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Need to code a simple MACD Cross over and U turn of MACD.......however EA is not picking the right spots for closing the trades. Sell trade opens, when MACD cross below Signal line while MACD is above zero line Close must happen when MACD Cross zero line from below, or when MACD turns down signal
Hello, I want to announce the BUG on the MetaQuotes website here: The download link for MetaTrader4 is wrong, it downloads the setup file that installs MetaTrader5
I have a custom chart software made for my iMac using API trading. Now i am wondering if it is possible to use a custom MT4 indicator. I fully understand that my software need some kind of core library to even understand .ex4/.mq4 files. But to go any further, is it even possible
After registering or deleting the EA or indicator, the name may not be displayed in the navigator even if MT4 is restarted. When I open the file and check it, it is maintained normally. Also, even if the name is not displayed, it is displayed normally on the previously registered chart. It just
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Hi, I copy a signal called "<Deleted>" on mql5. I'm running my mT4 on a vps dedicated to this task. I have a mt4's second instance running also. Sometimes, my instance doesn't take into account new trades although it is correct on the second instance. Do you encounter such this issue previously ? An
How Lock System Works in MQL4 EXPERT ADVISER with Account Number? i have personel robot and i want it to work in just 1 account how please do that
hey everybody! i would like to calc the angle of Moving Average 10. i tried this: double MAShift1 = iMA(NULL, 0, MA, 0, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE, 3); double MAShift3 = iMA(NULL, 0, MA, 0, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE, 7); double test = (SignalPeriod-0.0)/WindowBarsPerChart(); int angle =
Is technical support for the MT4 trading platform available if I have a problem with it? If so, where? If not, what is the alternative
Hi, I found this nice Ea, it enters a trade at the first psar signal. Then it exits at the reverse signal on a second psar. The only problem is that it enters multiple trades on a single candle if the 2 psars are to close. I tried figuring out how to make it only take one trade per candle or give...
I have been back testing various EA's that I develop for a long time now. From time to time I see sudden changes in the historical data I get from my MT4 platform. I am, using Metatrader 4 with FBS as my broker. Is there a better way ot place to test my EA's that I create
Good evening I had a little problem recently with the function floor(); I had a value wich I increased with 0.1 everytime I pressed a button. I also used floor() so if the value was like 0.38 it increases just to 0.4 and not to 0.48 the next time I press the button. But I just couldnt get pass the
I got Metaeditor build 2375 in my MT4 install under Linux. When creating a MQH file Metaeditor uses MQL5 but I want to use MQL4. How can I force Metaeditor to using MQL4 in an MQH file
Hi everyone, i want to change the default settings for price alert from sound to notification! When i add new alerts over the chart than the expire date is activated. I want this also off as a default. Thanks@all!
struct aaa { ulong _u0; ulong _u1; aaa operator =( const aaa &_a ) { _u0 = _a._u0; _u1 = _a._u1; return _a; } aaa() { _u0 = _u1 = 0 ; } };
Hi guys,so i have this code which goes and makes the following thing. It start with opening 2 orders,one for buy and one for sell. I want,after opening these 2 orders,after a set amount of pips to open another order. I thought that would work with making the difference in the vask and vbid
Awesome & BBands @ main chart with another higher TF
How to code for the first MACD (Green) crossover only (if MACD second time crossover then it is consider as not valid signal)
I have created my EA, done many hours of back testing and fine tuning. I want to upload my EA on the market to sell, however I get the error message: "EX4 file must be compiled using #property strict directive" I used an online EAbuilder to write my EA and compiled using Meta editor for meta trader
I spend a lot of time marking up my charts. Occasionally my computer will crash or mt4 will close unexpectedly and the next time i load mt4 either all my chart markings are gone (back to initial settings) or a previous saved copy of my work will be there (from the last time mt4 was closed normally)....
Hi, I am using a broker who organises the copy trade system under their platform. I don't need a VPS, they do it. But I can monitor the performance on my own MT4 app using the account provided by them. Here is the issue: I have a friend who joined this about 3 months ago and his execution is
Hi, Is there a function available for checking if the market for the current symbol is open? In detail, I am running a timer in my expert advisor. And if the market is closed I want to do certain actions: void OnTimer () { if (!IsMarketOpen( Symbol ()) { // do
Think i've hit a brick wall I'm just trying to draw a trend line between 1200 & 1700 showing the previous high and low for those two times but get a screen that looks like lasers have gone wild after 1200 Can anyone help simply the code to just draw on line not a million int start() { Starter =...
I have a union definition like this, but the values seems not working correctly: union UDouble{ double _double; uchar _uchar[ 8 ]; ushort _ushort[ 4 ]; short _short[ 4 ]; uint _uint[ 2 ]; int _int[ 2 ]; long _long; ulong _ulong;}; When I try to set
Hi Folks, I use the Surfshark VPN and I'm trying to get MT4 to send emails to my Gmail account, but Surfshark seems to interfere and stops MT4 from connecting (error message is: Mail: login to failed). I have added the MT4 app to the "whitelist" in Surfshark and it has made no
Hi guys, This is my first time building an EA for myself. I hope someone can help me. I have written code so that the EA places a pending sell and buy order every 4H candle. I believe I have done everything right and would wish if someone can help me find the problems in my code. I am on 33 Errors
so,2038 is the end of the world instead of 2012! Forgive me with google translation!
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I am getting news in non-english language. How do I change the language for news on MT4 android app
I am used to Tradingview where dragging the mouse moves the chart horizontally, and the mouse wheel scrolls in/out. I am considering using MT4 for strategy automation but I can't get over this little hiccup. To make matters worse, the mousewheel is even inverted. Why is there no option in the
Does anyone know if based on a trading statement, you can upload to the platform to see the open trades on the chart. The statement is not from a personal account
Hi people, how are you? I am trying to code an EA for MQL4 that closes an order if it is below or above the entry in some candle number, but when using OrderClose it generates more order?! Weird, orderclose sending more orders