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After I have a code saved on my files how do I load it to the expert library? Thank you for your help.
How is it possible to have an EA pull settings from a file, let's say every 10 minutes, so that settings could be updated once in 1 file and multiple eas could be updated with new settings from that file?
  1 min bars  (1)
Hi, Does anyone have problems with missing 1 min bars on SPI200, gold, Dax?
hi i m in need of macd EA... tat works good.. anyone can mail to me
  Closed orders profit values  (13   1 2)
int start() { double OurArray[]; for(int b=0;b<OrdersHistoryTotal();b++) if(OrderSelect(b,0,0)) if(OrderSymbol()==Symbol()) { OurArray[b]=OrderTakeProfit(); } Comment(OurArray[1]); return(0); } Logically it should show a closed order profit value...
  WHIPSAW, TREND, or COMBINED?  (13   1 2)
By using Differential Calculus I can easily locate the bars for the LOCAL MINIMAs and LOCAL MAXIMAs on a 30 min EURUSD chart. They are basically the LOCAL TURNING POINTS. The only problem is how far the turns will go. It could WHIPSAW or just keep on going as a long TREND after the turns. So I've...
Hi guys, Just a quick one.....when the special functions(init, start & uninit) are called, they return an integer value. Is this value usable in any form....... As an example, I usually add a line in the init function :- if (Period() != 15){   Alert("Wrong timeframe!");   return(-1);} I would have...
  Error 130  (6)
I am not certain why I am getting this error... I have found that it is related to my S/L... but it's set to 30.. I've even tried 10...100... I keep getting it.... please help //Buy if (Order == SIGNAL_BUY && ((EachTickMode && !TickCheck) || (!EachTickMode && (Bars != BarCount)))) { if(...
This error 130 is killing me... Does anyone have a clue or experience of the following scenario? If the OpenPrice is too close to Ask (for a BUYSTOP order) then we should get this error, see There it says that for a BUYSTOP order we need : OpenPrice-Ask >=...
  Error 130 on microlots  (22   1 2 3)
OrderSend (Symbol(),OP_BUY,Lots,Ask,5,Ask-200*Point,Ask+700*Point,"Normal",255,0,CLR_NONE); Above line works for ordering one lot but give me error 130 whenever I tried to order 0.1 lot. Can anyone please help me why is the error and how to fix it?
Hello, How do I set the description parameter of objects in MQL4? For instance the description of a horizontal line. Thanks!
Hi all, I'm trying to modify the default MT4 script modify with a custom one. I need this script modify the Take Profit besides Stop Loss. This is the original script : //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|...
I have an EA that I am working on, however, the start() function is being executed at every tick. I want the start() function to be executed at the close of each bar (say if attached to a one hour chart) and not at every tick. My code snippet to control bar opening time is pasted below but it is not...
Is it possible to populate an array with a for loop for instance say I have an array: my_array [26] [4] and I have 26 variables a through z and I want to put them in the third column how would I write a for loop to do that ?
New article Creating a "Snake" Game in MQL5 is published at This article describes an example of "Snake" game programming. In MQL5, the game programming became possible primarily due to event handling features. The object-oriented programming greatly simplifies this process. In this...
  MQL4 on iphone  (16   1 2)
Hello, We are iphone /ipad application development company, We are starting development MetaTrader application iphone/ipad, we looking technical support and knowledge expert of MQL. thanks PRaful Dynamic Methods.
  World Indices  (3)
Can you suggest me a web page that i can download the MetaTrader that includes international indices?
Hello, I am trying to create an indicator that requires the following three condition be satisfiec before producing an arrow: if ( iWaitFor==PLOTDOWN && // A Close[i+1] > ma48 && // B Close[i+1] > Open[i+1] // C ) { iWaitFor = PLOTUP; Bull[i] = High[i] + 0.0005; Alert("Bull"); } Note that there...
  Check trade  (1)
Hello i looking to find a code that check the order history. if in the order historiy to the reference time of the last day an order, dont take a new one there is something wrong with the code      for (cnt=0;cnt<OrdersTotal();cnt++){      OrderSelect(cnt,SELECT_BY_POS...
Does anyone have an indicator that draws a line for the previous day's high and low and maybe the close on lower time frames? I'd like to be able to see it for every day on the chart for back testing. I don't know anything about writing code. If anyone can help I would appreciate it very much....
I want an EA that would send an e-mail when a manual trade is opened against a pair. This would be used to send entry/exit signals to an e- mail list . Is this possible
Hello I am new in this forex I am doing test with a FXCM MT4 . I am using details[T_MODE_SPREAD] = MarketInfo(Symbol(),MODE_SPREAD); My problem is that during the test I am getting for EUR/JPY M1 a constant spread = 33 what is absolutely Wrong ( normal values are inhttp://www
Hi, I'm new to MQL4 and would like to create my own EA, the only problem is that I have no clue where to start.... The rules are simple for this trading system : - 15 min chart - stochastic momentum index as indicator LONG/SHORT buy/sell signal : SMI crossover Take profit when they crosseover again...
I have a Stochastic and CCI in the same data window. The Stochastic axis from bottom to top of data window is 0 to 100. The CCI zero axis is in the middle of the data window and ranges positive above and negative below the axis. My problem: I need to identify the crossing of the Stochastic with the
  Text background  (1)
I know you can set the background for a chart, still trying to find the exact code, but I am sure it is there, however, what I am really interested in is the ability to change the background on a text label so that the text does not bleed or get buried by other noise data on the chart. I have...
Hello, i have a very simple question. In my expert i want to call an exponential MA5 from an OsMA (having the same results like when you attach a MA to an OsMA chart and set it to previous indicator). How can i do that? I'm using functions. The OsMA is as follows : double OsMA() {...
Hi, I'm using iCustom to call an indicator in an EA, and I keep getting "unknown subwindow number -1 for ObjectCreate function" From what I have gathered, this is because of the WindowFind code in the custom indicator being unable to find a corresponding name. The code appears in init start() as...
General Software and Computers/ programming? Hi there I have created two text files, now I need these text files to be live updated and contain exactly the same data as the other one... The data already goes to one of the text files via an indicator I programmed. now I need to transfere it from the...
Hi, I have an very good EA and want to sell ist. What possibilities for password protection do I have with the metatrader 4? Are there any functions on that plattform, so that the metatrader tells me online who uses my EA? Thank you very much for your answer!
Hi, i have 5 years of data in my history center of EURUSD 1M pair, and i want to locate a specific date with the precision of one minute on the chart. How do i do that? Thanks