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Hi Gurus, I need MT4 EA that can check any open trade having no TP after every 5-10 mins and set TP for X pips automatically on all pairs. Please advise. Regards
I'm using MT4 1320 (2020/12/11) and i backtest my EA with 10 years of historical data downloaded and imported with QuantDataManager. I'm used to test with Control Points and I'm facing a very strage situation. I've not found any solution on the forum or elsewhere on the web... When i start
Hi, can I open the same MT4 account on 2 VPS, to be able to run an EA on each account instance? Cheers
Function IsTradeAllowed now accepts two parameters. Undocumented. Does anybody know the meaning of the two params?
i've been trying to get custom indicator (zigzag) value using this code...and get its signal #define PATH "ZigZag" void OnTick () { //--- double ask= SymbolInfoDouble ( Symbol (), SYMBOL_ASK ); double bid= SymbolInfoDouble ( Symbol (), SYMBOL_BID ); double zigzag_handler= iCustom (
Hi from time to time, when switching account I am encountering a bug using latest MT4 build 1320, MarketInfo(Symbol(),MODE_MARGINREQUIRED) is returning -92233720368547760 ( = - 0x 147ae 147ae 147b0 ) GetLastError() returns 0 ( no error ), so this negative 0x 147ae147ae147b0 value is not supposed
  EX4 to mql4  (9)
Hello  i hope any one help me in this problem  i have expert EX4 i want to decompiler it and get the code mql4  if there any protection tool  to used it with ex4 to add licence code and account number or expairy date 
Hi I'm trying to send a webrequest, but it says "Http request failed" error code: 5203 I searched so much on the internet but i couldn't find something that resloves this. I added the "http://localhost" permission on the setting, but it's not the problem. It doesn't work neither with GET, or POST
HI, I have a few indicators that I set a Global trigger to eg TriggerHit=Sell. What I am trying to do is count the candles after the trigger so that I can reset the Trigger to=Null. I have looked at iBarShift, I also need to have it run the routine only once per candle/tick. nBars= iBarShift (
Window 8 is currently supporting mt4 & mt5 software please what is specification??? I want to run mt4 on the window8
  Renko EA.  (3)
Hello Everyone, I have a Renko EA but it's not working anymore. Could anyone please help me out. I have attached the EA here. Thanks in advance
Hello everyone, I am 'm trying to build a trailing stop with money to close multiple trades And encountered problems: it is blinking and not always closing trades . I would appreciate any help. This is the code
Hello, This part scans some symbols void OnTimer () { if (FirstRun) { FirstRun= false ; Print ( "Changing Symbol" ); if ( Minute()== 00 || Minute()== 30 ){ ChartSetSymbolPeriod ( 0 ,Pair01, PERIOD_H1 );} if ( Minute()== 01 || Minute()== 31 ){ ChartSetSymbolPeriod ( 0
Hi, Firstly I'd just like to preface this by saying i'm new to coding in general so please be gentle if I've made any obvious mistakes (which I'm sure I have). Ok, so I'm trying to create an EA that buys and sells based off the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator. It's a super simple EA, I've left out...
Hi everyone !   I've tested my EA based on Ichimoku technic, it suppose to display an arrow up when Ichimoku indicates a Buy signal and an arrow down when it indicates a sell signal, but i see no arrow on the graph, just the Ichimoku curves (and i didn't asked my EA to show those...) Here is my code...
I used the following EA to display the value of Chikou_span at 10:03:03 on August 12th 2014... double Chinkou_value =iIchimoku(NULL,0,9,26,52, MODE_CHINKOUSPAN, 1);int OnInit()  {//---   //---   return(INIT_SUCCEEDED);  }void OnDeinit(const int reason)  {//---     }int start(){     if (DayOfYear()...
Hello, i want my bitmaps on foreground. Thought, just set a flag and that's it. Unfortunately, it is not. bool CreateBitmap( string name, datetime time= 0 , // anchor point time double price= 0
I did include Parabolic SAR on the chart. Indicator list shows that there is PSAR on the chart. But I can't see it. PSAR properties box doesn't have color change option. How can I see PSAR pattern on the chart? The chart is shown in the attached picture
Hello Forum, i've a question: I think I made some mistake unintentionally ... when I start my MT4 platform, only the charts are displayed and I can no longer see the Status Bar and the Toolbars (I have not created a customization, I am interested in the default ones). Can anyone help me to fix my
TradingView calculates their DMI (equivalent to MT4 ADX) on the bars used, i.e. when you select Heiken Ashi bars for the price display, the Open and Close values for the ADX calculation are the modified HA values. In addition, their DMI takes an extra input, a smoothing period, by which the ADX line
Is it possible to have a global variable of type String? Or must it be a double? If not, are there any options other than writing to disk? -- Patabugen
hi i want to change red color of high to low line in Fibo tool to none-color in mql4 script. how can do it ? thank you
  error alert  (3)
Hello, is it possible to set some pop up alert notification when there happen some error with experts? last night it seems because of update there was error as I see from experts log, good that I noticed and closed trade manually, MT4 platform
hi i want to code an expert so i confused a little when i send an order sell/buy stop when spreads are calculated? when register an expert or when a deals open? thanks
I'm trying to update my Bollinger bands to be more accurate this is what I have right now that's coded and what it looks like it the strategy tester then what I want it to look like in trading view any help is much appreciated! (Close[ 2 ]<PrevLowerBB && Close[ 1 ]>LowerBB )
How do I get to store all the open chart symbols as an array
Hi all, I'm using FX Pro but I see that for #Germany30 the bars on H1 chart are based on half hour open time. 8.30 - 9.30 - 10.30 .... Is there a way to see the bars on H1 chart with the usual open time? Thank you
I am using ChartOpen and then ChartApplyTemplate methods to execute an EA on a new chart from the current EA. Sometimes (about 5% of all cases and it seems completely random) this newly executed EA throws an "cannot refresh history [4073]" error when initializing. Once this happens, the strategy...
How do i control bar opening for mql4 like 1m ohlc modeling of mt5
Hi! I have searched the web and it seems like it is not possible to get instant push notofications to phone from mt4 - on a reliable basis. Sometimes they come instantly, other times they can be like 20-30 minutes delayed. 1) is there any way to fix this delay? 2) is there any alternativ to get a