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Does the sleep function work properly in the stratgey tester?
This has been driving me nuts for a week now, hope someone can help. I have an indicator that draws entry lines at the top and bottem of the bar before an inside bar. It will also allow the user to elect to offset the lines, and to allow an additional offset to the buy indicator to account for the...
Hello everyone! I've just started writing my simple EA yesterday and I've been bumping into two problems over and over. 1) When  I run the EA it doesn't finish with the testing and the completion bar just stands still until I stop the testing. 2) It completes the testing, but no positions are open,...
Dear Rosh, is it possible the Clock V1.3 open at separate window in horizontal mode? it is possible, can you help me to make one? contact me at thanks
you talk about mql5 by this spring, but When mql5 and MT5 will be available? would be nice to have some indication about that Davide
Does anyone know if it's possible to pass variables from an active EA to an on-screen indicator (same chart/window) without using Global variables?
Hey Everyone, How do you debug or step through your code when you are developing an EA for MetaTrader4. I noticed that you can set breakpoints just not sure how to use it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Guys.
Hi there, I just registered here and so I am very new. I searched the forum for "logs vista" but didn´t get the result I need, so I am posting my question here: I just discovered that my MT4 doesn´t write logs anymore from the journal. I have a new laptop since beginning of November. Vista is...
Hi, All the forum members. I'm newbie to mql4... so please advice me to construct my simple EA.. the concept is like below: >m15.. looking for main trend first rule >follow the trend and waiting >down/up 20pips then reverse back 20pips >next down/up again position buy/sell >tp=10...
I wrote an EA that opens trades with any CP regardless the active chart cp. I realized that my EA works on demo account (IBFX) but it does not work on live account. Why? Here is an example of the displayed messagges : 2008.12.22 06:31:47 EURUSDm,M1: unknown symbol name USDJPY for OrderSend function...
Hi, Alls When I try to my programme it shows the 'Not enough bars in the window. EA doesn't work' I cant understand what to do ? Plz! help me Thanx!
Hello, I search someone to program a strategy (expert advisor), that seems to work good. Please contact me to ps : I am french, so excuse me for my English see u later Mkilvan
Seems that in strategy tester the EA can't access the price data of other symbols exept the attached chart symbol So, how can I test an EA in which I want to trade deferent symbols? Please Help Thanks a lot
  Compare Array (5)
Hi, i have 2 array like double a[95]; double b[95]; Any idea how in a fast way i can compare if the values of both arrays is equal? Something except "for (int i = 0; i < 96; i++)" .. Thank you for your ideas
  MQL4 Arrays (2)
Are MQL4 arrays sparse? For example, if I define an array: double a1[][4]; Then add some entries at arbitrary points: a1[1234][0] = 3.14; Does the array implemention add entries 0 to 1233 for the first dimension? The purpose of this would be to track order specific information on a per ticket...
How can the Start( ) function be triggered by a certain period of time rather than a new coming tick? For instance, a time of 10 seconds. Can any one with kindness help me? Or More precisely, how can I perform a function(instead of Start( )) recurrsively triggered by a certain period of time?
I see that when I am running tests at the end the open orders are stopped out... sometimes these orders are -ve and of course that affects the final result significantly. Instead of closing out those orders is there a way to set MetaTrader to keep those orders open rather than stop them? Cheers C
I am running with a demo account which recently download / register from . V4 Build 220. Point return incorrect value as 0 when play with EUR/USD and GBP/USD ? any clue?
Here is some typical code which prevents an EA from trading until enough bars are available. start() { ..... ..... //Are there enough bars to consider a trade? if (Bars < 25) { Print(" Bars < 25. Waiting for more bars."); return(0); } ..... ........
hey,if someone can build the 2 folling things: countdown - meaning it will show how many time there is left till the candle is over. 2.alert every time the price get 7 pips away near bolinger band with deviation "3". thats all, big thanks if you can make it work.
I made a trading application in VC++ and couldnt figure out how to send trade signals to MT4 so im stuck trying to make an expert advisor. So I wanted to start out with something simple and to get a feel for MT4 so I came up with this, forsome reason it doesnt work and I have no idea why. I think it...
Hi, is it possible to write an ea where I can choose which indicator is used? double iCustom( string symbol, int timeframe, string name, ..., int mode, int shift) iCustom is using "string name" to select the indicator, that means that it should be possible to use simply code like: extern...
I would like to request help in modifying the Parabolic SAR indicator. This should be easy for someone who is familiar with the programing language. I can trade but am brain dead when it comes to programing language. I would like the Parabolic SAR to emit an audible signal when it flips to the other...
Hi, I have had this problem bugging me for two weeks and I just can't figure it out: Made a special 'compund' indicator with one combined output (graph) great. But when I run the same calculations in the EA (obviously using arrays instead of the indicator buffers)  and drawing it using...
Hi All! I want to be able to email the daily results to myself from my vps running MT4. Is this possible and can someone point me in some coding direction? Excuse me for being so noob. C
How can the EA perform sound in the case of a pending order? For instance, colourful sound for the close of take profit and sorrowful sound for the close of stoploss. And notice sound for the success of sending an pending order. can any one with kindness help me?
Is it possible to get periods  >  than 1mth in metatrader?  I have looked at the code of the period optimizer, but I can't fugure out why any attempt beyond a mth gives an unending  "waiting to update" message.
Simone Ambrogio
Hi, I need to introduce in my EA a routine able to ask a password and to change it after a certain period. The password allows the EA to perform trades. I am looking for the magic words to write this simple procedure. Thank you all for any answer. SA
  A System: Test (100   1 2 3 4 5 ... 9 10)
Welcome Community, It is a pleasure in announcing that A System Test is beginning.I hope that day of the real activity will be very soon.I thank all the people for kindly collaboration. Best regards, Ais.
I have read that a GlobalVariable (Client terminal) has to be a double type. But can it be an Array of double? thanks a lot.