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So I was introduced to a decent Fibo indicator. I found some bugs in it and fixed it, however, I cannot seem to acquire the levels data. I ran the following code in my EA just to see if I could see the data and the description values were empty. The Fibo shows up fine on the charts, but again, no...
I was in the process of updating an EA that had several labels. Just adding another one and moving them to new locations on the chart. All of them were relocated fine, but one of them that resided in the bottom-left corner. Ironically, the location settings didn't change from when it was working to...
I am using VM Ware to run Windows on a Snow Leopard Mac. Every time I try to download a EA .mq4 file it gets saved as a .txt or wordpad document. Hence, when I try to put it into a MT4 EA folder, it doesn't work. What do I have to do to save the .mq4 file as an .mq4 file? I've looked online for...
Hi, Do you have eurusd m1 data for june 2010? If yes, what broker are you using? Those with ibfx, do you have the mentioned data? I am thinking of moving out of ibfx. They have data from present (2010 october - now) down to year 1999, but they dont have 2010 june. I almost ran my EA and would have
I cant download anything is there a reason?
Greetings. The Strategy System is giving bad signals that shouldn't occur according to the indicator. What could be the problem? Does anyone has experienced the same problem? Best regards.
Hi again, I'm back again pestering you all with another question. I have an EA that runs on about 10 charts. When the EA generates an order for a chart, I also want to write some data to a file (for debugging later). It seems it will always only write to the very first line of the file and keeps...
how can one set an EA that deletes a pending order once a trailing stop has been activated in an active trade or a stop loss has been reached?
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I finally did it! attached is the dll along with its .mqh header and in the source zip is the dll source code.
Can't find the pair how do I get them
Hi, I am a newbie and i'm trying to set the values for fixed minimum and maximum. For the life of me i can't find the solution to this problem. Can someone help? The values i am trying to get is: fixed minimum = 0 fixed maximum=100. Could someone also tell me why the figures changes? or point me...
  online library  (1)
why is the online library mal-functioning?
Hi, I m new to metatrader, but i m a programmer since 5 years. I tried to make an expert advisor but i don't know why it stop. Log ex: 2010.10.18 14:13:21 daily5 EURUSD,M1: modify #5559770 sell 1.00 EURUSD at 1.4020 sl: 1.4047 tp: 0.0000 ok 2010.10.18 14:13:21 daily5 EURUSD,M1: modifing...
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Dear Experts, how can I make an EA stop opening new positions at a certain AccuntEquity level? I hardly got it to close all positions, but it keeps opening new ones. Fo Rex
Hi everybody, I was trying to realize where is the problem on this indicator formula. When I insert it on the graphic, it's plot two horizontal lines, so, I have to open the code and click again on "Compile" button. Another problem is: When a new bar appears, the lines change dramatically for a...
  error 126  (10)
2010.07.01 15:33:22 mysql_v2.2 AUDJPYFXF,H1: cannot load library 'C:\MT4\experts\libraries\mysql_wrapper.dll' (error 126) I keep getting this error when I try to place this EA on a chart. The dll is in the folder it's supposed to be and I'm running this EA on my home PC. Completely lost here....
this is my trading in bound only ok ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? waitting me
Hi I want to implement kalman filter in hardware plz any one help in this regard uzmeed
Hi All, I have been searching for an answer to this but nothing is presenting itself. I am trying to get the value of the previous bar's moving average value. I can get the current one using iMA() without a problem, but I am not sure how to query the previous bar. Can someone point me in the right...
  Rastvor  (3)
Can someone pls help me how to define rastvor ?,.. i ve found some codes but what is the basic code for this,.. thx V
Dear mql4 forum user Can the order ticket, returned by OrderSend, possible be 0 (null)? Or in other words, can 0 be an actual order ticket number? With kind regards Pecival
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i know that this whole code is wrong maybe but can someone explain me why there is a mistake with the one bracket thx ?
Does anyone know how to stop default charts from opening at startup. My previously viewed charts open , and that's great. But I don't like the default charts opening. I just have to close them. Thanks
Hi all,I am trying to make an indicator that draws the value of the opening price of the current bar divided by the opening price of the bar with a pre set time, in this example 00:00. When calculating the value of the current bar i, it should loop backwards starting from bar i to find the bar with...
Hi, i'm looking for a script, which generates several scaled tones of sound when the price is moving. For example when a currency pair is "average high" a lighter sound will be generated per tick. Any ideas how this can be possible on MQL4 where i'am new.Please post. :)
Hello, I am interesting if I could declare two dimensional array, and then put all indicators to this array. For examle: BUFF[8][]; //two dimesional array SetIndexBuffer(0,BUFF[1][]); SetIndexBuffer(1,BUFF[2][]); SetIndexBuffer(2,BUFF[3][]); SetIndexBuffer(3,BUFF[4][]);...
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                                 draw_hi_low_line.mq4 |//|                       Copyright ?2010, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |//|                              
Hello everybody, I am willing to learn how write my own methods in mql4 expert advisor. I get losteven in the 'orders' type commands...could somebody direct me to an online basiccourse..articles...guidelines...books...samething that allow me to write a methodbased on bars comparing. thank you in...
The taskis: write forex news history (date/time, prev. value, forecast, actual value)into array (arr[][]). I used to download csv-files with news history by weeksfrom, but they changed it, and now there available historyonly for couple month, but I need history for 2-3 years....
  BarsSince ???  (3)
Hi. I am very new to MQL4, so I don't have much experience programing with this language. I am used to Metastock EA language, wich is far different from MQL4. So I would like to know if there is a way to express a function similar to Metastock function "BarsSince(EventXX)". In other words, I need a...