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Hi I am testing a strategy using visual in the strategy tester on the 4hr chart. When I have it set to 31, it moves incredibly slowly, yet 32, it moves way too fast. Any ideas or settings to change?
I'm in need of some help. I'm trying to do something very simple which I'm sure there is something already out there made for this. I want to just have two EMA's running on a chart and enter on a cross then reverse position every time it crosses so it will basically always have a position open just...
Dear All, I learn to make EA from QQE indicator. On the chart we can see 3 values of QQE (Value1, value2 & value3). For example, on the chart seem "QQE Current Time Frame 68.2824 (as a value1) 63.6498 (as a value2) 60.7867 (as a value3). I want to take value1, value2 and value3 to make decision for...
Dear all, I'm new to this trading platform and not great with programming either. Can some one send me a script that can monitor the RSI level (e.g. when it touches 30% or 70%) and give a sound alert. My email address is : I appreciate your reading of this post. Regards, YF
Hi, I'm just new here :). Just wanted to ask how to set the stop loss and profit order in MT4 platform? for stop loss, i tried to use say 0.0005 (as 5 pips) but it just doesn't work. Then I tried to use the buttons to increase or decrease the value in reference to the limit order. Example, limit...
Hi, I am going to buy Windows 7 Home Premium (without Windows XP compatibility). My question is : Will the Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 work under that OS ? Rgds, PUNCHER
Hello, sorry my bad engl. I use my own simply "manual" scalp trading system based 90% on money managment rules . Withoud any indicator. Any trend following. I don't use Pivot lines but only price based lines : example : 1,42300 (00) 1,42325 (25) 1,42350 (50) 1,42375 (75) ecc.... Large time...
I need a simple EA to do the following: You attach it to a chart and it will monitor the % margin and do the following: Once the margin level goes below a certain level % (to be entered in the input window) I want the EA to close the MetaTrader session send an email and start another session of...
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This seems to print a value of 0 for the first part of the text (High -Low) - any ideas on how to fix it?                ObjectSetText("signal"+x+"3",DoubleToStr(MathRound(MathAbs(iHigh(Symbol(),PERIOD_D1,0)-iLow(Symbol(),PERIOD_D1,0))),0)+" out of...
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is there any way to get this data into a metatrader indicator?
Hi all you expert programmers. simply please tell me what function to use to place a single mark (arrow, X, etc ...) on a chart . IE if (price > price2) ........"place mark on chart" thanks
Could anyone please code an EA for me that places orders above andbelow the opening of a candle on horizontal lines that are 10 pipsapart? Eg price opens at 131.65, buy order placed at 131.70 and sell order placed at 131.60. Many Thanks..
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Forex Robot. I think robot forex is so wonderful to use in simulation trading live mode i don't know. who knows if what robot forex can use in live mode. Help me please. :)
yesterday my EA tries to open a trade and got a error 138 i check on it and found that the price in that few seconds was rising very fast i got requoted 2 times and entry price is not that good. so should i use a bigger slippage or stop open the order if requote is more than X times? and if for a...
Hello, I the programmer with the experience about 7 years. I invite the investment companies or private investors to cooperation. Itself I own ideal knowledge in programming and own program workings out. Which ready to put on yours accounts. As I will give result of work on Live the account from...
Hi all coders! Can anyone help me with this coding: The line has now only one colour. I would like it to have two col instead. Blue when present value is higher (going up) than previous, and red when it´s lower(going down). I have tried to read and understand the code of other 2-coloured indies, but...
I think there is no built in function so perform such request to the server... ...any idea on how to do that? Cheers, Zyp
Hello Everybody! I'm looking for someone's help because I don't know if the scripts I have created does not work in DEMO mode of trading at MQ4. I just know that, when I load an "open order" script, for example, the daily returns two messages: First that my script was removed and after "called...
I am looking for a trailingstop, that reduces the SL pips when the position is positiv. So for example: SL 15, TP 30; When the position is +3 pips, the SL is 12. I have found some EA`s but they all do reduce the risk of SL when the position has entered the TSL what is usually 15 pips. Can you...
Hi folks, hoping someone can help me out coding a small indicator. Basically, I looking for a small info panel/box to be located at the top left of the screen, which will show the following info:- Brokers spread Today’s trading range Yesterday’s trading range Broker’s time London time with...
I have written an EA (In Europe) and send it to some friends in South America and Australia. They have different brokers. The EA enters at different points then mine (not pips, but at wrong points). My question is if there is a kind of clock needed to be added ? The program runs on demo only. I
Hello Rosh or anyone, did you know how i can transform a mq4-file in to a mq5-file? And in which folders must i put the mq5-files? I have no plan from mt5!!! ;-) It would be pity if we can´t use our old mt4-indicators... You can reach me under: Best regards Hajo
The margin width in the price scale is very wide compared to MT4. For example the AUDCAD on my monitor in MT4 is about 5/8 wide. In MT5 it is 1 inch. This does not seem like much but when you are following 18 pairs it adds up fast. It would be great if the zeros to the left could be deleted. Narrow...
I've been trading an MA indicator with success on M5 chart, MaxMovingAverage. A web address in the code & non existent anymore nor am I to find further information only on Forex-std. #property link "" #property indicator_chart_window #property...
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Hello, I have a CCI Indicator in my chart and an EA with this instructions: CCICurrent = iCCI(Symbol(),0,CCIPeriod,PRICE_CLOSE,0); CCIPrevious = iCCI(Symbol(),0,CCIPeriod,PRICE_CLOSE,1); Parameters in CCI indicator are exactly the same as source code. Why values in my variables are completely
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Hi all, I am trying to make a code that gives me BUY signal when histogram BLUE and SELL signal when histogram RED. Unfortunetly I am unable to do it and I am receiving an error on experts window. Can anyone help me? The indicator is attached Regards Paulo
Is there a link or source that does a walk through on creating dll's or library's? I foun d one once here that does a great job, but I cannot fin d it now an d I am in nee d of it. I have been searching for days an d still cannot fin d it.
Hi I'm new to the MQL4 community and platform. Can an EA be programmed to scale in and out of positions? Say buy three contracts, then have multiple exit conditions for each contract etc. Thanks.
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I am having some trouble coming up with a way to control the drawdown. I am not a believer in using stop losses, but I have one built into my program just for those who may want to use it. I have 2 passive methods that just pause the ability to open more trades, and they work to some degree. This...