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1- jMasterRSXv1C [attached] with DC-Set [attached] Pair: EURUSD Time Frame: M15 Results: APR10: 504 pips MAR10: 517 pips FEB10: 242 pips JAN10: 482 pips DEC09: 539 pips Let's hear it from you
Hey, Does anybody know an indicator, which shows the percent of change of the price? Thanks
I' m not a programmer.I want to calculate the trend with this methot, but ı cant, please help me. /+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| altoplam.mq4 | //| Copyright © 2010,AYCEM...
Hello, i want to write a simple code that prints out the value of a counter variable that starts at zero and then counts upwards by 1 each time a tick comes through. My code does not work for some reason and i am stuck. here is the code i'm using: int start() { int Counter; if (...
Upon the completion of a trade, I want to export the particulars of the trade to a CSV but I am having problems with orderstoploss(). During the trade, the stop loss is trailed. Ideally, I want to know what the stop was set at originally when the trade was entered. OrderStopLoss() is giving me the...
Can anyone please help me find the bug in this script. It works in the EA, but wouldn't work start() {//Input constants   double Lots = 0.05;       //Lot size   int SLN = 250;             //Normal Stop Loss   int SLR = 250;             //Reverse Stop Loss   int TPN =...
Hello, I'm having some difficulty writing a script that will calculate the average pip movement over a period of 20 days for every currency pair, and then exporting those values to a .csv file. Here is the code: int R20=0;   int i=0;   int n = 0;   int handle;   string currencies[100];   string...
Print statments or 'Alerts' for Debuging?
i want to know metatrader serive provider that they provide zinc, nickel,lead, aluminim trading in mt4 platfrome ?
i was tried out the metatrader indicator in to the equis metastock but unable to this eroor did any one know how to use metatrader(mt4) indicator into the metastock ( equis metastock, advance jet ) or any other conveter decompiler or any info that help me
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Is there a shorter way to do this? int a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h;MathMax(MathMax(MathMax(a,b),MathMax(c,d)),MathMax(MathMax(e,f),MathMax(g,h))); -Steve
In the MQL4 Book an EA example is given on page 249 named 'TradingExpert.mq4'. I have been able to understand it pretty well except for the highlighted section in the picture. What does it mean?
I have a EA. it has only a single task is buy. How to stop or limit it when OrdersTotal<=10 ?. Thanks a lots.
the other day i saw a friend with this view. I would like to know, How can i insert this indicator?? (specially the doble band). The person told me, its a EA that works with i-trend or something like that. thanks
Hello guys, i was wondering if it's possible to get the value of iMACD(NULL,5,12,26,9,PRICE_CLOSE,MODE_MAIN,0) from a 15mins chart? any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.
Hi all, i want you to look at this Ea (attached). I downloaded it from a free site,and it has a bright prospect, but i need help to modify it with Order closing functions, so as to increase its profitability. I would like it to close an opened Buy order, if MacdM<MacdS, and it should close an opened...
Hi, Is it possible to return multiple values from one function? If so, how?
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How can i get accurate splippage for my EA? The problem it has is that it places one order sometimes and it two sometimes and i want it to be placing buy and sell at the same time so i think the problem is the splippage. But if am wrong let me know and if there is a way i can be generating splippage...
I am getting order close error 4051 invalid ticket for order close function. Below is the code that I am using --- can anyone please provide a solution? Thx #include <stdlib.mqh> // External Variables extern double LotSize = 0.01; extern double StopLoss = 500; extern double TakeProfit = 1000; extern...
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how do i write in code : if (order is closed) {open this order} else {open this order} else {this 3rd order}? without numbering the orders, i just need it to be simple so that if a certain pending order has been placed it doesnt get placed again until it reaches a tp or a sl. thanks
Hi, I am writing a new EA which restricts trading to spans of currency-price which I refer to as "frames." These frames have upper limits, lower limits, a datatime value of when the frame was opened, and a datetime value of when the frame was closed (0 if it is still open). ex:...
Hello, I have tried to create an indicator that sends an e-mail when last complete bar has closed over or aunder the 48 moving average. Although it works, I receive mails at every tick. How do we design the code so that you get an e-mail only on the first tick of the new bar that has satisfied the...
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                           testprint_function.mq4 |//|                       Copyright ?2010, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |//|                              
Hello, I would be grateful if someone could add the iCustom() function to this EA so I no longer get the 'SetIndexBuffer function must be called from custom indicator only.' error message when running on strategy tester. the indicator is called Launcher Insight Indicator #property...
HI, I want to use mt4 data feeds from different brokers, for example fxcm data feed and forex4u data feed, just to develop arbitrate ea, Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.
I've got a little snippet of code that works fine on my home PC at multiple brokers but fails on my VPS. External variables are defined as follows: extern int GMT_StartHH = 11; // GMT Hour to start trading extern int GMT_StartMM = 00; // GMT Minute to start trading extern int GMT_EndHH =...
Simple question: How to make Tab character (\t or \x09) work in a ObjectSetText(), such as in ObjectSetText (oName,"Message 1" + "\t" + "Message 2",12,"Arial Narrow Bold",Red); it doesn't tab, when displayed on the screen.
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hi, im using the following command to place an order at a preset price: OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_SELL,Lots,91.000,1,Ask+StopLoss*Point,Ask-TakeProfit*Point,"sell",0,0,CLR_NONE); RefreshRates(); or...
I have a very simple formula that is returning strange results. double var1 = 1.27943; double var2 = .0054 double var3 = var1 -(.5*var2); The result is that var3 is set to -2.05777. I don't understand how that number is being calculated. Am I missing something?
I have one EA that places two orders at the same time ( buy and sell ) but some it will place only one order but i dont know what is causing it. Please kindly help me for the cause.