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Hi I'm learn programming I write a program but it have problem. it can not close all open positions at a point Please see Please solve my problem  thanks
Hi all, I'm trying to calculate how much I would lose in my deposit currency (GBP) if my stop gets hit. MT4 (using FXCM) does this automatically when you drag a stoploss, I want to replicate this in code. I try to use MarketInfo(Symbol(),MODE_TICKVALUE) , which is the ' Tick value in the deposit
Hi,    Thanks guys! Maybe my post has passed several days, so that no edit/delete option.    What if I discovered something is not proper and it has passed several days? Could I have an option to delete it or edit it?    Cheers
Hello I want hidden some parameters in my EA , please help . What should I add code ? Thanks
Does anyone know where I can find a Linear Weighted Moving Average? Thanks
Hi, this is a heiken ashi alert indicator, which alerts after the candle has changed color, can anyone please make it to alert on current bar when color changes. Thanks in advance.
does any one can help me to do  i have two array , array A & array B  if i want to save array A data to csv then read from csv and to write to array B how can i code it,thank you! that is my code blow  thank you!  "writefile"handle=FileOpen(filename,FILE_CSV|FILE_READ|FILE_WRITE);...
Good afternoon, I am trying to read from the broker the commission per lot using MarketInfo(), but I simply don't find the way :-( Kindly note I don't want to read the commission for a trade, once taken, I want to know the commission per lot inside the Ea, before trading. Thanks in advance! - A
Hello, I want to create own GUI panel (with butttons etc.) for my indicator. There is an example in MT4 called SimplePanel/SimpleDialog.mqh which has the method "CreateEdit": bool CPanelDialog::CreateEdit(void){ //--- coordinates   int x1=INDENT_LEFT;   int y1=INDENT_TOP;   int...
For new version build 777, if a ex4 name is not english letters ( or the MT4 directory has another Unicode ), the ex4 can't be Attach to a chart!! For example:   If we rename ATR.ex4 to ATR - 副本.ex4   or   ATR - αβγ.ex4, it  can't  be Attach to a chart!!
Hi,   I am looking for a MQL4 pivot points indicator. Preferably with source code.   Thanks, 
I have a little code snippet that determines two prices at different times and then I want to calculate the difference between the prices. Why do I get a result of "0.0" when there should be a definite result with some real figures as can be seen from the two different prices? (All the variables are...
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anyone else having trouble logging into the website Never had a problem before. Everything else is working.  Thanks! Andre 
I have a Pivot Point Indicator, which has parameters , input string comment2 = "Typical=0, Weighted=1" ; // Just a help string for second input. input int Model = 0 ; // Will be 0 or 1 only. Can this thing be changed into a drop down (or combo??) box? where users have to select from "Typical" or
I want to put the following trade: Short: US Oil (WTI) Long: UK Oil (Brent)   If one position loses, I think the other will gain. As such, if I have individual stop losses, I could be in a position where the net loss to my portfolio is zero but there's a substantial loss on one leg of my trade. If I...
Dear all, How to modify the code to show only the bottoms of the zigzag ? The following code below can successfully extract the tops extracted by zigzag indicator.tops[] has been specified as the index buffer in the init() function....But is it possible to only show the bottoms of lower turn point...
We are in m1 timeframe, in the current bar meaning index=0. How can we get the index of the first bar avaiable of the data? Thank you.
Hello Im programming an EA that analizes the 300 bars prior to the current bar. So If I try to backtest in the begginning of my data I get the "array out of range" because the bars. How I should handle this one? I mean I want the code to analize if there is enough bars to run the EA in the backtest...
  iHigh & iLow  (1)
Do these 'i' functions disregard spreads or include them?
I have a strange thing happening which I cannot figure out. If I run the following code for (i=1; i<=bars; i++) {   closePrice = iClose(NULL,timeFrame,i);   openPrice = iOpen(NULL,timeFrame,i);   if (closePrice > openPrice)   change = change + (closePrice - openPrice);   else   change =...
struct market{      double minqty, stepqty, pl, bid, ask;   int spread, minsl;   string ticker;      market(){      minqty = SymbolInfoDouble(ticker,SYMBOL_VOLUME_MIN);      stepqty = SymbolInfoDouble(ticker,SYMBOL_VOLUME_STEP);       pl = AccountInfoDouble(ACCOUNT_PROFIT);       ticker =...
Hi, I am trying to setup the notification function for my MT4.  However, i can't seem to be able to find my Metaquote ID on the iPad version. Appreciate any help i can get.   Many Thanks.
I m running MT4 on Windows 7 and all of none of the pre-installed indicators are working. They all have the gray diamond on their icon. The HELP section of MT4 said this about the gray diamond on the icon.... "If the diamond in the lower right corner of a program icon is gray (for example, ), it...
  Double to DateTime  (10)
...Set_D1_Bar = GlobalVariableSet("D1_Bar",iTime(NULL,1440,1));D1_Bar     = GlobalVariableGet("D1_Bar");D1_Bias    = "Bearish";Comment("D1 Bias is: "+D1_Bias+" since: "+DoubleToStr(D1_Bar,TIME_DATE|TIME_MINUTES),        "\nH4 Bias is: "+H4_Bias,        "\nH1 Bias is: ",H1_Bias);... How is it I can...
Hello forum, good day. What is the best way to check for the average of %K and %D of the Stochastic indicator? I need to evaluate if (%K + %D) / 2 >= n. Would it be using iStochastic() with iMAOnArray()? Best regards and thank you in advance, codeMolecules 
Hello there. Im using some moving averages values for the TP of my EA. Unfortunatly always at the end of the backtesting the MA that Im using shows (its drawn at the end of it) Is there anyway to make that NOT happen. Thank you.
Hi and, first of all, thank you for listening me. Sorry about my mistakes, my English isn't very well. I am using Act Forex platform. It has a strategy system like MT4 EA's. I have a act forex strategy which works great on Gold, and Silver M30 candlesticks. It is really profitable. But now,...