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anybody can help me out to create volatility stop like this in the chart? Those dots. I heard this indicator is called volatility stop. Any help? I have no clue for this. I hope somebody has already created for me to download... Oh --- ><
Hi: I am using an indicator I have traded manually for 18 months with good success. I am attempting to automate the process. However, after reading about 25 posts relating to the subject of passing data from a custom indicator, I am having no success. I am calling the indicator as follows: double...
Dear Forum, I'm trying to program and test a simple base EMA program that buy and sell on the EMA crosses. There is the problema that the program is not opening orders, is only trying to close orders, I've reade the MQL4 references and tutorial for EA creation but till now I've not a clear idea of
Hi everyone, I really search the internet for hours but I do not find an answer to my question. Let us assume there are two terminals: Terminal A: terminal with broker X Terminal B: terminal with broker Y With respect to the quotes from Terminal A and B, I want to execute orders in Terminal A and B
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//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                               malfunc_tester.mq4 |//|                            Copyright © 2013, |//|...
Can anyone tell me where I can download this indicator for an MT4 platform Thanks smw10
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Why does this SomeDouble=SomeDouble*-1; Causes a ea to fail to compile, while this SomeDouble=-1*SomeDouble; Works fine?
I'm trying to find a solid way to check if the history is loaded in a Custom Indicator. I only want my indicator to run when I've got my history available. I could try to use OrdersHistoryTotal() and check if that amount is larger than 0, but that would fail on new accounts? Or does the initial...
hello to the programming experts here, I got a short question: when - just as a simple example - using a code line like : for(i=0;i==Bars;i++) Buffer[i]=Close[i]; in a custom indicator (in a "separate_window") the Close prices are drawn from Bar 0 to the max number of Bars, it works fine......
Lets assume we have something like MarketInfo("EURUSD",MODE_BID); Then someone who has prefix and suffix wants to use the code. Which is the best way to add it to the "EURUSD" string. I know there are many ways to link strings but i want to make sure.
New article MQL5 Cookbook: Indicator Subwindow Controls - Buttons has been published at In this article, we will consider an example of developing a user interface with button controls. To convey the idea of interactivity to the user, buttons will change their colors when the cursor hovers...
Hello, EA running on a PC, VPS or dedicated server. Have you set up a monitoring service that control from time to time that your EA is always on? Some kind of watchdog.
Please think with me for a bit. I'm looking for good reasons to be found in indicators When NOT tot trade on the 15m chart on LONG. So far i collected: when MacD 1hour is falling when MacD 4hour is falling when price is above 4H and 1H 200Ema but 15m is onder 200Ema when price is outside Pivot R3 or
hello, i'm writing a code for ea, ea will open multiple orders buy n sell several times until close all profit. 'n i need to know how to code : if last order op buy, then ea will not open buy until it op sell first and vice versa Could someone give me a help here ? Thanks in advance...
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I would guess that quite a few of the posters here have used various indicators in their technical analysis and incorporated the indicators in their work. I do wonder, has anyone actually used an indicator and found it to work consistently in the long term? Obviously, I'm talking about the standard...
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I know Time[-1] is invalid, but you know what I mean. How do I get the time of the next bar? Or Time[-10], Time[-100]?
#property copyright "Copyright 2013, MetaQuotes Software Corp."#property link      ""#property indicator_chart_window//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| Custom indicator initialization function...
i want add to ea will any body help me. first is grid ea and second is martingle grid . i want to know this part is making it martingle
Can someone help me with my mobile terminal? I'm trying to get my metaqoute ID and I have gotten to message after settings but it is telling an active Google account will be required but then my google account is active. How do I go about this to get my metaquote ID? Can somebody be of help!
I am currently working on my first EA. I have currently coded and tested the functionality of determining trade entries. My question is in regards to managing the placement of these trades. All my logic is placed within the start() function, and I only perform the logic within the first minute after...
what is it exactly that determines the value of a currency, Im guessing its mostly supply and demand, but is there other factors, like dose economic data have a direct effect on price or is it just the peoples reaction to the news, and also what changes the value when the markets closed , like what
I am running Hotforex MT4 but now want to add XM MT4. When I try to install XM I get the following error : Error Report Exception Information Code 0xc000001d Flags 0x00000000 System information Windows NT 5.1 Build : 2600 Then uninstalled Hotforex and tried again but came back with the same...
Hi, there. I must confess I am still a newbie with regards to trading as such and automated trading in particular, with just under a year of experience. But I managed to put together a MT4 cluster of over 150 terminals that can work together on a single optimization. I have been using it the past...
How can I create a script that create both buy and sell order at 10 pips apart from the current price? One script create 2 orders buy and sell at the 10 pips apart from the current price. Is it possible?
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hi can some body tell me why my file writing code override the existing values? int handle;   handle=FileOpen("daily.csv", FILE_CSV|FILE_WRITE, ';');   if(handle<1)   {    Comment("File data1.csv not found, the last error is ", GetLastError());     return(false);    }  else    {     FileWrite(handle...
Hello. I don't write codes but I have one that I would like to make a small modification to. When I apply the script there is still a small border at the bottom and on the right side. Is it possible to remove those 2? Code: #import "user32.dll" int SetWindowLongA( int hWnd, int nIndex, int
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Hello traders! I want access to dollar index's and gold's chart data back to 1971. Please guide me how can I get it in my meta trader 4. Also need some help about viewing charts in other time frames than default ones like quarterly or 3 minute charts. Thanks!
What if you averaged all 10 competing championship EAs trades into your account? The last contest seemed to profit 100% per month. Where do these EAs go afterwards? Do they just run out of steam? Perhaps I'm coming off callow to the many members on mql site but, what do you think about this?
Hi, I realize some Brokers also offer options trading on equities, currency pairs, etc, and am wondering, in MetaTrader4, is it possible to also "execute"/strike on these options, or is it only possible to trade the options, without using the "actual" functionality of the option itself? Thanks!