one of the two possible values (50.0000) of the two index buffers. The image below shows that in the ST the value
How do I add something of a "separator" or "header" to visually separate different Input parameters in the Expert Properties of an EA?   V 
Hi, I want to reference Bill Williams' Fractal indicator using iCustom. Here is how I am trying to do this:- double iCustomFractal(int buffer,int shift=0) { return iCustom(NULL, TimeFrame, "Bill Williams\\Fractals", (int)buffer
hello dear traders i am so confused to find the right forex sessions starting time and ending time in 3 major sessions (tokyo,london and newyork) because some websites and indicators show different starting and ending times than other indicators and websites. for example right now we are in winter
Hello everybody, I need to code something like that but I dont know the right syntax in the second structure to have fields containing address to structure of first type. Thanks Janfi struct ConditionSet { int CondsNbr; // Nombre de conditions dans le set bool
Why would my EA that is set to buy or sell 0.1 lot size trigger 2 identical orders? And sometimes, for example, if a “Buy is triggered for 0.1 lots of say... EUR/USD, it doubles up buys and sells simultaneously in this way: BUY EUR/USD 0.1 BUY EUR/USD 0.1 SELL EUR/USD 0.1 SELL EUR/USD 0.1 BUY
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i hit wall with this errror my code compile with no other errors ,the error is internal error #112 0 0, the only piece of info about it is in mql4 page which it said Double quote (") omitted any help will be appreciated ,thx
I need your help with this particular bug i am facing 1. I am building a EA using MQL4 the ea place Stop orders at the low and high of the previous day candles depending on bullish or bearish candle, 2. The trade will be only places when the new candle is open to achieve this i am using the
i hit wall with this errror my code compile with no other errors ,the error is internal error #112 0 0 , the only piece of info about it is in mql4 page which it said Double quote (") omitted any help will be appreciated ,thx
Hi, i'm testing my personal EAs that work together (not every time) . EA 1 must BUY gold when variable is < 0.3 EA 2 must SELL silver when the same variable is < 0.3 So that, in the same instant, they should make 1 trade, and my MT4 should open a buy and a sell . But, unfortunely, if that variable
My EA is designed to make a trading decision right at the start of the new daily candle based on the value of certain indicators from the previous candle that just closed. The EA will run the trade function at a certain time on the new candle as seen below: void OnTick(){if (Hour()==00 &&
Dear my friends, I already code an ea followed this rule: 1. Open Order Buy when Price touch Low bollinger Bands, Close once it touch Mid band( SMA20), Sl 25 pip, tp 50 pip 2. Open Order Sell when Price touch Upper bollinger Bands, Close once it touch Mid band( SMA20), Sl 25 pip, tp 50 pip. it work
So, I want my EA on my ECN broker for all currency to have S/L at 30 points and T/P at 60 point. Here's my input code: input double StopLoss = 30; //Fixed Stop Loss (in Points)input double TakeProfit = 60; //Fixed Take Profit (in Points)input int
I'm looking for any solution to refresh or update the Expert Advisor programmatically and automatically whenever change the file .ex4. I found a tip to use a GlobalVariables but I do not find any example to do that, by the way, I found this but it does not
I have an indicator I use on MetaTrader MT4. All I wanted to do is alert me when it signals a reversal. How do I make existing indicator simply send me an alert. It seems easy but I don't know how
Hi guys and girls, I m trying to count how many sell orders i have at a certain distance from a Buy order. This is the code i got but it gives me wrong results. Thanks a lot. double OrderOpenPriceSell; int TotalSellOrders() { int SellOrderCount = 0; for(int i = 0; i <= OrdersTotal(); i = i
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I have been testing an EA in the Strategy Tester (ST) and find a mysterious problem happens every time. I have wasted hours on trying to overcome this but to no avail! The ST jumps at one point with 3 hours (highlighted in yellow) because it seemingly stops recording for 12 seconds (11:18:44 -
Hello guys I am running an expert, when i check the expert tab its trying to open some orders with no errors , but these orders are not executed , what could be the issue
Hi ,i installed on my samsung s6 and in my mac MT4 ... when i copy the metaquotes ID of my s6 and try to send a push notification from mac ,a popup opens "the notification was successfully queued. see the journal for more information" and the notification doesn't arrive. On the smartphone i have
Hello, I am a Indian trader, and having a Custom Indicator that works great. I want to make a EA of it, but do not have any knowledge of coding. Absolute ZERO. Plz anyone help me to make it true
hi im trying to find the lowest of last 8 bars , if i put it like this double x=Low[iLowest(Symbol(),0,MODE_LOW,8,1)]; double xx=Low[1];Print("LOWEST OUT OF 8",x);Print(Low[1]); the x print fine ,but the xx print as 0.0, if i substitute the xx in the print statment with Low[1] i get the value i
I'm having trouble getting decent tick data for xauusd and xagusd for use with Strategy Tester. I usually get my tick data from Dukascopy, but with these metals, the data is corrupted or just doesn't want to work in MT4 (despite multiple downloads, deleting/replacing the .fxt files, trying
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Saw this idea (original idea from Jose Silva - Metastock) Colored it up and somewhat changed the logic (simple, simple, simple...:)
Anyone have experience using Strategy Tester with an EA which goes through a long process of loading and unloading indicators before it begins to make trades? (like, 100 times on 5 min bars). I experience this using imported tick data, so I'm wondering if that has anything to do with the issue
RaptorUK told me to not double-post. I understand, but wanted to make a separate thread since I see this as something particularly easy for MetaQuotes to fix if they so desired, and an important subject that IMHO affects sessions, news, pivots, etc., so my original posts can be seen here: https...
Hi, I have changed my sim card for a new operator and now i have no connection anymore an mt4 app. All apps get connection on mobile data but not mt4. I can connect my accounts via "Signal start". I try to uninstall and reinstall, clear app cache data but connection. My broker is