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I want this EA to be trading between 6p.m to 11pm( GMT) but i dont know how to write the code and where to fit the code i would be grateful if someone can help me on this. Below is the code.Thanks //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //|...
Hallo can you help me? My EA opens a trade, the next trade (e.g. I want to increment my position) should only start at the next candle (not by the next tick). Can anyone tell me the code?
just joined community 2 weeks back. i have seen a good indicator. but i don't know how to use it as an EA. Custom indicator is not mine. i found it on the net. tried joining the yahoo group, not successful to contact the author of this indicator. have a look and tell me can u assist me in getting a...
I have been able to use OrderModify to modify a pending order, but I don't know how to set the parameter for Price for an opened order. Apparently I cannot modify the Price value since the order has been opened. According to the Documentation, I should be able to use the OrderModify function to...
Can someone please add an alert feature to the WADDAH ATTAR SCALPING indicator in this post...Alert for green to red or red to green...Also have an alert when there is no bar indicating an exit or no trade at all...Thanks
Does anybody know if it possible in the strategy code dynamically establish in what mode the strategy is running: LongOnly, ShortOnly or Long&Short? Thanks.
I know there are "close all orders" scripts out there but I haven't found one which will close all orders if proft > x% of equity. Can anyone help? Thanks!
Hello all, I have a a blank EA created in MetaTrader 4. In Start() function I put: Comment("Time: "+TimeCurrent()); If I attach it to a chart and leave it running at some later point I see if prints some time on the chart. But from description of the start function, it should be doing that on every...
hi i wondered if you can put an alert on an indicator, i have modified a squeeze indicator with histogram and coloured buttons in centre line go green and red at specific reasons. when the buttons turn red in a sequence of 5 i would like to set an alarm bell. can this be done. any help much...
  Sluggish  (1)
I only have a few charts up, but everything is really slow and sluggish. This has just recently happened. I used to have a ton of charts up and never had any trouble. Does this mean I have a virus somewhere? I have run a scan, but shows no bugs. Any ideas? Thanks for the help.
  MT4 or MT5  (23   1 2 3)
I am starting to code some of my ideas in metatrader and I have one question. Shall I start this project using MT4 or with MT5? As I see it, MT4 is a robust system, with an active forum, articles, codebase, etc, etc. But I am worried about how long there will be support fot it. Or should I start
  week of the month  (21   1 2 3)
how can i get the week of the month?
I have faced a problem when I want to find data on the bars in different Timeframe. For example when the indicator working on 5 Minutes Timeframe, I need to look at the bars of 1 Minute (the regular arrays of: high, low, close will be greate, can I use them ?) Thanks all.
Please see an excerpt of my log below in which I recorded order execution details. I have bolded the requested open price and the slippage incurred in pips. 2009-12-04 08:19:59.133,Sending orderopen #12383682 sell 0.10 EURUSDb at 1.50753 ok2009-12-04 08:19:59.414,sell,0.28s,1.50770,1.50770,1.50753,1...
New article FANN2MQL Neural Network Tutorial is published: This article has been made to show you howto use neural networks, via FANN2MQL, using an easy example: teaching asimple pattern to the neuralnetwork, and testing it to see if it canrecognize patterns it has never seen. Author: Julien
Hello I was wondering if anyone can tell me how would I convert .dat file that was generated from metatrader to .XLS "EXCEL" ? also how I can open and view a .dat file any help is appreciated. Ramssey
Hi All I need help on EA programming. How to identify How many Bar(s) have passed from my opening position. Thank you Regards Willy
  Volume mystery  (3)
Hi guys, I know this topic is discussed a lot but I found few things I cannot understand. I was researching the Volumes shown in MT, made a simple script that every tick outputs the price and volume. And I got interesting results. According to docs Volume shows tick volumes of each bar of the...
please if you are aware of any forex metatrader broker that has its server time as GMT+3 pleas kindly tell me.Thanks a million
  MQL4 software  (2)
hi all, I'm new in forex and also mql4 codebase. My question is what software i need for program MQL4 and where can I get the software. Hoping someone can tell me. thanks
Hello, I`m trying to modify a bunch of "buy stop" orders, unfortunately I can't get it to happen ( return error 1, wrong price ? ), I want to modify the Buy price of those buy stop orders. Any ideas where I`m doing things wrong ? here is my code : if ((Ask >= High[1]) && (OrdersTotal()>0))...
Hi Developers, Do you know any translation method or program? I think that it will be needed after MQL5 develop finish.. Sorry for my short English.
I need an EA that will allow me to trade comsolidation ranges. The way it would work is: I set a high and low range. once the market has a candle open above or below that range, it enters the market to head in the direction of the breakout. it would also need to put the stop on the other side of the...
As a newie trying Forex Automoney, I can't understand the technique for closing a trade. Could someone please explain the simplest way to close a trade and also, having entered Stop Loss and Take Profit amounts, should the trade be left open until it closes having reached either figure or should I...
hello traders i am a newbie trying to create a indicator that draw a horizontal line in the low of the second bar( bar[2] ) only if there are three succesive high´s . the problem is that does not work Any advice will help thanks! here is the code...
Please help me someone! It drives me crazy. My EA works fine but the ordersend function returns always -1 when i check the "Ask manual confirmation" box although the order has been opened. It doesn't matter if I accept or reject the popped up window the result always the error code 2 "Common error...
  easy question  (2)
In MT4, lower right corner, status bar, there's a "89/1 kb", what does each of these 2 number mean?
My challenge is this. I would like to know how stable my system is in the market. I have completed a very long series of testing and I have released my first set of products. What I am asking of you is to take a shot at the demo version of my produict. I want to see if you can blow out an...
Please can someone help me out here, i downloaded some Espert Advser. but how to make it work has become a problem to me. i tried all the necesary intallation but all to no avail. the gray smilling face of the robort is showing, but each time i press the start button i will just here one sound....