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Hello! When I insert indicator to chart it does not draw last arrow others are. If I go in metaeditor and compile indicator it draw it. What can be problem? Thanks!
int CountBars=1000;if (CountBars>=Bars) CountBars=Bars;   SetIndexDrawBegin(0,0);SetIndexDrawBegin(0,Bars-CountBars); What is the difference between last 2 lines.? And how can I code that arrow will appear immediately when some conditions is meet? Thanks!
Hi there, could anyone please tell me how i can change the time setting on my account. I live in england which is GMT zone, but the market watch is one hour in front. Many thanks
i wanted to execute a buy but cannot with the code below. my broker need 25 pips from market price, but i already set to 25 and still cannot, why? please help. =OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUY,1,Ask,3,Ask-25*Point,Ask+25*Point,"My order #2",16384,0,Green);
  Non-Linear Time?  (5)
I need to program time intervals in a non-linear fashion. A linear example would be measuring blocks of 10 candles at a time therefore it would look like this: [ 10 ] [ 10 ] [ 10 ] whereby interval 1 to 10 then 11 to 20 then 21 to 30 Whereas I need a non-linear fashion where every single candle is...
I have this array of 31 price values. I want to compare them to a new array FrequencyArray[][1] where I store the count of how frequent a particular price appears in the list of 31 price values and their price value itself. So we will use LineArray[] as the mass list and do a lookup on...
Hi my friends, I need to modify magic number by EA. Ex: I have a order which was open by OrderSend(...) command with magic number is "12345" and now I need change the magic number "12345" of this order into magic number "67890" but I don't know how to do. Please help me. Thanks a lot all my friends...
When is a Doji no longer considered a Doji? We all know that visually a Doji is basically a candle where the open and close are nearly equal and there is a high stem and a low stem. Variations of the Doji such as dragonfly shows no high, but long low, a gravestone has a long high, but no low. BUT...
Hello How can I download the maximum amount of data, I have checked several brokers and the amount of data they allow is very small? How do I have to do it properly so I will have no missing data? Kind Regards
alright fellas.... i would like to code a ZigZag indicator that is based off of the swings of an oscillator. for example i would like to find the highest price reached during a bullish momentum swing ( momentum indicator moving from negative to positive) and then the lowest prices reached during a
Say I've coded a custom indicator or EA with an infinite loop, loaded it onto a chart, and closed MT4. Every time i start MT4 afterwards, it'll load the faulty code and freeze up. Other than recompiling and commenting out the faulty loop, is there any way to start MT4 from a blank slate with no...
  Update Quotes  (2)
I am trying to conduct an Update Quotes function, and the charts show up. However, they all say "Waiting For Update", but it never updates. It does not go any further than Waiting For Updates. Please help.
Hello, im trying to find out a way to use OrdersTotal() forjust one security symbol, while im running the EA for more than one. Can you help me pls? regards, IceRage
I have downloaded a system that targets the eurusd on an h1 chart. It works perfectly but the problem is, is that, the lots are too small to make a large profit. Could anyone please help solve this problem, many thanks //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|...
  script to close at 1 pip  (18   1 2)
hi, i'm newbie on metatrader and at mql4.  can anyone help with a simple scriptto close trade at 1 pip.  i'll open trade manually but would like to automateclose only.  any help much appreciated.
Getright is a cool program but does any one know if mt4 have a download command by default? In other words, is there a command line download command in windows xp. Searching google is not fruitful so far, I'll continue searching in the meantime.
Hi, I just finish a couple of days in hell. I was debugging a piece of code and used prints and alerts everywhere . Then I realised something very "funny": This is what I did and the results are driving me crazy.    double normAsk=NormalizeDouble(Ask,Digits);   string string_normAsk=DoubleToStr(Ask...
Hi, can anyone convert this two very usefull indicators in from MT4 to MT5? This would be really great.-) Please mail to me. Thanks! Best regards
  date bartime=0  (4)
Hi, I'm trying to creat a new ea but I would like to have an advice. in the input parameters (just before the expert initialization function) I want to put : date bartime=0 Does someone could confirm me that this line of code means that when the program is starting, it starts at the...
Are there any brokers that allow spread betting with MT4 or is it just spot forex? Is MetaTrader going to be expanded for use with spread bet accounts as in the UK?
  Download Book  (3)
To download "Book as one file" do not work. Please fix it.
I wonder if any of you could give me a push in the right direction? I want to build an indicator that acts a little like the built in cyclelines tool. However, rather than using the fixed increment of this tool, I want to be able to set the increments. So, at this stage, it seems that my only option...
i use a scalping ea is it good to hide SL,TP ?? as the brokerage/bank you invest don't want to pay the spread to hedge the position, and they will lost when you take profit (they haven't hedge the position), even with ecn brokerage, they pass the orders to banker, banker also have to consider...
hi, is it possible to produce fixed format text output in MQL4? something like sprintf()? i know that DoubleToStr() can be used to specify the number of places after the decimal comma, but if you are wanting to format data into a table something like this: 1.253 103.25 92.103 92.91 105.293 1...
Hi I have just bought this 5ema system from e-bay, I know where the templates 15 & 60 mins go, but unsure where the other are to be placed. ex4 and mq4 are these expert folder or indicator folder. Very little in the way of install instructions Thank You Kind Regards Gary
  Best indicator combo?  (17   1 2)
I'm curious on your take of what you would consider the best indicator combo (especially those that can be used _OnArray). I've already read somewhere that you should use indicators that measure different things, like trend persistence, momentum, volatility, etc in combination, but not to use...
Hello, I am currently learning mql4. 1) Does any one know a good tutorial ? 2) Is it possible in an EA to draw a line on the chart, for instance indicating the position of a moving stoploss ? I've discovered how to print such a line on an indicator, but it appears it doesn't work in EA
Hi, Does anybody have Maxspread [(Maximum spread function - manually placedmaximum spread before EA starting orders), i like broker named exness,but exness don,t have fixed spreads and EA starts orders sometimes ifspread is too high] script/algorithm and knows where to put it into EAscript....
Is here any command to open a position after each tick ? thx V
I hope I'm not offending anyone's search before posting sensibilities, as it seems to be a provacative subject here. Proceeding in the hope that this is more than just an archived site, please note that I've searched and I've posted to a relevant thread, and I've learned a bit about this subject....