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Hello, i work on a built 1280 MT4 version. I am searching for a period converter indicator to transform the conventional timeframe on the MT4 plat (ex. 1 min, 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 4 hour etc.) to unconventional timeframe (example 2, 3, 5 hour etc.). I found on web several versions of this
I tried run a walk forward optimization test last week, can we trust it ? Window size : year Forward size :1 month Test period : 2011-oct to 2020-sep symbol: US30
Hi, I'm very new with MQL4 coding. I have an issue with my EA. Im not sure what is the problem. When running backtest, everything is good. But when running demo/real, a lot of unwanted Order open. Im suspect something to do with the TimeCurrent() as I use it to differentiate between current and
Hi Everyone, I've written a short code to measure the minimum duration between two ticks during a backtest (MQL4). I get one value =0ms: what could be the reason? It happens on Dow Jones (US30 Fxcm on 12th November around 11:34). Thanks a lot in advance :-) Here's my code: uint g_ttick_ms_prev
Respected Sir/Madam, I want the 2 line MACD to be the Indicator for Meta Trader 4/5. When I compile the Meta Trader it gives Errors. How can I compile a MACD 2 line indicator which is attached? What is the method to use the Attached Indicator
hello all How to programmatically put and show an indicator on a chart.
Hi all, i was writing in the MT4 Editor but suddenly the keboard doesn't work. If I try to write in Notepad or other software there are no problem. Have I a pushed a strange keys combination
Hello all guys. I was wondering if there is any change to develop an algorithm to detect support and resistance. I wanted to try to make one to use for a future development of an expert advisor. May I ask you to contribute to this post and add your code or articles or concepts as basic line ? The...
How to check if last three orders were in loss (any buy or sell order) in order history for the current symbol? and if last three orders are in loss, the variable "last_3_orders" should be set to "1" else set to "0".  (Mql4 code) int last_3_orders = 0;string last;for(int i=OrdersHistoryTotal()-1...
Hello, sorry I am brand new to MQL4 and am running into some errors. I am coding a simple Bollinger Band strategy that will go back and forth in buy and sell positions. I think my problem is in how I am telling it to open buy and sell orders. My Code: int length = 11 ; int mult = 2 ; int OnInit ()
Hello, New here. Im struggling to find a tutorial for creating a custom indicator or table. Basically I would just like to create a table on a separate window various currency pairs going down and timeframe across and just flashes every time say the 6MA crosses another 18MA. Nothing fancy no graphs
Hi, please could somebody help. I can link my account but only partly. when i load up the main screen in my terminal on MT4 nothing appears. But when i go into my purchased folder the indicator i have bought is listed, which is good but when i click install nothing happens. Please could someone
Hi, Can somebody help to create EA from fisher_yur4ik custom indicators. I have a simple ideia for EA using Fisher indicator. When fisher previous bar more than 0.25, Open BUY and after open buy, if fisher previous bar below 0.25, CLOSE Buy And if fisher previous bar below -0.25, OPEN SELL and...
  Candlestick font  (6)
Is there any font that depicts common candlestick patterns
I am trying to invoke this method in MQL: #import "Trading.dll" int GetSymbolCount( string symbol); #import The C# code is as follows: [DllExport( "GetSymbolCount" , CallingConvention = CallingConvention.StdCall)] public static int GetSymbolCount([MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPWStr)] string symbol) I
is there a way to know which indicator causing freeze and lag in terminal
//Trying to get the shift value of a vertical line whose name is stored in the variable VertName. long PriceDateLong = ObjectGetInteger ( 0 ,VertName, OBJPROP_TIME , 0 ); long PriceDateString = IntegerToString (PriceDateLong); int PriceLeftShift = iBarShift ( NULL , 0 ,PriceDateString, false
Is there a plugin to draw vertical lines every 45 minutes? I have found the Vertical Grid Plotter, but this only works on MT5 now. I am unable to compile the code for MT4 due to multiple errors. Are there any other indicators/plugins that work? Thanks all
I have a problem with an EA, I did the back test and so far so good. At the time of the wheel a "dependencies" tab appears and the message "C:\Users\Leandra\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\1DAFD9A7C67DC84FE37EAA1FC1E5CF75\MQL4\Libraries\stdlib.ex4 " With the following alert message: " string
Hello everyone~ I want to ask everyone a question Impot libmysql.dll when developing ea But when MySQL will have an updated version Where do you go to download the latest version of libmysql.dll? (64-bit and 32-bit versions) Suppose I downloaded the version of libmysql.dll when I was developing
The EA does not take trade when Stoploss = 0. I want it to trade even if Stoploss = 0 //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| MovingAverage.mq4 | //| Copyright 2016, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |
In Platform MT4 when I Draw Trend Line after draw it disappear , not stable what is the reason and how I fix this issue ?
Issue 1. I've followed the instructions... installed wine (from the official repository); downloaded mt4setup.exe; installed it to the x86 program files directory; run it - so far, so good but, there's only one server listed and it's not the one I want. Left click on scan network - runs forever
Hello everyone, I can't validate this very simple ea in mt4, the error is in the attached .jpg file. Can anyone help me? the code //************************************************************************************************/ //*
double Maxima_Candle[]; CopyHigh ( Symbol (),TimeFrame2, 1 ,Shift2,Maxima_Candle); int position_max= ArrayMaximum (Maxima_Candle); double CL= Maxima_Candle[position_max]; double Minima_Candle[]; CopyLow ( Symbol (),TimeFrame2, 1 ,Shift2,Minima_Candle); int
Hello all senior coders. Have a Nice trading day. I still struggle in trading days. I created a lot value for cross pairs' I want to set this lotsize to mini lot and micro lot size . example , value as per current price is 1.1 lot .Want to change to 0.1lot or 0.01lot. I confuse how to use
Hello I am trying to make daily pivot indicator to draw short vertical lines, but i want to draw it not using objectcreat() function but using indicator functions. Precisely, i want how to draw a vertical line between 2 candles stick and the lines are discrete not continued. Any codes to help ?...
Hi, I want to test my expert in strategy tester , but unfortunately the m1 data chart is only for the last few days. If I want to add data from 1 or 2 years ago to the strategy tester , how should I do this
I've seen indicators/EAs having objects that can't be listed in any way - but they are still 100% functioning on the chart. Is that possible to code through mql4/mql5? Is it a cpanel thing? Or is it something completely different? Cheers
Does anyone have a break even expert that works with multiple trades on the same currency pair ? I tried breakeven EA v1.3 , 1.2, 1 and SL2BE ,and they work great with one trade but If I put another trade the ea doesn't treat them separate but as one trade. for example i place one trade ,goes in