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Hello All, I have been working on this EA that is to send alerts when at certain time of the day. It works on tester and will keep up with the days of rise and fall and send alerts based of what price had done previously. basically when I run this EA on multiple pairs it doesn't keep up with the
hi guys my name is yamkela poni and I have tried to install metatrader 4 but it wont allow me to and I have even tried to install the platform from other brokers can you guys please help me
There seems to be a minor bug in iRSIOnArray for that I couldn't find a reason why it would not work. See this code: double buffer[3] = { 100, 101, 102 }; int period=2; int shift=0; Print(iRSIOnArray(buffer,0,period,shift)); // --> 0.0 (expected: 100.0) iRSIOnArray does not return 100.0 when
I am trying to get this when the swap is a negative number it will show up as red in ( ) How can I do that with the follow code ObjectCreate("spread/swap monitor3", OBJ_LABEL, ("spread/swap monitor ("+Symbol()+")"), 0, 0); ObjectSetText("spread/swap monitor3","Buy Swap :", 12, "Arial Black"
I get memory leaks warnings at Mt4 "Experts" tab when I changed timeframe. I'm using mql4. To reproduce this issue just create simple indicator and paste this code. class CObject{public: CObject() {} CObject(const CObject& obj) { }};CObject make_wrapper(const CObject& obj){ CObject objtmp(obj);
I have written this small function which helps any programs to do the normalize of prices (without having to re-type the long normalize command), but it keeps giving this error. How can i solve this? //+------------------------------------------------------------------+double normMe(string ins,...
Howzit guys So i am coding my first EA but i have hit a wall and google isnt understanding me due to i dont know how to put it exactly... I am trying to code, that if the histogram is in a low phase of running ( which happens when it chart is ranging normally) do not enter trade. But i have no idea
enum ordertype { buy=1, // Buy sell=2, // Sell notrade=0,// No Order };//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| |//+------------------------------------------------------------------+enum rtype
Did someone see an error [225] at mt4? I cannot find the meaning of this error at What does error 225 mean please
Somebody knows how to make zup harmonic indicator scan multiple pairs and timeframes
HiI am running an EA on a chart, but sometimes I close it by accident.How to make this chart open and can't be closed until I remove the EA?thanks
Hi Guys, I have just started using median renko charts with a PVA indicator overlay, and i have a question, why would there be a difference in the chart structure after i restart the MT4 platform
I bought an ea robot for mt4 and it came with 2 indicators which I needed to add thru meta editor in indicator folder (which I already did, check pic attached) the problem is when I run ea with indicators on back test aka strategy tester, in the journal section I get a red warning that states
Hi I started using an MT4 and its editor of a broker which has an extension for working with binary option. I always do lots of small tests while I'm coding EAs and always run my EA and change the codes and by compiling the codes, EA is automatically re-Initializing and I can see the result of my
can anyone modified this old ea? put SL and TP ? this ea old build, any pros can make it run back in new mt4 build? just testing old ea and strategy for my new idea :)
Hi Folks, I made a dumb mistake while trying to program my first indicator with MQL4. I am new at this, and got my indicator into an infinite loop after i placed it on a chart in my live account. Well, it locked up my system and I had to exit MT-4 by stopping the program with the Task Manager
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Hi guys, I'm fairly new to coding in mql4 and have really been trying to get my first EA to work. I would honestly appreciate help with the following. It's just a basic cross-over so-to-speak, but instead of moving averages crossing over, it's just price crossing over a moving average. I need an...
1 bool BreakEven(int MN){ 2 int Ticket; 3 4 5 for(int i = OrdersTotal() - 1; i >= 0; i--) { 6 if(!OrderSelect(i, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_TRADES))continue; 7 8 if(OrderSymbol() == Symbol() && OrderMagicNumber() == MN){ 9 Ticket = OrderModify(OrderTicket(), OrderOpenPrice(), OrderOpenPrice()
Hi , does anyone know how to create a display alert or sound alert when the colour of the BW MFI changes to green for example in the current time frame?thanks
As the topic states. How am I to do that
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How do I install 18 charts on MT4? I have 6 currency pairs and three timeframe of 30 min, 1 hr and 4 hr. 6 currency pairs x 3 timeframe equal 18 charts. I want the 18 charts displayed on MT4
Hi all, I'm trying to apply the attached indicator on a M2 offline chart. If I recall the daily pivot with iCustom(NULL,PERIOD_D1,"All Pivot Points",0,0) there's no problem. If I try to recall the weekly or the monthly pivot, I have the following alert int OnInit() { Status=true;
Hi, I have the following question regarding the calculation oftechnical indicators. Technical Indicators (such as EMA) usually rely on pricescalculated for a set of given time periods. For example, we take a timeinterval of 5 mins. We then calculate High, Low, Open, Close (HLOC) prices forthis...
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CP6 directed me to a site with something like this on their web page, and asked if it can be made as indicator. Well, here it is (changed their approach ) PS : if you, by chance, get a display like on the lower displayed indicator, download and install the MS LineDraw font in the attachment and...
Hello, I wonder if it is possible to retrieve the hours: minutes of a candle defined by its shift. My indicator goes all the candles one by one, I would like him to back the opening date of the candle .. Is there a function in MQL4 for this? Thanks in advance.
I have an EA that may open and close several trades during a Trading session. If the Equity increases by $150, then I want to close any open orders and stop/exit the EA from any further Trading. Thank you.
Hi all. I have written a program for practice as I am learning. I have written and re-written it for the last 2 days and am stuck. The function call is to initialise the first two points of a iRSI swing. It should look for the highest and then the lowest low. If we forget about the highest high for
Hi I just want to draw a channel line connecting the fractals. But nothing shows up on the chart. Can someone perhaps point out the bug in my code? I'm using MetaEditor Ver 5 Build 2143. Many thanks #property copyright "Copyright 2019 - Cobus Steyn"#property link
If <link > is used to get lowest price for current bar chart, how do I get the lowest since market opened, on monday this week? Thanks
Kindly help to provide iCustom code and buy/sell script for attached indicator. I would like to insert/add the codes to an existing EA. Thanks