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Hello my people. I am currently building an EA that place order once 5 & 20 exponential moving averages crosses each other, the issue is once the fast moving average crosses the slow moving avearge to the upside, the bot will immediately place multiple buy order and stop out will occur. So i
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Is it possible to use a pricing feed api in a EA to trigger trades in mt4? Or is that not possible to use an outside api with a mt4 ea because of the the type of code used by mt4
I have a very simple trade strategy. But I do not konow why it can not run in expert mode. But my indicator work well. Is it possible to " trigger Open Trade and Close Trade " from "indicator"? I only need Open and Close order in indicator. only have a little trade signals in a long time, we...
So basically I'm trying to make the EA close a trade if it has been open for more than 48 hours. How would I do that? Thank you
I have a script which seems to be working but am trying to backtest so that I can improve on the results. But when I try to back test i get the following error: 2020.03.31 13:53:22.717 2020.03.27 20:30:00 EATest AUDNZD,M15: OrderSend Failed with error #(131) - invalid trade volume I've read all the
I'm trying to pull OrderOpenPrice from an open order to use for a sellstop order - a certain amount of pips for new order. OrderSelect(123,SELECT_BY_TICKET); double B3= OrderOpenPrice(); B3 is the key i'm trying to use. would this be the way to do it? or would I do double B3 =
Hello people, I am a newbie in coding bot for meta trader platform , but I have decent experience coding JavaScript for the web, I just build a simple mql4 bot using 5 and 20 ema to place order, but when I try to test it via strategy tester it keep showing both condition not met, please what am I
hi There is a way to run more than 1 back test ? i need to run many back test and each one spand 1 day
Hello; I have a code to count number Bars up ( down ) in 50 (number) bars; I just need help to modify this by 1-to add an input so that I change the number of bars to any number x, not to be redistricted to only 50 bars 2- a way to put two or more of this indicator on the chart side by side if I
below is an indicator that plots a band, upper, lower and center bands. Can anyone with some knowledge explain how the bands are calculated, please. here is the indie: #property indicator_chart_window #property indicator_buffers 5 #property indicator_color1 White #property indicator_color2
Hi Does anyone seem to know the email address for MT4/5 to report any concerns
Hi people! I'm looking for some help, I'm creating my first custom indicators and experimenting with technical indicators and basic operations on my endeavor to find the holly grail, I'm using IStochastic and iSRI doing some basic formulas and operations and basically is the same for loop operator
We have experinced a problem about "Multiple Close By" process like that; I consult a big exchange office. They make hundreds of transactions in a day,buying or selling. They had approximately 900 transactions in their pool, and they made "Multiple Close By" as usual. But it was the first time, more
I am aware from other posts, the metatrader running through wine is not a perfect setup. Each time I restart my metatrader I have only few months of historical data in my history centre. - I have tried with downloading the data - I have tried to import them from third party. I have tried two
Hi, I would like to using EA to check deposit/withdrawal information of the account, like the date time, amount of the deposit/withdrawal. There's no way in the forum or documentation stated that it is able to do that. Please help. Thanks, regards, Yaohan
Why can I not display a line for the current price in my MT4 charts
I write a script to print zigzag point in windows double Buf_0[],Buf_1[]; // //-------------------------------------------------------------------- //-------------------------------------------------------------------- int start() // { int i, // Counted_bars; double zz[] ; //
My EA open 3 trades : BuyLimit 1.1111 BuyLimit 1.0000 SellLimit 1.2345 Then 1 BuyLimit 1.1111 is trigger, so the OrderType is changed from "BUYLIMIT" to "BUY". How to select the last modified trade "BUY" ? I use the following code : if(OrderSelect(OrdersTotal()-1,SELECT_BY_POS)){ }; double
Hello, I am new to this world of Mql4, I am just learning but I would like to know if someone takes me out of doubt or can give me an idea for what I am trying to do or tell me if that can be done. "supply" and "demand" of a specific session and historical days ago but these rectangles do not extend
What I'm doing wrong? When text or arrow (Wingdings) is changing, it overlaps to last one like on picture. You can see it on first arrow. Code is simple .. if ( iClose ( Symbol (),IsPeriod[x], 1 ) > iMA ( Symbol (), IsPeriod[x], EMA1, 0 , MODE_EMA , PRICE_CLOSE , 0 )){
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int x= 1 ; //Global Variable if ( OrdersTotal ()<=x) ////////////////SELL if (CODE) { ticket= OrderSend ( Symbol (),OP_SELL,lotSize,Bid, 3 , 0 , 0 , NULL , 0 , 0 ,Red); } for (i= 0 ;i< OrdersTotal ();i++) { select= OrderSelect
Hello community, Before writing here I made sure I looked around to find a solution to my problem. Up to now I always did and I've solved "Array out of range" issues in the past, but know I can't seem to find the problem. I coded a very simple version of the Stochastic Momentum Index for MT4, all
Hi everyone, I'm new at scripting and I'm having a hard time with an EA that i'm trying to build. What I want the EA to do is close partial order (75%) when it reaches 10 pips or so in profit and at the same time move my stop loss to break even(or pip in profit from entry price). The issue i'm
Good day, I would like to ask for advice. I am a complete beginner in programming and I wanted to program a simple EA for the exam, which enters stores only on the basis of SMA. I added the function of shifting SL to BE and I also defined the variable PLUS, which is used to add the gain to BE
Hi all, Just looking for some advice. I recognise that everyone loves to come on and say to totally disregard MT4s strategy tester results, which is fine. But I want to use it to make sure that I'm not at least wasting my time. I'm having an issue with results. The EA I'm testing I have tested
hi anybody has used simulator?Hello I can't use it when I hit the start button it's massage is " the terminal can't load" please turn on "Allow DLL Imports" and when I do that it's massage is " This software is only for use in MT4 visual-mode backtesting " what does it mean what am I doing wrong
Hello, I have tried contacting the mql5 support directly, but was directed to this forums. After the latest 1312 mt4 build update i now get the " 2020.12.06 15:19:06.822 2018.10.18 08:00:00 Access violation write to 0x4018E55A" error when try running the backtest . Nothing had changed from the
Hello, Here is a question maybe one of you mql5 guys can help me with. I created an EA in mql4 that reviews and creates orders for 28 different currency pairs simultaneously, in the sense that the EA runs in only one chart window and cycles through the different pairs. Now – because I have to
I am new to MQL4 and this is my first try of coding an indicator. I have just tuned some but not built one. I have coded a custom indicator based on Heiken Ashi candles and two Envelopes applied to this candles. It should draw an arrow (dot) when buying or selling conditions are trigered. I think
Hello I can read data from different websites, but is the only one where I have my problems. Does anyone have an idea? I tried it like this: void DataToFile() { string cookie= NULL ,referer= NULL ,headers; char post[],result[]; string calendar= "" ; string url=