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How can I find the timezone that my broker resides in? I can get the time of the last tick using something like: SymbolInfoTick(Symbol(), last_tick) That tells me the time of the tick, but not the time zone. I've looked at various AccountInfo, MarketInfo and SymbolInfo functions, but I can't find
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hi guys. i'm coding with mql4 and i need to solve this problem. check 2 currency(such as 'usdchf') in terms of different between low and high in 1 hour period and show these differences with bar chart. if price different between of first currency and second currency is positive bar color must be
Hii Guys This is my first ea,.. It should delete any bending orders after hitting the target,.. i surrender ... i do not know why it does not work. any help guys extern double Lot = 0.01;extern double Lot2 = 0.01;extern double LotFactor = 2;extern int StopLoss = 40;extern int TakeProfit = 40;extern
//----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------//Test system #property strict//----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------int
hello guys I have an MT4 indicator, but this is giving me the following error in the source code, as I'm not a programmer I don't understand any of this, the indicator and the All Stochastic mq4. this and the entire code of the indicator, if anyone knows how to solve these error messages, could you
I try to figure how to customs deeplink or universal Link to add it to  push notifications message that contains the link  to open MT4 mobile APP and then go directly to Open Trade Screen then Pre-fill Buy limit  price , Take Profit price , Stoploss  price  so it's ready to send orders very quickly...
hi, is anyone know how to create a dll file and use in MT4? what is the programming tools need to use in order to create a dll? C? C#? C++? Please help. Thanks
Hi guys I run several Ea's charts on my terminal. Is there an indicator that can track each EA by magic number so i am able to see the performance of each EA individually and analyse their performance Similar to this
Hi friends, I was working on an MT4 platform for a long time where I made lots of changes in its default setting such as adding new levels to the defaults levels of Fibonacci and changed the color of the fibo levels and even made changes in the MT4 toolbar such as adding some objects to the default...
Hello, I'm developing an EA that needs partial order closing. In the past I've just split the initial order volume into 2 separate orders, but now I'm trying to actually close a part of the trade calculating the amount of lots to be closed. My main question is, the MT4 tester shows anything
Gents, is there a way to display the data in the comments field (of the individual trade orders) on the corresponding entry, sl and tp lines on the chart? With a number of different strategies on the same instrument, it can be difficult distinguishing which chart lines relate to which EAs when only...
Any reason why email alerts have simply stopped working. I use a gmail address and have checked all settings repeatedly but to no avail. Push notifications are coming through on MT4 iPhone app but emails have just stopped altogether. Any body Help please
Hi, I am trying to get nth prev candle's open and display it on the current candle. But my code does the opposite. Puts the current candle's open on nth candle. Couldn't figure out what I am doing wrong. void start() { int i, Counted_bars; Counted_bars = IndicatorCounted();
Hello, i just started studying MQL4 programing, i am working on my first EA, but it wont open any trades. It is a Scalper for the USDJPY, and the premise is simple, it should launch an order if the price is 15 points above an 8 period MA (it shoul buy) or 15 points below an 8 period MA, it should
HI all, I have a bit of an issue with just one broker as it seems that the last EA attached with a chart reactivates itself after havin been closed whenever MT4 is started. A quick example would help: EA is attached and running on one chart. During the day I stop the EA and detach it from the chart
Hi All, I have an issue with the function below. It is part of an EA. When a certain profit is attained for a grid and for a specific cross, the fuction is called and is supposed to close all the current orders and delete all the pending ones for the specific cross. It seems to be working till a
Hi When the ZigZag indicator was "fixed" from v600, it effectively made it difficult to use this indicator in an EA with strategy Tester and optimization, unless you isolate Backstep and don't include this in the optimization. I use Zigzag in my Ea using icustom to call it. And therefore when
It's weird again. I was testing my EA and then suddenly I couldn't replicate the results on the same time range with the same parameters . I wasn't editing the code, just changing very few parameters. Even optimization gave at best only 75% of the previous profits. Why did this happen? I wish I
Hi, How can I detect a double click event on a Chart ? I can do it for a single click using : void OnChartEvent(const int id,                   const long &lparam,                   const double &dparam,                   const string &sparam) { //new logic    if(id==CHARTEVENT_CLICK)    { .........
I don't understand. I have an EA that is working on one symbol, but not the other. I copied the code from the good one and all I have to do is change the symbol and the magic number. The error happens for both buy and sell. For instance, I got this error: " Buy USDCHF at Price: 0.98184, SL
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I have a file with Symbol, Price and Description which are read into dynamic arrays mySymbol, myEntry, myDescription I have written a script to open a new Chart for each entry: - Symbol of the Chart is determined by the element from mySymbol - Horizontal Line with the level from myEntry, name of
Can someone help me how to use .DLL file to protect my EA Best Regard
Please help . I do not have the chart tabs with the name at the bottom of the chart. What do I do
I am able to get my EAs working on any pair 3,4,5 decimal places but it would appear that I thought I understood this but obviously i dont!!! as i play with each to get it correct on any provider or currency pair. Life is easier if you know what you are doing and it appears it can be done in one way...
hi , trying to do indicator that will draw 4 horizontal lines with 4 inputs, 2 resistance and 2 support , used code from horizontal line alert file , but after compiled a code -no errors and put inputs for s/r not drawing anything , I am not a coder , will u help me with this
please help me with repainting issues,i have attached the code below
Hello world! I have been butchering custom bollinger bands for a few days now in mql4. Last night I came across this Bollinger Band on TradingView and I cannot figure out a way to replicate the behaviour onto a BB for mql4. I have applied linear regression onto my current BB's and it just never
Hi, I use below code to check daily profit. I will stop EA when daily profit reached to the target. But when I first time attach the EA on the chart and check the daily profit value, it shows account equity. I wonder why... It should be zero when I attach the EA for the first time. double
Hi, I need help to make this indicator works. The idea here is to get a Buy signal alert only once at the opening of a new candle each time the following conditions happens : - First condition - The Open price of the alert candle is above the MA - Second condition - both of the last two candles are
I have a few comments that I've added to chart and they appear at the top left corner. They overwrite 3 lines that are already there and I need to move my comments down but I can't find out how to do it