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Hello, I am still learning MQl4. Would someone please explain what the purpose of the moving average shift used in the iMA indicator is? What does it mean to shift the moving average and what is its application? Thanks.
Hello All, I'm using this supertrend indicator - all super credit to Mladen for putting this together, especially as it is non-repaint. I wonder if someone could kindly add push notification and email alert so I am alerted when the trend changes. I would really appreciate it Many thanks
Hello, I am new to Meta trader 4 programing . I have this moving average indicator that display Blue (buy) and Red(sell) when certain conditions are met. At the moment it works on just the current chart time frame. I have been difficulty trying to make it scan multiple currency pairs accross
Hi all, Is there a way to run your EA and let it change the indicator values and run again? Basically letting it loop and running the chart against different indicator values? I'm changing the values manually now, but I'm looking for a way to automate this. Just need a push into the right direction
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Let's say my mini account has margin of $10,000, and I want to risk 2% on the next trade (that is, simply use $200 to buy <some amount> of contracts). [I realize this is a limited view of "risk". I'm not interested in stopLoss pips, or profit targets, or whatever.] Using MetaTrader, I get the...
Hello, I'm writing values inside a file,line by line, like : OrderTicket1=value1 OrderTicket2=value2 OrderTicket3=value3 ..etc, with : ResetLastError (); string InpDirectoryName = "Telegram - MT4" ; string InpFileName = "values.ini" ; int file_handle= FileOpen
i have a angle checking mql4 source but it have array out of range error. i can't figure out what is problem. i can guess problem is come from loop but can't fix error. i did several modification like i+1 or so where possibly can fix error but no lucky. i guessing error come around here MALast=
Hello All, I am asking for MT4, currently working on SMA strategy. I have coded these codes, now I want that EA should execute buy/sell on each crossover of SMA. But I can't understand how to that, can any one help so that EA take buy/sell position on every single cross over. input int SlowMA = 40 ;
For each currency pair I use a separate EA. To verify if an position should be opened, I test if there is no open order "if (OrdersTotal<1)" but this will block all other currency pairs to open positions and I miss opportunities. In other words: I want to open only one position per currency pair =...
I'm trying to test my EA with a MA line. If it crosses to the upside it's a buy and if it crosses to the downside it's a sell. I'm testing if this works before going on by letting it comment buy or sell. It's not working so far. extern int Price = 0 ; //Apply to
Hi all, I'm looking for an indicator (Metatrader4) about Fibonacci Time Zone that allows to modify colors about every single line (like the image I posted below). I tried an indicator that works well for me, but there is no possibility to modify colors of every line. Please let me know. if exists
how can I programmatically open an offline chart
I recently noticed this error but only on a four hour chart which happens to be my anchor chart for analysis. Thanks and profitable trading to all
I have subscribed the MT4 signal. They are opening the position with 0.22 but I can see only 0.02 in my actual account and I have checked with Trading provider and they said there is no limitaion from their. Can you please advise, is there any limitation from Provider
Hello guys, I am new here and have just recently started learning how to code mql4 few days ago. I am trying to write a code so that the EA will automatically close half of my position and modify my order so that it will create a new TP and SL. However, whenever I run the code, it seems like it
Hello, I want to display a H4 time frame SMA, in a H1 time frame graph. Is this possible and how? Thanks, Pierre8r
Hi all! Has anyone else experienced loss of candlestick data in MT4? Particularly in the 4 hr timeframe? Thanks
I used below code for equity AccountEquity() now I want to now what is yesterday AccountEquity How I can do it? Best regadrds Neda
Hello everyone, I cannot get email notifications in MT4 to work, even though it appears to be very straightforward. The journal tells me Mail: 'Test message' failed I use the newest version of MT4, v 4.00 build 1265. In MT5 it works perfectly with the same settings (see attachment). I followed the
  MT4 Linux mint  (3)
I have recently installed Linux mint on my laptop,does MT4 run on this operating system
Before developing Neural Network systems for Metatrader we experimented with Volume Spread Analysis(VSA). What we've done with this trade assistant is taken the VSA trade setups that signal the largest movements in the market, simplified them for the non-VSA expert, and modified the VSA concepts...
hi guys i try to run a example in EA #property strict #import "user32.dll" #import int MessageBoxA( int hWnd, string szText, string szCaption, int nType); // Global Variables //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|
Hello, I have a question relate to Strategy tester, please help me. Here is my use case, I have a input csv file include orders in history at specific times (the history is from 05/05/2020 to 23/06/2020). I wrote a EA to read the csv file and send order in strategy tester mode, and it worked, but
Hello MQL Community :-), I'm pretty new to MQL and just started diving into this whole stuff, actually im exercising a bit by implementing a custom Indicator based on the RSI. For the beginning a very simple improvement will be coded, let the user select multiple timeframes, calculate an average
Hi. So I've started to test and see if I can use a bought Indicator as a trigger for my EA. I can get the EA to work with all the Indicators buffers if i just dont count for all the inputs in the code. double PFTP_BuySignal = iCustom ( Symbol (), PERIOD_CURRENT , "Market/Payed/PipFinite Trend PRO"
Hi all, I am having difficulties with my code. I would like it to open one order per currency pair but currently it only opens one order for the whole platform, can anyone guide me as to how i could adjust my code to open one trade per currency pair. this is what i have currently got going, if
  candle width set  (2)
Who can help? In chartsetinteger, which function is used to change the width of the candle? thank you
Is there a way to cast or convert from a string to an ENUM. This is a simplification of the problem: enum ENUM_OPS {   BUY = 1, SELL = 2};string sVal = "BUY";ENUM_OPS eVal;//eVal = (ENUM_OPS)sVal; //Doesnt works//eVal = EnumToString(sVal); //Doesnt works Which is the proper way to assign sVal to...
hi guys i try to read in MT4 a Memory mapped file , i look this example i have created a C# memory mapped file this is a code using System; using System.IO; using System.IO.MemoryMappedFiles; using System.Threading; class Program { // Process B: static
I cannot understand why the program skips the lines after a successful previous line and ignores the instructions on those lines. If you look at the code below you will see that there is a Sell transaction that is carried out successfully in the Strategy Tester, but the Sell transaction is never...