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Hello all! How to delete *.txt files in directory? There may be many files with unknown names! thank you
Hi I am currently on Russian time - 2 hours ahead, with Russian news! I cannot find out how to change this to UK time. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance
Hello!!!! I´m really interested in the Goertzel Algorithm to extract cycles of ssa´s ( not price ). Someone else?? ________________________________
Hi, there is some way to simulate market hours at weekend for testing programed EAs? I do not use backtesting, but i need test actions like timed placing orders, trailing SL, etc. Thank you.
Hi I'm trying to write a simple EA to manage an entry. When the entry order is placed I would like to add a trailing stop in the same way that you can by right-clicking on the order in the client terminal. (I understand that the Client Terminal handles the trailing stop, not the server.) This way...
Recently, I have tested new expert advisor «Neural Scalping» EURUSD – M5 . The advisor deserves an intent attention, because it combines the scalping and neural net. The Back test on alpari’s quotations from 2004 is perfect.. I put my impression about advisor in my [URL=""]MT4 blog...
Any Suggestion and Touch Up for Improvement Wellcome
Hi, I came accross the following problem: In my indicator I use two different libraries and now I want to exchange data between those libraries. I have my indicator main file, and then there are libraries A and B. Library A makes some calculations and saves the result in a global array of integers....
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hi not sure if my question is allowed here but cannot locate a correct area if one has an open trade with two lots how does one sell half to lock in some profits with out actually opening a new trade thank you am using metatrader jayalfx
Can anyone tell me how to access the date of the weekly(1) bar, not the current one. I need to do this from any chart other than weekly. For example, if I'm on a 4hr or daily chart, i need to reference the date of the closed week bar.
Hello all... Background: I only do manual trading, but I decided to rent a VPS to run a trailing stop EA. I can RDP into it from work, but I'd rather not use up all of the bandwidth just to have the client terminal up. I set up FTP and WEB service on the VPS, and I already have made the...
Hi, Can someone please give us an idea about what's going on with it ? Knowing "nothing" is worse than knowing its delayed until "x" date. Is there a BETA version available - I'm up for testing it - no problem.... PLEASE !!!!!
Hi all, Where can I find mql4 best programming practices or templates that help to to design clean/easy to use EA? e
How much have you made so far through Forex? What was your initial investment? Would just like to know what sort of returns one can expect
Hi, Does anyone know where got free Gold and Silver historic data for downloading, Have opened a ODL and FxPro demo platform and tried to download Gold and Silver Historic data for backtesting... but always get a "no new data available" message Thx.
I can develop it, but before I would like to know if it is whort to make the effort, and whether someone already has it implemented. Thanks
Hi there, Can anyone of you help me coding a sound alert for the attached indicator? I need a sound signal when line color changes. Thank you in advance Regards Paulo
I have developed a platform. this platform can help you sell ea without giveing your ea to customer. you just need to regist a user to my site, add the price you like to sell, after that you what you need is download a indicator and install it to the mt4 which you run ea on, the signals your ea...
I have an ea which I have been working on which moves the stoploss once trade is initially profitable. I also have a trailing stop. Once the trailing stop is met, it still bounces back to the stoploss. How do I correct the code? //Close...
Hi Guys, I need help to create a code to make the EA wait for n number of bars before modifying the order. Sleep() not working in this situation. Thanks in advance Shijo
can i used strategy tester1] all result no matter plus or minus, so we can understand the ea behavior 2] looking the "MINUS" one, so just just reversing the order
Hello can anyone help me? i need an EA with the follows rules: buy, when price turns and goes up 20 pips ( this should be adjustable ) then place a buy order with stop 10 and target 20 ( this should be adjustable ). sell when price turns and fall 20 pips ( this should be adjustable )then place a...
Can I initialize and use global arrays? By "global" I mean, those that get cancelled only after 4 weeks of not being accessed. thanks!
Anyone interested in meeting for coffee or lunch in the chicago area to discuss and work on mql4 issues? email me at if you would like to get together! I am very interested in forming a group....will even pick up lunch! Dan
Hello, Does a indicator for Kirshenbaum bands exist for MT4? The code is described here: Is it available or can someone code it? Greetings, Erik1966
I am creating a vix indicator to be used with 1H, 4H, and daily metatrader charts, which is fed from the daily VIX data by CBOE. You would get it soon in Regards, Mestize
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