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dear traders, hello .. i had a problem with my MT4 live account, about order execution.. my MT4 live account platform has rejected to close my open position.. i tried several times to close my open position but it rejected again.. when i could close it, i had some big Loss.. so i need...
buy (Cross(Zig( Stoch(21,6 ) , 50,percent),Mov(Zig( Stoch(21,6),50,percent),3,S)) AND Zig(RSI(C,30), 12,percent)>Mov(Zig( RSI( C,30 ),12,percent),2,S)) OR (Cross( Zig(RSI(C,30), 12,percent),Mov(Zig( RSI( C,30 ), 12,percent),2,S))AND Zig( Stoch(21,6 ) , 50,percent)>Mov(Zig( Stoch(21,6),50...
Hi all, I am looking for someone to help me add a simple trailing stop and stop loss to this EA:
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Hello I cant speak English. Can anyone explain how "pipdiffCurrent" in this indicator is calculated.i realy confused.please help me. thanks my friend.
How do I determine if a trade is currently profitable (while still open)? It seems like I should be using MarketOrder and OrderOpenPrice.
I want to know if EA programmed to trade on 5 mins. chart can use the information generated from 30mins. chart. I mean that a certain condition will be meet on the 30mins. chart before the EA can trade on the 5mins. chart. All in the same EA? so,if possible please describe or better still explain...
Sometimes you have these instances when the chart completely disappears and you see this message in huge letters: "WAITING FOR UPDATE". The problem is every time it happens, when the chart does re-appear, my EA seems to stop working for some unknown reason. There are no error messages or anything....
hi When the command iCustom() has been used, this specific symbol() & TF() get's opened somewhere, someone know where is this chart located & where can i find it thanks
Would it be possible to write some type of indicator that plots constant tick chartsor constant range bars in another window? These are different forms of chartingthat are not time based. For example, a 100 tick bar is formed whenever price moves100 ticks. So on little volume, no bar is formed. A...
almost every broker says they price of demo account is exactly same as the real account, but i have record them, they are not the same,how do they do it, what is the mechanism,this is important for those price sensite EA,may you explain it ?
Hi, I would like to publish live charts on my blog with MT4 demo. I tryed very much but I can't. Pls help me. regards, solanki
hey peeps Noobie question (maybe)! I have an EA that needs optimised properties for each chart it is attached to. Is there an easy/automatic way to load these into the EA properties from files containing the optimised values? (I know there is the load button). Maybe something as simple as MT4...
Hi, well over a year ago I bought a FX trading system $400 + (manual Trading) I believe it has strict filters thus the need to have at least 3, better with 4 time frames per currency pair. in the example the guy shows you a window with 48 mircro windows open (12 currency pairs 4 time frames) with...
Hi, I have a problem here with MACD indicator settings for the android platform. The mid level of MACD for PC version is 0.00 but for the android, the mid level is about 40.00. How to set the mid level of MACD to 0.00 in the android platform same as the PC plaform? Refer to the screenshot in the
I have a simple EA that will close orders based on take profit and stop loss. (TotalProfit<=0-stoploss_dollars || percentProfit<=0-stoploss_percent) How would the math work if you wanted to have an order close out when it's LESS of a loss, for example, if you have -100 and you want it to close...
i want to know if i host my EA on VPS, is it not exposing my EA to the VPS provider? What i want to know, is it possible that my VPS provider will have access to my EA without my consent? please i need an answer to this question !
Hello, everybody. For one of the strategies I am thinking of writing a small EA for MT4, but it will execute trades on Interactive Brokers platform. I cannot trade via MT4 brokers with this particular strategy, hence the question. I have found one utility to bridge between MT4 and IB TWS -Trade...
If I use OrderSelect() inside a function to select a certain order by it's #ticket, does it remain selected outside the function as well? Meaning, can I work with that same order in other functions without having to select it again? Example: int MyFunc1() {   if (OrderSelect(12345,SELECT_BY_TICKET...
New article OpenCL: From Naive Towards More Insightful Programming is published at This article focuses on some optimization capabilities that open up when at least some consideration is given to the underlying hardware on which the OpenCL kernel is executed. The figures obtained are far...
Hello there :) how do I export data from the metatrader4, I know to export with the history center, is there a way to export this data with the respective values of some indicators ?? I need it to make statistical reports... ? thank you
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When you are a good pilot everyone will love you but your fellow pilots. No one can ever satisfy everyone no matter what you create or do you will always have critics in addition to those who appreciate you. Some will hate your stuff for where you come from, some because they have a different view...
Hi to all the expert coders:) I am trying to build a synthetic price line. It is a 1 unit moving average (or the last closing price) + Y (which is: fib1[pos] below). Can someone look at ema2[pos3] and tell me what I am doing wrong. Thank you, V = W = X = Y = (V + W + X); fib1[pos] = Y; fib2[pos] =
Hi All! Does anybody have informaion is it planned to develop a version of MetaTrader for Windows Phone 7 ? Thanks!
1)I need to know the advantages and disadvantages involved in using a robot for auto trading? 2) How much should be the account balance when using EA to be on safe side ? 3) Any views on genuine intellegent Robots :) I still feel personal strategy more reliable for day to day trading. But feel...
Hi, when I insert horizontal line to graph and I want to find its price level (read price level) with using MQL code. I don´t think click mouse on line -> select Properties. It is manually. I want to find price level programatically. Thank you.
Hi, I created a test file in the Meta Editor and was able to open the subsequent .ex4 file in the Meta Editor after it was compiled. But when I tried opening an .ex4 file that was sent to me (to edit some of the parameters ) I cold not open it - came up with gobbledegook. Is this because the file is
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Hi Can someone please help me with enabling Expiry on pending orders? It doesnt show the option to tick expiry at all, thanks in advance
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Hey all
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Hi Trying to get a signal for dema crossing similar to ema crossing, but since iDEMA isn't available like iMA where I can just use "iMA(NULL, 0, 14, 0, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE, Current + 1)", I'm trying to create this myself. I can get the values for dema on the first tick of each new bar, but not...