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I would like to get data from a custom indicator in mql4. I know that how to do that in mql5 like this. int indicatorHandle = iCustom(Symbol(), Period(), indicatorName, ...);double tempArray[1000];CopyBuffer(indicatorHandle, 0, 0, 1000, tempArray); I search the document
Hi, someone using the Tickmill ECN broker from spain has told me my EA Break Even Trader doesnt place the stop loss and take profit when an order is placed onto the chart. Ive tested it on tickmill and it works okay for me at Tickmill UK ECN. I dont understand why they are getting this problem
I want to calculate the slope of a moving average of 200 periods. I want to use the values of periods -12 and -2 (periodes couting from actual period) for calculate this slope. Can I acess historical values of a moving average?
Hello everyone! I made an EA where my custom indicator returns the buffer value to buy/sell IndiCustomVenda = iCustom(NULL, Indicador_TimeFrame, Nome_Indicador, Indicador_Venda, ind_shift); IndiCustomCompra = iCustom(NULL, Indicador_TimeFrame, Nome_Indicador, Indicador_Compra
How do I automatically take pictures of orders
Hello guys I just installed a new terminal, and using my EA with no issue. However when i launched the terminal i noticed these 2 errors in experts tab: 2020.02.03 16:38:38.691 compilation of 'C:\Users\PC\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\5AFB0344754B69906F93236A2B2BF967\MQL4\Libraries\stdlib.mq4'
  Deleting a pending order (14   1 2)
Ok.. i give up, I don't know what else I can do.. I have to SO many ways to do this, and i can't... so,, hopefully you guys can help me out on this one.. The thing is, I have and EA that opens 2 pending orders ( OP_BUYSTOP and OP_SELLSTOP) and all I want is to delete 1 of the pending order once the...
VPS says realtime copying is disabled and signal server is disconnected. Even its created all the open trades. Even thing is setup correctly can somebody tell me how to solve this problem
Dear experts, I'm a quite new here and it's my first question. I wrote an EA wich works fine on a PC terminal but has some problems when I move it to the MT4 Virtual Host (not plain vanilla VPS). The problem is the following: if the EA terminates on whatever reason I need to have a possibility to...
Hello I have a problem with MT4 Portable / build 1260 /. When I change my computer, the EAs and indicators from the mql store don't work. There is a message in the log: MQL5.chats: deleted due to security reason There is a record in the experts entry: cannot load 'E: \ MT4 \ Portable \ MQL4 \
Hi, I try to read a file with several MagicNumbers in order to write it to an array. Somehow there is no data in the array. The file contains this line
Client Terminal Build and Version (32 or 64 bit) 32 build 701 Problem description CopyRates simple 2nd variation (by datetime,count) does not work Sequence of action Just a simple CopyRates string sym="GBPUSD"; datetime checkt=D'2014.09.22 04:00:00'; MqlRates rates[2]; int cpy=CopyRates(sym...
My stoploss was ignored during the backtest, does anyone know why the price just went through the stoploss? thanks
Wondering my you keep on losing your (backtest-) account ? Have a look Enlighten me, in case I miss something here. NOTE: The backtested EA uses trailing SL to close positions
Just over a year has passed since the launch of the Jobs service on, and we can draw some conclusions. To date, over 600 jobs have been successfully completed, and new orders appear daily in the Russian and English sections. The freelance service of automated trading system development in...
Hello! Can anyone help me to code, how to count total number of running currency pair(s) with active order(s). In the picture, there are 4 active orders running with 3 different currency pairs. Here, I don't need to count total orders using OrdersTotal() function. Also I don't need to identify...
Is there a way to hide/show indicators without erasing them? I would like to be able to add trendlines/support/resistance lines on a clean chart and then turn my indicators back on. I can do this on the FXCM platform, but I would like to be able to do it on MT4.Thanks! andre
  mql4 password (5)
Hey guys, I am a member of a signal group today when I was talking with the admin of the group I told that I will add more funds to the account... after that he asks me I want him to manage it for me, I need to send him the acc and pass of my mql, that way I need pay to him 25% of the profit... is
I would like fairly simple EA that will move my take profit to 0 when my option goes -3 pips in the negative
Can any body tell me why this indicator does not work in the strategy Tester although it works fine on a chart? The problem is that in the Strategy Tester (ST) it is stuck stuck on only one of the two possible values (50.0000) of the two index buffers. The image below shows that in the ST the value
How do I add something of a "separator" or "header" to visually separate different Input parameters in the Expert Properties of an EA?   V 
Hi, I want to reference Bill Williams' Fractal indicator using iCustom. Here is how I am trying to do this:- double iCustomFractal(int buffer,int shift=0) { return iCustom(NULL, TimeFrame, "Bill Williams\\Fractals", (int)buffer
hello dear traders i am so confused to find the right forex sessions starting time and ending time in 3 major sessions (tokyo,london and newyork) because some websites and indicators show different starting and ending times than other indicators and websites. for example right now we are in winter
Hello everybody, I need to code something like that but I dont know the right syntax in the second structure to have fields containing address to structure of first type. Thanks Janfi struct ConditionSet { int CondsNbr; // Nombre de conditions dans le set bool
Why would my EA that is set to buy or sell 0.1 lot size trigger 2 identical orders? And sometimes, for example, if a “Buy is triggered for 0.1 lots of say... EUR/USD, it doubles up buys and sells simultaneously in this way: BUY EUR/USD 0.1 BUY EUR/USD 0.1 SELL EUR/USD 0.1 SELL EUR/USD 0.1 BUY
  error 112 (2)
i hit wall with this errror my code compile with no other errors ,the error is internal error #112 0 0, the only piece of info about it is in mql4 page which it said Double quote (") omitted any help will be appreciated ,thx
I need your help with this particular bug i am facing 1. I am building a EA using MQL4 the ea place Stop orders at the low and high of the previous day candles depending on bullish or bearish candle, 2. The trade will be only places when the new candle is open to achieve this i am using the
i hit wall with this errror my code compile with no other errors ,the error is internal error #112 0 0 , the only piece of info about it is in mql4 page which it said Double quote (") omitted any help will be appreciated ,thx
Hi, i'm testing my personal EAs that work together (not every time) . EA 1 must BUY gold when variable is < 0.3 EA 2 must SELL silver when the same variable is < 0.3 So that, in the same instant, they should make 1 trade, and my MT4 should open a buy and a sell . But, unfortunely, if that variable
My EA is designed to make a trading decision right at the start of the new daily candle based on the value of certain indicators from the previous candle that just closed. The EA will run the trade function at a certain time on the new candle as seen below: void OnTick(){if (Hour()==00 &&