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Good Evening Fellow Traders, This is my first attempt at creating an EA. I am not too bothered about the strategy and I doubt it would be profitable. This is more for a learning experience and to be guided by people much more knowledgeable than myself! I just want it to execute "some" trades (
This is the code I have so far but for the sharpe ratio. int OnInit () {   if (IsTesting () || IsOptimization ()) GlobalVariableSet ("InitialBalance", AccountBalance ());   return (0);}void OnDeinit (const int reason) {   if (IsTesting () || IsOptimization ()) GlobalVariableDel...
Hello to all professors I created a box and with this object I have the amount of perfite inside the box Now I want the color to change to green when we were in profit and the color to red when we were at a loss I asked the professors for guidance. Label( "GOLD:T6" , 240 , 200 , CORNER_RIGHT_UPPER
How can i increase the border Width of a button
Hello, I want to print the list of symbols having open orders buy,sell and pending orders. I have a MT5 version of code but could not make it working in MT4. Would very much appreciate if you can help me to convert this code into MT4 version. Thanks. string SyMass[]; bool Find( string aSymbol) { int
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I think time has come for this thread...Kindly place your repainters here...and...Voila!...they will become non - repainters, with my Magic touch and my programming skills... P.S.: You can place your decompiled, expired & ex files in here...makes no difference to me...the work will be done...that I...
  VPS  (1)
Hi all! How do i Simultaneously delete or add indicators for all charts? I have 20 over pairs and whenever i decide to add or remove an indicator say, a 50 MA, i would have to add them on all the 20 over charts one by one. How do do them simultaneously? thank you
I want to use LWMA (the official LWMA in Custom Moving Averages .mq4) twice with two PERIODS, one short and one long, and those averages will be in 2 buffers, SHORTBUFFER and LONGBUFFER, to print them. BUT, LWMA has a "static int" and so the results of the first SHORTBUFFER are messed up. The
  Nested if statements  (11   1 2)
Hopefully someone can help, my knowledge on mt4 code is limited, I am trying to wright nested if statements, what I am trying to do is: if NAME(variable)=string1(typed into code) then insert number(double typed into code) into RESULT(variable), else if NAME=string2 insert a different number into
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Hello, Does anyone know where I can find an indicator that takes in price values, which when reached or surpassed will cause the indicator to send a sound alert?
Hello everyone, I recently came with an idea of doing trading based on currency strength or currency index. The thing is that I'm having a little bit of confusion when deciding which one to use, so I came here seeking for your enlightment and wisdom :). My idea is that (atm) idea and I'm also
Good day, hope all is well. I love MT4, but let’s be honest, it believe it’s just time for an modern update… I’m certain whoever runs the MT4 app for IPhone & IPads can do it, I’ve been looking all over the place for contact information on getting in contact with them, I honestly don’t believe that
Could someone put the option "minutes" in the parameters in this indicator? For example: so that we can put the time span between 10:30 and 15:30. I would be very grateful
  Data collection  (1)
is there a way to collect data (as seen below) just like on the signals page without it actually being categorized as a signa? i have a quantitive trading EA and id like to collect data on it but because its considered a signal I receive an error stating that "the signals are too frequent and makes
Seeking help to setup and maintain MT4 trading platform on an ongoing basis. Am 82 yrs. Familiar with trading but technology ignorant. <Deleted> Am located in Costa Rica
I have read several posts in other threads about Moderators being selective in certain things. And I constantly see regular Contributors bashing those who are new, albeit some of it deserved in my opinion. I have also seen some regular Contributors just disappear because of all this, I assume. What...
It seems that MetaTrader 4 build 1335 does not allow to install any new indicator. Neither by copying and pasting from the File -> Data-Sheet command not by directly copying them into MetaTrader\ Files/MetaTrader
I have had no luck with MUTEX so I thought this might work. I wrote a ''Master" ea that cycles through my 10 preferred symbols three times each before moving on to the 18 lesser symbols. The code writes to a global variable every half a second, each time representing the next symbol in the
Hello MQL community , I want to know ,am I allowed to code TerminalInfoInteger(TERMINAL_BUILD) to limit the build of MT4 to use ? Only the newest version of metaTrader can be used the EA on the market ? Best regard
I am wondering if it is possible to have non-drawn buffers which are not shown in the color tab, but their value is shown in the data window. Below is a detailed description of the problem. I have an indicator which has four buffers. Two of them are drawn on the chart, showing some arrows. Indeed
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Hi guys, I was wondering if anybody in this forum is interested in searching of connetion among planets,moon and other movements in space. We can share our experiance and learn more and more... All you know that the most famous and successful trader/W.D.Gann/ is used astrology and other technics to...
Hello, I need some help please. I have download this expert advisor a few weeks ago, and i don't know why, but the trailing stop does'nt work. Even if i configure any value, the trailing stop never start. If you have any idea why, thanks. Best regards
Hello. I am looking to implement a code into an existing EA (Scalper) to close all trades on X amount loss floating and start over again from beginning. Someone can help me out? Cheers :)
Hi , I am using an indicator (MQL4) which one of its input argument is mystery Enum! I could not figure out how to input its value I thinks it is something like this : enum ENUM_NAME{ item1 = 50 , item2 = 100 , . . . } as you can see items value are secret! second can I at list choose between items
I am trying to write MQL4 code to modify .tpl file from templates directory. However, I am not able to open any .tpl file from template directory using FileOpen() function. file name specified in FileOpen only opens files from MQL4/File directory but it can NOT open file from templates. Can someone
void OnTick () { Count(); if (Automated== true ){ if (count1== 0 ){ int ticket= OrderSend ( Symbol (),OP_BUY, 0.01 ,Ask, 3 , 0 , 0 , "My order" , 0 , 0 , clrGreen ); if (ticket< 0 ) { Print ( "OrderSend failed with error #" , GetLastError ()); } else Print (
I want to define variables depending on a condition so I write if (CONDITION== 0 ){ double vol0 = AAAAAAA , vol1 = BBBBBBBBB , vol2 = CCCCCCCCC ; } else { double vol0 = DDDDDDDDD , vol1 = EEEEEEEEEE , vol2 = FFFFFFFFFFF
Dear sir & madam I see Fx divergence and it's so amazing. Is there anyone help me to translate to a variabel that signal? Red arrow is upper the line is sell signal, how to translate to variabel. and green arrow is below the line is buy signal, how to translate to variabel. and make a simple...
Hi All, I am creating a a simple manual trader with buy and sell buttons but cannot get the buttons to work in the tester.  I'm sure there is a secret to this.  Anyone that can help?