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Hi, I need to convert array double to char, how can I do? DoubleToStr ? Thank you
hi guys, I am looking to establish a preset lot (0.05) but in the small pop up i get there is : lots 0.05 maximum risk 1.1 decrease factor 3.0 moving period 12.0 mouvingshift 6.0 at that stage I though that 0.05 will be my lot's size, and it,s not. My position is going until 25 log some times. i
hi guys ...  i need this indicator be a historical one 
Hi there, I'll go straigth to the point. I have a partial closing function which closes a given percentage of all trades when a certain relationship between profits and initial risk is met. The thing is, it is closing many more short positions than long positions -Around 15% difference-. I wonder if...
Hi experts, I am creating an indicator. I would like to display the indicator only in some time frames such as 5m, 30m, 1h and so on. For example, if the indicator is selected in a daily chart, it displays nothing or alerts a user. I don't know how to do this, so I have coded as follows: bool...
i never use trailing stop on trading since 5 years ago. so i wanna to know what's trailing stop ? and how to coding it in mql4 ?
I had an account on the metaquotes-demo server that I was using since July for investors to see trading performance in their evaluation of acct management services. As of Aug. 2nd, 2012 it is no longer connecting. When I downloaded MT4 again on Aug 3rd from the metaquotes site, it is now using an...
Hi, I try to develop a little logic using Highest High / Lowest Low 20. I'd like to enter a short trade at LL20. Opens Long trade, good: if (Bid = iHigh( NULL, 0, iHighest( NULL, 0, PRICE_HIGH, 20, 1 ) ) ); but doesn't open a short trade at: if (Ask = iLow ( NULL, 0, iLowest ( NULL, 0, PRICE_LOW ,...
Hello all, How can we add line brakes in a message box with multiple information? If we want for instance to display the account info, minimum Lot, Max Lot and Lot Step in three different lines, is there a special character we can use to change lines or we just add empty space between? Thanks for...
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hi how are you ? please help me i want to decompile automatic ex4 to mq4 i have decompiler ex4_to_mq4, i want to create application can decompile ex4 file on ex4_to_mq4 thank you
Hi, Can someone tell me what this means? I keep getting it coming up on various time frames - I've cleared down indicators etc but still keep getting it! I can't seem to find it in the documentation. Thanks for any help.
Can someone tell me why I get these broken line when I am display this indicator line. Broken likes shows up only when there is change in color. I can see that data window and for each Bar there is correct data displayed. However, the area in between the bars when there is change in color is not...
someone can get to DDE SERVER travez realtime data contract CL-OCT12 and import to excel, because I tried to do and always gives me error in the formula, but if I get the data from any other currency pair, if there is a way to achieve good result could explain it please.
Good morning I wanted to ask a question , I'm calculating the MACD of a symbol and a timeframe , the MACD signal values ​​in MT4 with 6 decimal places , but when you run into an Expert Advisor shows me only 4 decimal places how can you get see 6 decimal ? . MACD_main = iMACD("EURUSD", PERIOD_H1
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Has anybody lost connection with their platform. My connection status is "no connection" with it's last market move date 12/8/31 at 22.45?
Hi, I am brand new to the programming of Expert Advisers, and I need some help with my trailing stops. I can write a simple step up tailing stop, but my strategy requires me to be able to be stopped out x amount of points from the highest point of profit and not move my stop by x once the market has...
if i want ordersend ten of sell_limit tickets at the same time,so i want konw what i to do this,the slleep can help me? the sleep() fucion is mean?
Why do ordersend as market needs buying price? Ain't i getting the asking price on market at the same moment no matter what?
Is it possible to “selectively use” lines of a conditional,based upon whether certain external boolean variables are TRUE or FALSE? (I’m not even sure what to call this problem, so it hashindered my attempts to find an answer by searching so far. Perhaps someone alreadyknows whether it is even...
I have been trying to program an EA that uses some custom indicators. When I compile my EA I do NOT get any errors. However, when I back test it no trades are ever placed so I am guessing I called iCustom wrong. Here is my code: #include <IncludeExample.mqh>// External variablesextern bool...
Hello, I'm looking for an associative array with MQL4 (also called map or dictionary) This is a really useful collection (abstract data type) but I don't see it "out of the box" Is there someone here who ever implement this (with hash table) ? Kind...
Hello I need MetaTrader Terminal builds between 187 to 190. I would appreciate if someone can help
Hi, I tried the attached EA in market execution broker. But an error130 comes when EA try to open trade. This problem will solve when we use post fix SL and TP. Please help to modify the EA to fix SL&TP after the order. Regards, Jasim
i'm sending this code ticket=OrderSend("EURUSD", OP_BUYLIMIT, 1, NormalizeDouble(MarketInfo(symbol_,MODE_ASK),digits_),0,0,0,"",magic_,0,ordercolor_); and i get error 130 invalid stops, why is that?
I went to the backtesting screen and tried to run a test on several EAs. I went to tools and history center then downloaded the data for the EUR/JPY and selected the time frame and optimization box. I'm about to give up on this.
perty copyright "Copyright © 2011, Etasoft Inc. Forex EA Generator v4.1"#property link      ""#include <stdlib.mqh>#include <WinUser32.mqh>// exported variablesextern double BuyLots4 = 0.1;extern int BuyStoploss4 = 20;extern int BuyTakeprofit4 = 30;int rsi15 =0;int...
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#property copyright "Copyright © 2011, Etasoft Inc. Forex EA Generator v4.1"#property link      ""#include <stdlib.mqh>#include <WinUser32.mqh>// exported variablesextern double BuyLots4 = 0.1;extern int BuyStoploss4 = 20;extern int BuyTakeprofit4 = 30;int rsi15 =0;int...
Hello, Can I change the default location of the "experts" directory MetaTrader4 install ? The idea would be to install directory "experts" in a sub-folder of Dropbox so I can more easily share mq4 code. I am under Windows 7 Regards, Pierre8r
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Hi, I want to calculate the average volume of the 5 bars (no. 2-6) and I did it this way: double vol2=iVolume(NULL, 0, shift+2); double vol3=iVolume(NULL, 0, shift+3); double vol4=iVolume(NULL, 0, shift+4); double vol5=iVolume(NULL, 0, shift+5); double...
Anyone know something that will email me when there is a new mail in the internal MetaTrader mailbox? The internal mailbox that says if you have a FIFO violation. I want MetaTrader to send me an email to my gmail account if I get that.