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Hello, Can anyone explain me or have some solution for this. I am coding this app in c#. I loaded EA manually, make all to work, then i saved template file manually too, so i have template that works. I have EA that is loaded when i call ChartOpen() function, and after that i call template file with...
When I run the optimizer, sometimes it produce results with only 2 or 3 trades, especially when I'm running it according to "Best Profit Factor". And that definitely is not a valid result. So I was thinking, is there a way to tell the EA something like "Discard the result if it is less than 30
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hi guys, Is MetaEditor for editing mq4 type files no longer usable
Hi all I want to link between two timeframe becouse i have indic And I want to make it give me a value for what they are the same value in two different timeframe ex : ihave price eurusd in indicatour frame 30m = 1.2000 and in 5 min same value .. here i want make him Draw in the price like a
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I can get MT5 to work on my Apple Mac but my EA is MT4 and I can't afford for it to be recompiled at the moment. Anyone know of a foolproof way to get MT4 on my Mac? It is a mid 2007 24 inch iMac running OS X El Capitan v 10.11.6 Any pointers gratefully received
hi i try to calculate stochastic value for a share in H2 timeframe double stoch = iStochastic (symbolName, ? , StochK, StochD, StochSlow, StochMethod, StochPrice, MODE_MAIN, 0 ); i set 120 or 16386. but its output is zero. please help me to solve this problem
I am fairly experienced in mql4 programming and I have written an EA that is successfully trading, using several variables. Each night, the EA looks at the very recent history, does iterative calculations and determines the settings that would have been most successful during the history period. It
Hi Fellow MQL5 Member! I am creating a signal in my seller account. However, when I want to connect the MT4, it keeps showing the 'Authorization failed. Please check trading account data'. I have checked and re-checked all the username and password. Everything is in order, but I still cannot connect
Hi guys, I am having a persistent problem, I am trying to select the previous order of the same symbol and type (buy/sell), check if the profit has gone up by certain value (pyramid) before opening a second order. The code below shows what I did, but its not working. UsePoint is either 0.01 or
Hi,   I'm pretty new to MT4 , and using Win 8.1 . It seems that I have problem seeing the symbols in Market Watch and in order window(see added pic) . in Market Watch I can see it only when I select it. In order window I can't even select and place an order. (I guess the problem is related because I...
Hi, I have managed to create a variable for Daily profit, Weekly profit and monthly profit, but can't find the PERIOD_?? for Yearly. I have searched everywhere, but can't find the code for PERIOD_YR double GetBalanceMonthly() // Monthly Start Balance { double _resD=AccountBalance(); datetime
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Hi Coders, I need your help to finalise the modification of this dashboard originaly developped to display the distance in pips to the MA, I want to modify it to display the RSI value is above/below the BBbands Like in the TDI indicator. My issue is that I can get the RSI value, but when I calculate
Does someone know why all the ex4 indicators are into the editor, and where ex4 should be
Hi all.. I hoping someone can help me.. I am trying to generate a report out of MT4 to which shows me: 1. Max holding time 2. Avg holding time. I can see this (Avg holding time) on the reports for advertised signals.. but I would like this information for my own EA's using MT4. Any suggestions? Greg
Hi, I would like some help to create an indicator which can show monthly/weekly profit. I've got only basics on programming and found some similar topics but none of them really helped me. I found out that the best way to do it is to use iTime() which i struggle to get my head around. Can anyone
I recently created the code for a strategy I have using EMA, RSI, and Bollinger Bands. What I'm having trouble with is getting the correct Bollinger Band entry. What I want to happen is with the EMA and RSI requirements being true I want the Bollinger bands to close outside of the Bollinger Band on
Hi all, Because  i use a lot of small lotsizes 0.01 (martingale) i need a indicator that show my open positions in lotsize. Can somebody help me with that? I already found this code below: //+------------------------------------------------------------------+...
Hi, Bought the <Deleted> indicator, and cannot install... Didn't buy on the terminal but on the website, pressed on install on terminal few times nothing happens... if I go into the toolbox on the terminal and look at purchased, its not there need guidance Please help! Desperate.... Greg
I'm trying to code my strategy on MQL4. A problem I'm running into is how I can set my Take Profit and Stop Loss based on the previous support and resistance. Or setting a take profit based on Fib retracements. Below I attached a picture of how the support and resistance work
Hello everyone, I'm trying to add a simple account licensing restriction for my EA. After searching around the forum for a fix I couldn't seem to find what I'm missing here.... Error warning is marked on the last curly bracket saying: '}'-not all control paths return a value Any help is greatly
GOOD DAY TRADERS After two months of struggling trying to make expert advisor I was able to achieve it a little finally i have abnormal expert advisor, actually the EA works good but it do place about 20 or more trade but my main idea was, the EA TO PLACE ONE ORDER PER SIGNAL EVEN IF THERE IS
Please can anyone modify this EA so that it will activate trailing stop only when open position is in profit. The EA start trailing immediately the order is trigger but what i want is to trail after the profit of the number of trailing stop given
Last weekend, I saw that my market purchased EA didn't work no more on my VPS. I installed it again and I saw that I already used 2 of 10 activations Bur I installed it on the same VPS I didn't know why my EA didn't work no more on my VPS Could you explain it ? Thanks for your answer Denis
Hi,   is there someone who has experience with mt4 manager and its API somehow please? Would be great it you can contact me.. Thank you very much in advance! 
Hi Guys, Is there a List of all Symbols/ Instruments in which i can search in for specific Set ups?
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Hi I have a question, how to check account type(standard, mini, micro)
Hello Members, I am new to the Panel. I tried the documentation but failed to find reference to make it work. Here I am trying to add an icon to the caption area before Dialogue box name with bitmap image control . But failed to move it above the clientback area. How to get access to that area
Hi guys I've installed on a single mt4 platform more than 20 accounts. I've checked how to set a proxy to use its ip to connect to the brokers..its easy. What i've not understood if i can set a different proxy for every broker linked to this mt4 istance.... My intention is: When i log on broker 1 =
HI, How can I fix this erroe message on MT4 ? ERROR - TOO SMALL HISTORY, RETURN NOW! Thank you
So, I want to loop through candlesticks and see if they meet my conditions and if they do then I want to draw a line but my problem is with the looping. For example, int counter = 10 ; for ( int i = 0 ; i<counter; i++){ // some other condiitons for example if (High[ 0 ] > High[i] ) { //draw line }