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I want to open a pending order with the price= Ask + 20 pips. I use: OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUYLIMIT,LOTS,Ask+0.0020,0,0,0,0,0,0, DarkOrange ); But I get a GetLastError() = 130, which is an Invalid stops error. What is the problem? Thank
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? is it problem with my code or the server banned my EA because of sening signal too frequently?
can someone give me example of code that create some window where i can put some values and later a can use that imput in my expert advisor. thanks
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Can anyone point me why my EA generates an error 130 which is invalid stop loss for this particular trade (and every other shorts i'm trying to OrderSend) Here is the screenshot of my trade: Here is code for EA:...
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If I have a full date time string and I want to add two hours to that to come up with a new date time string, is it possible to do simple arithmatic, or must I parse , convert, add, reconvert? An example would be helpful. Thanks
Attention! Starting from the 29th of February 2008, client terminal builds under 207 will not be supported anymore. This limitation is intended for acceleration of traders' upgradingto the latest versions of the terminal in order to decrease serverloading and, correspondingly, to produce fewer...
I recently downlaoded the Fractal ZigZag EA and wanted to see why it is doing sowell. After playing around with it and at the end removing everything in the EAexpect the buy command it made that amount of money. I used the following settings: GPBUSD daily Open prices only TakeProfit = 25;...
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Hi, I would like to make an EA to handle opened positions in a specific pair. I can have many opened orders in both directions, each with different lot size and opened at different levels. I would like to calculate which is the breakeven level resulting of the current situation. Anybody who can help...
hi, take as instance the fibonacci object. how it does fix its fibonacci level in the far right of the windows? those levels (23.6,38.2, 50, 61.8) act as labels, but I don't think they are labels. how can I get the time value for that exact coordinate at the far right window for those fibonacci...
 i have read that ticksin mysql and i know that , insert record to mysql iseasy , could anyone please give a example to show how to query records from a database,use "select ..." .  thank you .
can any one make coppck in mql4 if i give him how it is in metastock?
Hi All, I hope someone can help me here. Why when I am about to reset my trade, in another words delete the remainder of the currency below the gray ban, comes up with TRADE IS DISABLE? Many thanks for future help Victor
Hai, Im frm Malaysia, sorry about my English but i have some question about EXPERT ADVISOR, so my question is :- 1) The EA does not running when the Computer close, why? p/s : sorry about my english.
is there any body who can help me make a linear regression idicator in mql4?
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I want to populate an array of strings with the names of the all the currencies/indexes/cfd/metalswhich are available at a dealer. Anyone know how to get this in code?
Hi I'm looking to turn a very useful Indicator into a custom one...but I'm not a coder. Is anyone keen to give it a go
Hi, all I have a looping structure, and want to make efficient looping, if I amnow wrong, in the programming langguage there is a macro variable that we can usedirectly the content of the memory as a object name, so I give the original codelook like this : MaxCount =7; for (int i=0; i<MaxCount; i++)...
hello, is there a way to set Max Bars in Chart through MT4 programing?thanks,,,
Hello.. I'm using this formula to calculate expiration time of my buy_limit order expire=Time[0]+(Period()*60)-5; so the buy limit order will expired at approximately 5 seconds before the candleended. It's working fine with 15 minutes timeframe and above, but when I test it on backtester,I...
Hi Does anyone has experience or workable source code that creating INI file handlerfrom VC, C# or VB, then combined it as a DLL with stdcall rountine, I would liketo import such kind of DLL in MQL4 platform. The File function in MQL4 is not thatpowerful. Thanks Beginner
Hi, I would like to create an EA that can scalp 4hour candlesticks. It should work this way. Buy = price is greater than 15pips from open Buy stoploss = candle open price + spread Sell = price is lower than 15pip from open Sell stoploss = candle open price + spread Trailing 15-20-30-50pips, No...
Since available symbols differ from broker to broker, I wonder if there is a wayto enumerating the available symbols (ex: "EURUSD", "GPBJPY",etc) for use in a script.
Does anyone know of a source for parameters for the various candlestick patterns? I would like to program indicators, but the text books that I have show great pictures but are not very helpful in determining exact specifications. With all the knowledge here I figure someone knows of some source out
Hi all I have a problem :how to pass the parameter to user difine function : example : CreateObject("Test1",Green); CreateObject("Test2",C'236,130,0') CreateObject("Test3",32768 ) void CreateObject(string Name1,int DefineColor) { ObjectCreate(Name1,OBJ_LABLEL,WindowFind("Indicato r1"),0,0);...
I would like to create an EA that will open a sell position every time RSI crosses from over 70 to under 70, and opens a buy position every time it crosses from below 30 to above 30. In addition would need to place Take profit and stop loss. Any Ideas?
I am new here so Hi Everybody !!! I thought MQL4 would be easy form my but not . First indicator and an incomprehensibleissue for my. I want to create an indicator which will show "1" if today close priceis greate then yesterday close and and vice versa "-1" if today closeprice is smaller then...
Hi can one have more than one retrun statement in a routine? the return statmets arenested in conditional "different scope" blocks. thanks
ObjectSetText("text_object","Hello",10,"Arial",Red); Using ObjectGet, I can retrieve the ObjectSetText string name: "text_object" How can I retrieve or return the words or value for the string text "Hello"? Thanks