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indicator 6 in 1.
I have this idea where I want the EA to call a url to get a string to parse for operation of the EA... is there a way to do this in MQL? Thanks C
I want to bring up a dialog when there is a key press with EA is running. Is it possible to do that? Any help will appreciate.
hi, i have little problem with ea. I want buy first transaktion for example 0.1 lot for long: if(Open[1]<ma && Close[1]>ma) Now if profit in this transaktion will be for example +20 pips and (Open[1]<ma && Close[1]>ma) i want buy next 0.1 lot. I have been trying this since 2 days and already i don`t...
I'm having problems with my back testing to debug this code. I want my EA to stop trading Thursday night a couple hours before Friday starts and not trade on Fridays. In visual mode I can see it is not working. It will some time quit at 22:00 Thursday and resume at 23:00 and then continue to trade...
Deutschen support und Hilfe bei der Programmierung findet man unter auch ein Benutzerhandbuch findet man auf dieser Seite für den MetaTrader alles auf Deutsch. MetaTrader Auotmatisierter Handel
I am looking to purchase software that screens for candlestick pattern setups in all timeframes. Any suggestions?
Hello. I'm in trouble to understand what exactly the function/operator POINT exactly do, specially when it comes with MACD EA and/or Ticked-Modify programming instruction/function POINT. Thanks
hi experts, is it possible to use the Send Order Dialog (right click on chart/trading), to place an order so that this order is written to logfile but not send to broker ? is there an alternative where i can grap orders initiate by send order dialog (script, ea, etc. ) ? thank you in advance
Non-dealingdesk brokers like IBFX are less fussy about this but even they have a limit. Would an average of 1 order pr. minute be too much? Some input on this would be great as I have a strategy that looks very good, but it produces about 1 order of some kind every minute.
hello experts, it is possible to create/define custom dialogs that can be raised within a script ? (found nothing about in the Book section) thank you
Hello I prepared a software in C# for reading and writing files which are used to communicate with my expert advisor. This is a sampple code part: f = new FileStream ( "ExpertSave.txt", FileMode .Open, FileAccess .Read, FileShare .None); if (f.CanRead) { StreamReader S = new StreamReader (f); int...
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hi fellas, first of all im NO programmer, but in need of some assistance. I purshased the autopilot yesterday, downloaded and open account, no problem. BUT get this in "expert jornal"2008.03.27 10:08:24 ForexAutoPilot EURUSD,M1: expert stopped 2008.03.27 10:08:24...
gbpusd -> tf = m15 eurusd,usdjpy,gbpjpy -> tf = h1
Created my own custom indicator - functionX.mqh and it works fine on EA but when I tried to graph it using indicator buffers, there is no graphs. Are there any limitations to how complex functionX can be because when functionX is written as double functionX(int i) { return(High[i]); } it works....
Hello I know that trailing stops are executed on client machine. I wanted to know, on every change of trailing stop, if OrderStopLoss() changes or not. And if on every thick, it changes or have an interval of for example change every 5 pips. I need it because I'm copying StopLoss levels to a third...
Hi. I am looking to create a very simple alert that sounds when the Meta Volume candle closes below a certain level. Looking for an alert that will sound when the volume candle closes below 4 on one minute chart and below 50 on a 5 minute chart. Can anyone point me in the right direction on...
I am really interested in Fap Turbo as an EA, but not until I know that it is safe to run on my system. Has anyone out there seen the source?
Hello every body! I want the indicator which shows on chart the currentbar(CandleStick)`s info, such as Open price, High, Low, Close prices.Remember not previous, just current bar`s information. thank you! Joldas.
I am using the same EA on several different charts. I am also using trade context monitoring via Global variables and RefreshRates() to update predefined variables. However I am still getting Error #129 returned occassionaly. Can anyone tell me why the following piece of code does not always give...
On the website of the Automated Trading Championship 2008,an article Pre-Testing Results of the Top Ten Expert Advisors has been published. We decided to make a short excursion back into the past: into the time of preparations for the Championship. We observed in the Forum how the developers that...
Can't see anything relevant when doing a search, but in case anyone knows the answer to this question: Any quick way of zooming in on the "zero divide" line of code, apart from putting a whole bunch of Print statements?
One EA is the server and other EAs are client. I want the server EA send signals to clients EAs. I was thinking of setting up a web server to reside the signal data's file. But can anyone help me a way to let the two EAs communicate directly without using web server? Thanks.
Hi the EMA_CROSS.mq4 working some times but later it doesnt, I Tried many more but no Thnx!
I would like to test my programmed in MQL Expert Advisors, indicators or scripts (despite of the Strategy Tester) before I add it to the real chart. For example if you whenever write the program for the computer you have to compile it before using. If you get an error or some errors during...
Hello, my dears, I have no problems with copying of .ex4 files to MetaTrader 4 in Windows XP Pro. I also know, that the .ex4 files must go in the folder experts\indicators. But how does this go??? Please, writes down to me all steps certainly. Okay? Thank-you to all. Kindly regards Kathrin
For example, I am using a custom indicator that returns something like 1.37895645 which is 8 decimal places, but all I want are the first 4. Is there a way to truncate the rest off? Thanks in advance.
I am new and How can I get the trade severs at the terminal of MetaTrader? The More trade servers, the better. So I can judge which one is better in trading with the terminal. Can any one with kindness help me?
hELLO, when i save a profile, the files chr and the repertory are not created ? can you help me ? RAGE
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I know if it is possible to hide or disable the inputs tab in a EA? THK.