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hi guys im looking for chandelier ton update indicator plz help i cant find it to my mt4
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My EA when launched works on some broker MT4 and doesn't work on other Broker's MT4 platform.Pls what could be responsible for this,and what do I do
First off, I'm really new to coding so I apologize if my code is messy and inefficient. That said, my long-term goal is to create an EA that will identify and eventually trade divergence. So, my only goal right now is just to create a script to do a tiny part. When other variables line up, that's
Hi guys, I have a question. I wanted to ask, what data is showing MT4 in the normal trading window and how far (date) and real is the data shown there?. When you open a new symbol and chart, it instantly shows the data of the market and its price, now I want to backtest a strategy which involves
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My MT4 has stopped working for no apparent reason. I notice that the vast majority of the symbols now have the suffix '.r' Something has gone wrong but I can not imagine what. Can anyone help me
Does anyone know how to install and run MT4 using Parallels Desktop for mac? Thanks cloud bank
Hi, please help. What is the simplest and easiest way to call a function contingent to a once off trigger/ condition? For example say that the price hits a certain target and I want to call a function based on this trigger. What I have so far: void Trailing(){ //Some variables, For loop and
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hi there. first post. i am after an expert advisor for MT4. It buys and sells with the triggers of Hulls Moving Averages . Does anyone have one, can point me to one, or build me one, please? Bradman
Hello, I have bought a product for MT4 that has 5 licenses, I have been changing from VPS for prices and speed and every time I make the change I use the same account but I see that the licenses have run out. Is there a way to get all licenses back again? since I have always used it on the same
Hi All, My EA is not closing previous order before opening a new one.  I don't want to have multiple buy or sell orders on the same currency pair at a time.  How can I make it so it only has either a buy or sell order open at a time and prevent it from opening new position even if buy or sell...
Hi Friends, Metatrader is absolutely the best trading platform in the world this is now known, I wonder how it is possible that a community so full of programmers has not yet extended this prestigious platform to LINUX and in particular to the world of ARM microprocessors such as RASPBERRY. Does it
Hi I'm new to trading, I've come across a sizable database of indicators but when I click on any of the .mq4 files instead of downloading I'm redirected to a page with the coding for the indicator. is it possible to cut and paste this to metaeditor or any possible way to get these files to my MT4
Hi all, i'm trying something to programmatically detect how strong/deep a trend is. The maths for it is beyond me, is there anything available within the mql4 lib
Hi to all, I have coded a script that compares the range of the "any candle" that you choose on "the current chart" with the available charts on "marketwatch". You also choose how many bars to check for. For example: (J) represents the amount of symbols from the market watch the code will check. (i)
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New MetaTrader 4 Platform build 1090 The MetaTrader 4 platform update will be released on May 19, 2017. The new version fixes some bugs in the operation of the client terminal. The update will be available through the LiveUpdate system.
Dear community, I'm looking for a trade panel with an automatic break-even (after predefinied amount of pips and instand) as well as partical close function.(25 %, 50 %) Does someone has an idea? I've tested a certain amount of utilites but found nothing really satisfactory. Thanks in advance
Hey guys ! see if anyone can help me: I'm trying to take the profit from the previous order and store it in a variable. I'm doing this way: double lastProfit = 0 ; for ( int i= 0 ; i<OrdersHistoryTotal(); i++) { if ( OrderSelect (i, SELECT_BY_TICKET, MODE_HISTORY) == true )
Hello Coders, I am just facing some problem in a indicator that place arrow into the chart but when i login into my another account and back to the chart its displace the arrow . what is the issue ? Is it bug or indicator problem ? After changing time frame its back to placement: Thank you in
I have set up a practice trade account with OANDA and can't find the server. Server is OANDA-v20 Practice-2 but it's not in MT4 (5?) I download MT4 but it says MT5 in version information. I don't know why.  I don't want to use the OANDA MT4 client as it lacks signals I wish to use.  Does anyone know...
Hello, I'm interested to buy the <name removed > but I don't know if it's possible to install it on several laptops after buying or if it's for 1 laptop only and if I have to buy again for another installation on another machine ? Thanks. Anthony
Hi, I have read a lot of information on the website but I couldn't really find an answer to my question. I have a EA which opens a user interface once it is attached to a given chart(say GBPJPY). What I want to achieve is basically when I open a different chart GBPUSD I want the EA to detect this
I'm trying to take alesson from RaptorUK and his article, What are Function returnvalues ? How do I use them ? I assume thatan OrderType has a numeric return value; for example OP_BUY is 1 and OP_SELL is2. But I'm not sure that's the case and I don't see it documented anywhere.Here's the Function...
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Hi, i've got simple question about programming. I'm trying to write simple script that will split one indicator by another one. I know how to do this with indicator installed in Mt4 but i have no idea how to use iCustom function for custom indicator. Can someone give me some advise how to do this
Hello guys. I would like to know maximum amount of open orders in one time when backtasting some strategy. And sum of lot size of those opened orders should be helpful aswell. I managed to create calculatior of currently opened orders, but I do not know how to store the highest value and highest
Hi. i create indicator for change pair chart. - MQL4 with button : ChartSetInteger(chartID,CHART_BRING_TO_TOP,0,true); my problem : "CHART_BRING_TO_TOP" runing after get new tick. i need chart change realtime when i press button. Thanks
I have a demo account of MT4. I ran a couple of tests on indicators and EAs OK but now tests do not go through. I get the ''Waiting for Update" message, shortly followed by the squeak of failure. I am logged on and in visual mode. I have tried various data qualities bar durations and test periods. I
Does anyone know how to get rid of the white lines in background & add heiken ashi? I used to have it set to a completely black background and heiken ashi but I hit something the other day when I was half asleep and messed it up. Thank you
Hi you guys all. I have a problem with time indicators trying to display local tiime in my charts. Downloaded from the network Time_indicator.mq4 ; TimeZone.mq4; TraderBotMarketplace Local Time Generator.mq4 and compiled every one. Then added them to the experts folder. All of them appear listed in
Hi, When trying to test bitcoin on the strategy tester and regardless of period, time frame or expert tested the whole MT4 application freezes, similarly to when you try to run a program with an infinite loop. I have already deleted and re-downloaded it and it has not helped. Has this happened to
Hello MT4 programmers out there! I needed help on changing some codes in this indicator. A kind trader provided this indicator in one of the forum for trading Binary Options. The indicator is able to provide an accurate CALL or PUT signal but the problem is, the signal came later after the candle