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Dear All, My MQL skills is too limited so please help and advice. My EA uses EachTick as a signal mode. There're always Three predefined zones as following: double Level_CC = Close[0]; // The current pricedouble Level_HH, Level_HL;  // Calculated limits of the higher zone (ZoneH)double Level_MH,...
Dear all I have searched from this website and google but I still confuse about the use of this three types of file (include, library, and script). Can anybody explain further what is the purpose of them? How will the traders use them for system design? can these three types of files used by...
New article Money-Making Algorithms Employing Trailing Stop is published: This article's objective is to study profitability of algorithms with different entries into trades and exits using trailing stop. Entry types to be used are random entry and reverse entry. Stop orders to be used are trailing...
I read a couple of points on an advertised EA, regarding brokers and robots. It says something like this: 1. brokers lose if you win. that is why they frown on very profitable robots. >>>my thought. dont they make money on spreads instead? the loser is the buyer/seller at the other end, not the...
hello, how can i do what i need to do as specified in subject line? reason why i need to do this is sometimes the $125,000 inital deposit setting which i manually set in the "expert properties " box strangely changes back to $10,000 sometimes when i shut down and re-open the MT4 terminal (maybe...
  iHighest/iLowest  (14   1 2)
Hello I would like to use the iHighest in my study and would like to know if this statement is valid please. double bMaxHigh = iHigh[iHighest(NULL, PERIOD_H1, MODE_HIGH, 10, 1)];if (SellExists && Low[1] > bMaxHigh) {    CloseThisLoser(); } Thank you kindly.
hi, i am planning to embark on a project that would attempt to build correlation between how an indicator behaves just prior a breakout of a certain value. For example, how would a bollinger band (or macd or can be anything) behave in t-1, t-2, t-3, when i know that within t+15, the price...
Hello guys. I am quite bad with date and time. Basically I need to know if yesterday the high was made before the low of the day and the other way round. From the actual day I need to jump back to yesterday and retrieve the high with its bar shift and low of the day with its bar shift and compare
At the end of may I got an email of my broker to update my MT-client because there will be an server-Update on June 1th. Since this day I have a lot of problems with sending orders to my broker. Every second trade, there is the message cannot login [No connection] in the log. My broker says, it must
Does anyone is aware of any script or small program that can be used to save an incoming email ( Yahoo, Gmail, etc...) as a text file in Metarder exper/file location?
( Hasn't been working all day (at the very least). Oanda claims they have contacted MetaQuotes to fix the issues. Does anyone have the .exe for MT4 Oanda that they could post here? Jesus MetaQuotes....FIX THE LINK.
Hi Friends from all over the globe......... I have this great and unbelievable indicator called "Damiani_volatmeter v3.2" which I am using with the following values; Vis_atr 24 Vis_std 5 Sed_atr 24 Sed_std 42 Threshold_level 1.65 lag_supressor...
Hello everyone, I tried to sort out this by myself, but didnt succeed... the problem is that I always receive zig zag indicator value as "0". Below this is all the code I have: #property copyright "" #property link "" //ZIG ZAG parameters extern int ExtDepth=3; extern int ExtDeviation=3; extern...
I already have 2 coordinates that I can get with the ObjectGet() function. And I also have the scale. In the end I have 2 coordinates and the scale. How can I get a 3rd coordinate of the OBJ_ELLIPSE with these data? Thanks.
I want to calculate the sum of the absolute price change: this line works for 1 single bar: ExtMapBuffer0[i]=MathAbs(Close[i]-Close[i+1]) but to do it over several bars I guess I need to use a loop (with an adjustable window), any suggestions please? int start() { int limit; int counted_bars=
  creating a panel  (7)
Hi all, I am new to forum and I have a question. When user runs my code, I want that a panel which contains some textboxes and buttons will show up. Is this possible? If so, where should I design the layout of the panel. My only aim is that, I need to get some parameters from the user and somehow I
I added this part of code, but does not work, all the others if it works, OK. int iHigh20H1 = iHighest(NULL,PERIOD_M15,MODE_HIGH,20,1); double highestPrice = iHigh(NULL,PERIOD_M15, iHigh20H1); if (highestPrice < Bid) int iLow20H1 = iLowest(NULL,PERIOD_M15,MODE_LOW,20...
Hello, How to exit properly from a EA? Regards, Pierre8r
Hello, Is there a MQL4 EA skeleton ? I mean a EA with log, error handling, money management , etc. already implemented ? Strategies are not coded, but everything else yes. Regards, Pierre8r
Hi every body. Is it possible to conditioncalculation of indicator formula for different TIMEFRAM ? Forexample, if the TIMEFRAME is WEEKLY – compare average 5 to 13, if the TIMEFRAMEis DAILY compare average 5 to 26 and so on ? Thank you,
How can you change it so the default chart is not black and green. I am forever changing the charts to a custom setting and would like to see it the default for new charts, and when backtesting too. Is that possible?
why i can not login my live account with the MT4 on android?? please help me.
Hi, I`m new to the forum and am wondering if there are a few people here that have experience with both ninjascript and MQL4? If so can you please comment on which you think is best and why? As I`m interested in learning one or the other to be able to program my own automated trading strategies. I...
Wondering if there is some kind of problem in the code base publishing process somewhere. I posted a code for publishing on 7/10/2012 and only get error "404 The page you have requested does not exist" when I try the link from my profile back to where the post is supposed to be ( https://www.mql5...
So it appears I may have triggered a bug in the Fibo's in MT4 (Build 432) and wonder if one of you can tell me how to undo what I did short of reinstalling. Or alternatively how I can get all my current settings and charts over to a new copy and leave the defective fib setting behind Here is what I...
What would be the way to calculate the n-th percentile of an array of data in mql4? I know I probably need to sort the array, but then what? Thanks
Hi I have no idea on programming. Can anyone pls help me to customize an indicate which gives the difference in values between two or three rsi values. For example, If latest RSI value is 46 and the previous candle's RSI value is 13, I need the value as 33 (diff between two rsi values). Also,...
  two EA simultaneous  (11   1 2)
Hi boys and girls, I am not sure, but it seems that if I start two EA on different charts, then one of them is not working, only the one in the active chart is working. I left them to work online for two days and I have got messages from the first, and none from the second, but then I ran back...
Hello! I have Escape#1 and Stop Hunter..these 2 EA’s are great “Pips Hunters”!!being used by lots of profit traders..but problem is that ‘Escape’ cannot go 1direction! It shoot rapid lot orders totrap the chart half of the page! Wow! 1000pips in 1hr..thenbig lost come as it doesn’t follow trend...
  Saving Profiles  (2)
Hi, I have set up extra profiles on my MT4 platform and was wondering if there was any way of pertinently saving them? as I have noticed that they do not appear in the MT4 profiles folder in my c-drive? Thanks Roman