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My MT4 on my computer keeps showing "no connection" at the bottom right and I have tried logging in and rescanning servers and it is still showing that error which is annoying me so much. I use a Windows computer. Please can I get help
Hi all I'm fairly new at this, so apologies if it's a stupid question. Anytime I open a position, I add a trailing stop to ensure I don't lose more profits than I am comfortable with. I find the tool very useful. However, in order to add a trailing stop, you need to click on the open position in the
When running tester in auto configuration mode, tester starts very quickly and even the account is not activated yet. It takes few seconds for an account to activate in the mean time tester has already performed some testing which generate in valid results. Does any one has idea how to add the delay...
Hi i have Custom Indicator with to many button and line on chart. everything if work correctly when the indicator drag on chart but when the user change the time frame OnInit function restart all the variable, button state and all of the other thing to the default, so use should change everything
How to distinct OrderSymbol() in MQL4? I have data: Symbol | Type | Size GBPUSD | Buy | 1.5 GBPUSD | Buy | 0.5 EURUSD | Sell | 1 USDJPY | Buy | 2 I want the result: GBPUSD EURUSD USDJY found one way on the internet but am i interested in any other idea? Thanks
Hi, can you please advise me how to encode the EA to close the positioned close candle? I want to use EA for RENKO, so EA will not count the TimeFrame. Thank you void TechnicalAnalysis4() { if ( (Hour()== 23 && Minute()< 2 ) || ( CloseCan==Ano && iTime ( NULL , PERIOD_CURRENT , current+ 1 ) >
Hi bros, I have Expert Advisor and want to sell it, on the other hand i want to protect source code too. EA can be place at Metatrader market or user can be download .ex4 code website which to be ready later. Monthly subscribers for example must be paid 1000 usd for to use it. But if the subscriber
I want a script or EA which can close 50% of all current opened buy and sell orders is there anyone can help me
Hello I am desperately looking for a simple piece of code that works just for moving average crossover. All the mql4 code I find on the internet is crappy and not working. Thanks
For clarity for myself, at least, and anyone else that has an interest . . . .hst file format valid as of MT4 Build 509 The database header first . . . total 148 bytes intversion; // database version - 4004 bytesstringcopyright[64];// copyright info64 bytesstringsymbol[12];// symbol name12...
Hello, I'm new to MQL4 Programming and I hope I'm posting this in the right section but I need help, I've been trying to write a code that finds the lowest low and the highest high (Day's range) between 00:00 A.M and 08:00 A.M but so far i have been stuck in a CopyLow function (I don't know what to
Hello, I am fairly new to Mql Programming , so please excuse me if question is somewhat out there. I need some advice regarding a scenario: i am checking if an indicator arrow is visible in for loop Like this : for ( int i = 0 ; i <= 5000 ; i++) { if ( iCustom ( NULL
Hello, I am trying to code my system however after compiling it returns the "not all control paths return a value" and when I double click it shows its in the following block, could someone please point out the problem. Thank you in advance bool CalculateCurrentSellOrders( string symbol) { int
I was wondering how we can draw a histogram on the chart or rather cover the candleswith a specific colour. For example I'm trying to cover white candles with greenwhen the white candle is longer than 15 pips. Here is the code I've written andI don't know what's wrong with it. Any ideas?...
  XOR in mql4  (5)
I really cant find it in reference... Is there XOR?
I'm frustrated because someone answered this for me but I can't find it in all my old posts and comments. I'm struggling to figure out how to run a segment of code only once, particularly when drawing an object. For example, if I create a bool variable for a MACD crossover and I want to draw an
Hi If possible, give me a very easy guide. What should I do to have such a text in the right corner of the chart
I have a few buffers and numbering them gets tedious because I keep adding or removing ones, so I have to change all their Identifying numbers as I add or remove buffers for instance I have SetIndexBuffer(1,A); SetIndexBuffer(2,B); SetIndexBuffer(3,C); and If I remove SetIndexBuffer(2,B); , then I
Hello to all professors With this code, I want the first position that went to 10 pips of profit to be closed (the first position) Sales positions are calculated separately and buying positions separately But here the expert comes and checks that every position that was in 10 pips of profit finds
Hello, I found this piece of indicator on the net. Once installed it displays old alerts but not the new alerts. I am beginner with mql, and I don't understand why, if someone could help thanks in advance. #property indicator_chart_window #property indicator_buffers 2 #property indicator_color1
I want to limit the number or trades/orders in MT4 using my EA in MQL4. I want the limit on each pair not on all Pairs, like: If the condition / logic match then 5 trades will be executed on Each currency where the EA is attached. This is the code i tried, but it limits the trades on all pairs where...
Hi , I am unable to connect to my mt4 account via my iphone when using Wifi. When i use data, there is no issue. Only when i am connected to the wifi do i face this issue. Please advise. Thanks
Hello I seek two arrays Series array that contains the bid prices of each bar of the current chart Series array that contains the ask prices of each bar of the current chart how can i know the bid and ask in the past, for instance bid and ask from 1h ago, or 1000 ticks ago
Hello! I would like to ask you to insert here the day bar info indicator for mt4. exactly the same like in the pics. Thank you! Bye! <Deleted>
Hi,  Is it possible to hide the OPEN price on a Bar Chart and just have the close price showing? 
Hi, I have an input parameter in my EA 'startMinimized' - if the user sets it to true the dialog should be started minimized. So I do it this way in my code: ExtDialog = new CPanelDialog; if (startMinimized) { ExtDialog.Minimized( true ); } if (!ExtDialog.Create( 0 , " " + _Symbol
Hi friends, I want to see and calculate only 5 digit but it creates 15 digit ! How can i reduce the total digit anyone know? double ma12 () { double ma12 = iMA ( _Symbol , _Period , 12 , 0 , MODE_EMA , PRICE_MEDIAN , 0 ); return ma12; } // Comment ( "Close :" + Close[0], // "\n ma 12 :" +
I have successfully compiled my first EA without any errors and want to to some back testing on it. I have chosen to start with the EURUSD 1MIN and 5MIN charts - but get NO results!(No buy or sell signals.) When I look at the log file I get the following error: TestGenerator: unmatched data error...
Hi ! If i could get anyone help, that could be of great help! I am getting orders as soon as the right parameters are met but as soon as the pending order that is getting sent gets expired, it opens straight away another one in the same location? instead of waiting for the next signal.. please some
I have a custom indicator that uses some buffers for calculations to create objects (horizontal lines in the indicator window).  I have used SetIndexBuffer(n,DRAW_NONE) and it all performs correctly.  But in the indicator's Properties menu under the 'Color' tab there is still the option to choose...