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Hi, i have one multiple horizontal line indicator which able to plot 10 or more horizontal line in the problem with this indicator is i can't choose the color thickness level. The creator fixed permanently to 2nd level thickness which make me uncomfortable in the MT4 chart.Please help to...
Hello everyone, I will be really appreciate if you can help me to draw lines when diverges appears in the prices chart and indicator it self combine
Hi all, I'm creating an EA which call's one of my custom indicators and i want to open positions when the indicator gives me arrow signals. The problem is my EA is opening buy positions on both arrow's. I'm going to leave my code here with the hope that someone more experience could help me! Many
Hi, I am trying to write my first MQL4 algorithm but it doesnt work as i expected :) My basic algoritm will work on CHINA50 and it needs to do; When price moves above moving average for 30 pips, go short and take profit 12 pips, stop loss 20 pips When price moves below moving average for 30 pips
I am working on project where i have All EUR currency, and i need to find another price from EUR Example: There are two currency that values I have EURUSD and EURAED. I need to find USDAED, Formula: EURAED/EURUSD = USDAED But the close price must be equal or between HIGH & LOW prices but after
I am using the following code to draw an arrow, how can I tell which candle the arrow object is drawn on? void OnTick() { for(int i = 0; i < ObjectsTotal(); i++){ string name = ObjectName(i); if(ObjectType(name) == OBJ_ARROW){ if(ObjectGet(name, OBJPROP_COLOR) == Red){
Because I can't compile my code when I use this expression below, I always get the error ('.' - unexpected in macro) #define FXT_HEADER.size 728 #define FXT_HEADER.intSize 182
Hi, I am developing an EA using ichimoku indicator with Alpari historical data and its all fine. But when I tried to use the EA on Oanda and the results varies slightly. I suspect is because their feeds have weekends data included and that messed up the ichimoku lines. I thought about a couple of
I am working on compiling codes and have come to a bit of a loss when it comes to these 4 lines. am I just writing it an older way? do i need to define with an enum? double LOWWeekly = iMA(Symbol(),PERIOD_W1,1,0,MODE_LOW,PRICE_LOW,0); // line for lower code
I have a button when clicked will create an immediate or pending buy order. I have a function that determines whether the order should be a buy if the current price is within +- 5 pips of the entering price that is inputed by the user. If the entry price is greater than +- 5 pips of the current
hi i want to test an EA on a cent account with 1000 'real' dollars, so 100.000 cents. I wonder: when i want to test in the strategytester, what do i have to put in as balance? i guess 100.000 usd? Kind regards, Ronald
Hi all, Could I ask your help on a question regarding backtest? Say if I have a trade history list from a signal in text form. I am backtesting using trade simulator from FXblue but need to manually enter the trades and it gets tedious after a while. My question is if there is any other way to
I need a sample code that connects to the google database in real time. Who can help me
Hello, I have a problem with creating offline charts. MT4 PeriodConverter nor any period converting indicator downloaded from the internet is not creating offline chart. I tried everything, also reinstalling MT4. Is there any common mistake.. or known bug
Hello I just started creating my own EAs. Very exciting stuff. But I've got a problem. After I am stopped out, I would like all EA activity to pause until the next bar opens. What's happening is that once I'm stopped out, my other order is triggering instantaneously. I don't want this to happen. I
hi guys hope doing well my ea does not open any position in some broker ! why? can onyone help me to solve this
It was working all well, until today i am not receiving any notification from the terminal. I've reinstalled the app. Double checked the Metaquotes ID. But still not working. I tried with MT5 and it worked. My phone's model is Oppo Reno 2. Can someone give me a clue
Hi, I am a beginner in writing EAs with MQL4 and I encountered a question that confused me. If I send an order of AUDUSD pair like the following: OrderSend(Symbol(), OP_BUY, NormalizeDouble(lot_size, Digits), Ask, 3, 0, 0, "LONG", MAGICMA, 0, Green); How could I know whether the market order has
Hello, I recently discovered that I stopped getting mobile push notifications. The journal tab on my desktop MT4 Terminal window showed that notification could not be sent. I thought it was VPS provider specific but it turns out that I stopped getting mobile notifications for another trading account
Today I have been editing and visually backtesting an EA. In between tests, I recompile my EA and I restart MT4. All of a sudden, I noticed my chart is showing the wrong annotations/drawings for my current backtest orders. In the screenshot attached, you can see: The Results table shows that I only
Good afternoon guys. I'm having a very hard time to find a broker on which I can trade Micro e-mini S&P 500 with MT4, since I want to use a EA. I'm living in Canada, so I need a broker that gives me support here, or that at least accepts clients from here. Thank you in advance
This has just started happening a month ago ..............My charts have have to be manually re installed each time I open meta 4 Sometimes 1 chart is on screen and usually the latest chart I was viewing before closing my laptop when I open laptop the next day I need to re install ALL charts I am
I tried to lock the bid price but it did not work if(price>0 && Ask<=price-70pips) { OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,0.01,Ask,slippage,sl, tp,"",Magic,0,Blue);} I dont want the condition to execute first..i want it to capture the price first and when the price is below 70 pips then it trigger the
Hi everyone. I was testing an EA in Every tick model. I'm just wondering why the visual mode is already showing the trend lines and arrows ahead of the trade as shown in the attached picutre. How do I fix this? I want the lines and arrows to show only when an order is opened or closed. Thanks
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can you control you mt4 auto trading button from your iphone
Hey evryone . Im a bit of a newbie. Im looking for an EA that will do an automatic trailing stop loss so I can set it at for example 30 pips. So every time the market moves up or down 30 pips the stop loss moves with it. example : I put in a buy order at 1.23400 the market moves up to 1.23700 . I
Hello, I had a question. I set up alerts on an indicator and I leave the computer on with mt4 open.I get push alerts at first on my phone at first, but then it stops working after 30 minutes or so. When I check mt4 the indicator itself stopped painting. I have to refresh it by changing time frames
for example, #390348 buy 0.1 #394839 sellstop 0.1 etc that text size is too small for me to read, but i could not find any option to increase the font size in MT4 platform. I dont need a code or such, just need some help to figure out where that option is .. or how to increase that font size?...
When I have Meta Trader open during market hours Mon-Fri, I sometimes here "Boyoyoyoying". What does this mean? I don't have an expert advisor. Thanks