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Sorry for my English I was using this function to close all opened orders for one symbol  if profit > xxx but the problem it close some of orders then the profit be <xxx and it stop closing other orders //--------------------------------- bool CloseDeleteAll(){    int total  =...
Hey there! When coding for someone... Do you sell just the ex4 file, or do you give away the mql4 too? Do you ask extra for the mql4 file? Asking those feeling comfortable answering this 😉 Cheers
Hello folks, I came across this old thread that allowed creating offline charts for non-standard timeframes. It was built for v509 and hasn't been updated for a long time. Is there a current version that builds offline charts in visual testing mode for standard
Hello These codes consist of two keys, the first key closes half of the first open trade and the second key closes completely. The keys work in the demo account but do not work in the real account. Please help me, What's problem?! void OnTick () { ButtonCreate( 0 , "closeHalf" , 0 , 10 , 350
It is giving me some Invalid LotSize 4051, any ideas why and what could I correct? I want to calculate the distance from one signal until the other one. Lets say the signals are very good but 'who is without a flaw'? Then, I want to calculate the lotsize for a Martingale if the 1st signal goes wrong
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Every time it said no connection
Hi 1. I have 2 charts, chart one is a EA for example MyEA.ex4 whis is working good, on chart 2 I would like to disable MyEA.ex4 and after a while enable ! Is this possible ?! - OR - 2. I have 2 charts, chart one is a EA for example MyEA.ex4, how to programm that only chart 1 is closing (removing)
Hi all! I need to put comments on the chart my EA is running on. The idea is to place them in the lower right corner, so that I can visualize them better. How do I put them there? Is it essential to create a text object to do it? Or can it be done with a comment
Hi, Is there a way to know when the stop button pressed in the tester for an indicator? I've found details how to do so in an EA but I can't seem to find the right search parameters/details in the manual to find out how to do so with an indicator. I just need to run a function when stop is
In my EA I open 2 orders at once.  Order #1 : set TakeProfit value ( TakeProfit value calculated based on ATR of the time of order placed ) Order #2 : do not set TakeProfit value at the opening Later on I want to run trailing stop for the "Order #2" and I need to pass the TakeProfit value I used in...
Hi All, I like to use MQL4 to shutdown metatrader at specific time. ( for example: shutdown MT4 at UTC 10 pm or 10 pm brokers time) I dont like to kill the MT4 process (via windows batch), in order to ensure, that all terminal closing procedures will be processed correctly. Can somebody please give
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One more average and variations - key thread for MT4 One more average and variations for MT5 -  the indicators for MT5 are inside this MT5 thread  The following indicators can be found on the above mentioned threads: One more average - very advanced indicators with speed changing, with smooth...
Hello everyone, I know this topic was discussed many times. But all articles I found on that topic were unfortunately too complicated or produce error message because they are too old. Therefore I wasn't able to create a script that does a simple POST/GET request. So, I simply want to send POST and...
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TRiX (3 Exponential) indicator for MetaTrader 4. The TRIX is a trend-following indicator used by triple smoothing of price and looking for anomalies and rate of change. How To Use TRIX How To Use TRIX Download here: Click here to download Great trading!
I have an Indicator that displays some information panes on the Chart window and one of them is at the right top side of the chart. The problem is that when someone will attach an expert to this Chart, the Expert name and its smiley are appearing right there. So, I need one of this two options: 1....
Hi everyone, I ran into quite a perplexing problem today. There are many symbols that I cannot select or get information from in my EA. In fact, it seems as if there's a bug within MQL4 itself. The following EA provides different results when ran in the debugger vs a strategy tester (both using the
Why the balance number of activation got reduced from 6 to 5 when i updated to 9.18? Its on Same MT Terminal, Same User, Same PC. Any response from Moderators on this Technical issue? <Deleted>
Currently I am planning to Manual Trade With this Indicator Rules, but I have some problems to be solved.. I need Help from this Forum. I hope This Indicator also helping The others to trade. Rules - Arrows and Alert Showing When The Price Crossing The Gold band IF possible, The Arrows and Alert
Hi All, I am facing issue while installing MT4 platform. The downloading is not going forward from 0%. Something is blocking the download. I only have Windows Firewall and did never faced such issues before. I am using an Antivirus software, which I don't think will interfere with the downloading...
Hi, I am having a trouble to use iCustom to get signal from an indicator. The indicator is "called2candles 1 pilot331"   and it is MQL4 file. You can download from here. I want to get arrow up /down signal from the indicator by using iCustom and...
Good day, Please assist with fixing the abovementioned error. This includes both the up and down arrows, check and stop sign as well.. Print screen below. Your assistance with resolving this will be greatly appreciated
Can I have/make a custom indicator in a separate window that displays text only? I've read the manual and seen many examples of indicators, and it seems there is no such option. Is that correct? TIA
Hi there, i'm looking for something that will auto mark every quarter of a cent on a chart e.g. click a button on a script to auto mark e.g. eurusd at 1.18, 1.1825, 1.1850, 1.18750 and so forth for a 200 pip range of current price (100pips up and 100pips down) e.g if current price is 1.18 i would be
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hi how can i put different colours on different fibonacci %?
Hi, can any one help. i keep getting error codes and can't find the solution. compiles fine, just won't open the trades. idea is to run the EA on a single chart and open all trades at a set time of day. Thanks in advance. extern string TradeComment = "D1Long" ; extern int MagicNumber = 200 ;
I want to calculate the slope of a moving average of 200 periods. I want to use the values of periods -12 and -2 (periodes couting from actual period) for calculate this slope. Can I acess historical values of a moving average
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Hello, I want to change my EA. I want the take profit to be expressed as a percentage of the index used (Dax30 / Nasdaq100 / Cac40). For example, if the cac40 is at 5000, I want the ea to open a position with a take profit of 1% = 5050. If the cac is at 10000, I want the take profit to be 1% = 10100
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i forgot my account's passwords...can any1 help me?...
Hello, I am writing an EA but I am beginner in MQL4. Please suggest me how could I identify a DOWN TREND or an UP TREND of moving average in my EA programmatically? Please advise me as I have not so familiar with MQL4
  error 112  (4)
i hit wall with this errror my code compile with no other errors ,the error is internal error #112 0 0, the only piece of info about it is in mql4 page which it said Double quote (") omitted any help will be appreciated ,thx