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I am trying to develop an app which can launch MT 4 iPhone app. Can anyone let me know the URL scheme for iPhone/iPad apps to enable this? Thanks
Hello guys Where can i download MetaTrader 4 build 1220
Good day all, I have some issue with my EA when trying to close an order partially and then work on the remaining order. More clearly, what I want to achieve with my EA is the following: 1 - Buy a Short or Long position if there is no position already open from the same EA and the condition to Sell
Greetings To All Lately I've been trying to create an Expert Advisor for myself. However while coding for the same; I've been receiving errors which i have failed to understand and rectify as i lack expertise in the language .I've attached the screenshots for the same below.The code has all been
Curious how i can go about making custom hot keys for FX Trading. The sales rep told me to ask on MQL4 community and find out. So anyone know how to hot key trades for FX Trading?
Hi all, I tried to create a code from a custom indicator. From mt4 documentation I can create is using iCustom function. Below is my code, for the stop loss price the amount price is exactly what I want but for the take profit the result is 0. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my code? Thanks
Hi, I recently installed the new build (610) of MetaTrader. When using the MetaEditor that comes with, it I'm no longer able to obtain the help when I press the F1 key on any function. I get the message "failed connect to" in the journal, see image below. I'm behind a proxy, is it...
Hi, am not an expert, thus I need to seek your support, I know I am wrong but: According to the definition/formula of ATR, it looks to me that the ATR code in MT4 is wrong. See, the formula to calculate ATR is : TR=max[(high-low), abs(high-close_prev), abs (low-close_prev)] according to wikipedia
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Hello I am looking to download a control panel for opening deals with SL and Trilling in the Control Panel mt4
Hi Everyone I'm trying to figure out how to code a direction in price. Lets say the price is rising, but then changes direction and I want to include both the initial rise and then the decrease. I think it would look something like this, but I cannot get it to work properly: void Stoploss(){ //For
Hello, To whom it may concern; I am new to programming but have been a trader for 12 years. Due to free time I decided to learn some mql4. I have written couple of scripts. The last one which I will attach at the bottom of this page checks to see if a there is an identical bar to the one the user
I have the error "Not all control paths return a value". I've seen it before and have been able to resolve it for a simple bool return value. This is a bit different and seems to be a challenge for me since it has a for-loop and at the same time returns integers. Please see my code below: int
I need to learn about buffers in MQL4. I have written a lot of simple indicators and EAs but never used buffers. I know this probably makes those of you who really know what you are doing cringe. I want to elevate from hack to really doing it right and I think buffers are the missing piece. Can
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People selling the MT4 api for few thousand dollars on the net, such as mtapi... im looking for an api to manage the risk on my account since I use other traders due to shortage of time... I can manage coding in python, php and mql4.. looking to be pointed in the right direction... I want to
for example i buy trade by martingle EA buy and it losing 240 points or 24 pips it will buy another buy but i want EA to maintain time frame too. what changes is require in EA to fulfil my requirements
Hi all, So i'm needing a little advice to calculate the average high of a custom array set of the the last x candles. I calculate a live spread of 3 instruments which is held in an array called 'LiveSpread' and i then calculate the moving average of this which is held in a buffer: double livespread
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I create a EA and when i compiled it, it show a 0 Error and 6 warning .But i ignore it and test on MT4 strategy tester it EA give me a good result. But i solved all warning and now 0 error and 0 warning, now i test it on strategy tester, it become a worst EA. what is the problem on it. can i run my
I created a EA with many I/O operation in common data folder. Is it possible to move the common data folder to RAMDisk? Thanks
Hi I would like to create an array with size of an extern variable. The below is code which generates error. Thanks for your time. extern int bars=200; double my_array[ bars ];
Hi guys, How can I have a system, so my EA only makes one trade a day? Even if my only trade that day is closed, I don't want it to open anything new before the next day. Thanks in advance :)
The code below uses iCustom to get the value of the Stochastic indicator on CADJPY on PERIOD_M5. This is not a problem with the Stochastic indicator or this particular symbol, as the same problem manifests with any symbol/indicator. The problem is that when this EA is applied to any symbol other
Hi guys is possible return a position bar by price ? example i have a highets value of 48 bar , suppose is 0.96366 , exist a method for positionbyvalue (0.96366) and return me .... 5 the fifth bar
Dear experienced traders I have a question confused me so much, could you help me? In options we can set max bar in history and in chart. Do you know max bar in history and chart affect EA work or not? (A) Only max bar in history affect EA work, so we have to set it as 9999999999999 to make history
how can we command new order on the condition if TP( take profit ) buy or sell another lot if time limit is 1 am to 2 pm and it hit tp on 3 pm onward , we want to take another lot by ignoring time condition. what will be syntax for that
Hi guys, I need a big help. In my indicator I create some ChartEventCustom, but when OnChartEvent is On, it don't work corretly. can you tell me what I do wrong? here there is my code: <Deleted> Tank you too for all help
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Hi everyone, I would like to get rid of the live price horizontal line on my chat on MT4, please. Show ask price is off but I still have a horizontal line which moves up/down depending on the price. Anyone knows how to get rid of it? Please see picture below. Thanks
Hello I am a new in MQL and using MQL4 I have a code that gives index out of range error. Even though I understand the error I could not figure out how to fix it. Actually, it is a part of code which I want to take the moving average of willy r for 5 and 10 days then get the difference and just
Evening all, I have an issue with not seeing custom indicators in MT4. I have placed it in the folder in the data folder location. I previously was using MT5 but I switched back to MT4 but by doing so the data folder only has MQL5 folder instead of MQL4, so not sure if this is the issue on that MT4
I'm brand new to coding. I found a course on Udemy that is really helpful but when I want to do something that the course doesn't cover, I really struggle to understand the MQL4 Docs. For example, it doesn't cover adding objects to the chart. Right now I'd like to add a simple vertical line whenever
Hello coders As the headline says. I'm looking for a simple MT4 EA that can place buy/sell orders, via a point value measurement from the latest High/Low of the current and latest candle. I have searched for tutorials on the suject. And for paid EA's. But i cant find anything. It seems to me that it