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Hi, How should I proceed if I want to switch signal to another account during subscription period? Is there a risk that I have to pay it again? Or is it just business as usual? Thanks in advance!
I want to login to my demo account automatically whenever I start Metatrader4. Under Tools -> Options I have set up the server, login and checked "Keep personal settings and data at startup". It does login automatically next time I start MT4 BUT only sometimes. It still prompts for password if I...
(NULL, 0, "Waddah_Attar_Explosion", 0, Current) Looking for the Parameter number thats for the current Waddah indicator line and the number for the Current Histogram Value Thanks for your help
Hi, i need to move an label object to the current price position but not works... please see the code:   int OnInit(){      if( ObjectFind("MyLabel") == -1)      ObjectCreate(0, "MyLabel", OBJ_LABEL, 0, 0, 0);   return(INIT_SUCCEEDED);}void OnDeinit(const int reason){   if( ObjectFind("MyLabel") >=0...
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Hi everyone, Floating Charts from stopped working 2 days ago, and the website is unreachable. Does someone else have the same problem? Thanks in advance
Is there any functions to open a file on Windows 10 . I need to open a text file on windows using API. I think I should use dll files buy I don't know which file and functions can open a text file by using filename on windows
Morning' everyone, I would like to get the value of the Average True Range Indicator (ATR). I tried to use the following code, but the value is way lover than the one given by the indicator. iATR(NULL,0,14,0); When I print, the value displayed is: 3.000000000000621 e-05. Any idea why? Thanks in
Hello, How do I display the current spread as a value in my custom indicator? I use the following code, but it doesn't display. string displayStr = IntegerToString(spread[0]); ObjectCreate("ObjName", OBJ_LABEL, 0, 0, 0); ObjectSetText("ObjName",displayStr,24, "Verdana", Red);
I just got a Verizon JetPak HotSpot so I can connect to the internet with my laptop when away from a wifi connection. It works fine for browsing the internet, but my Forex Oanda account will not connect. If I turn off the hot spot and then connect using my home wifi, Oanda's MT4 connects immediately...
Hello, I wrote a simple indicator that draws the day's High and Low (useful on timeframes smaller than D1). When I attach the indicator to a chart, it correctly identifies the change of the day at 00:00. The issue is that the indicator, when used in the tester, seems to reset itself twice daily, at
Hello, Probably already discussed? but i would like to trade Forex via MT4 or 5 on my new Samsung Galaxy Note. I have a Forex account with and trade via MT4 and i have installed a number of EA's. Is it possible to install MT4 on my Samsung and then log in to my account on so i...
Dear Coders, I can open text files, videos, images, but not Font files ".ttf ". I would like to open it first, then install. Is there a trick to open them ? Thank you in advance for your support, #import "shell32.dll"int ShellExecuteW(int hwnd, string lpOperation, string lpFile, string
Dear All, My Broker extended the digits from 1 to 2 for DE30. Unfortunately at the second digit only 0 and 5 are allowed. Valid Prices: 13080.00, 13080.05, 13080.10 Invalid Prices: 13080.01, 13080.02, 13080.03, 13080.04, 13080.06, ... Until now I used NormalizeDouble(Price, Digits); in oder to get...
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void AllertoPerIlRialzo(){ ObjectCreate(ChartID(),IntegerToString(Time[0],0,0),OBJ_VLINE,0,Time[0],0); ObjectSetInteger(ChartID(),IntegerToString(Time[0],0,0),OBJPROP_COLOR,clrDarkGreen);// Alert("Teo_CI rialzista su "+Symbol()+" a TF "+IntegerToString(Period(),0,0));}void AllertoPerIlRibasso(){
Hi, Could anyone please share the link where I can download MT4 for windows PC directly from metatrader site instead of any broker. I tried downloading from this link The file name shows Mt4 but when we installed it, it installed Mt5 and not Mt4. Could you
Good day I would appreciate it very much if someone can help me to program a custom indicator . I really think this will be a winner if we can get it coded. I'm just gonna lay it out here and would appreciate it if somebody can help me with it. First of all the indicator should check the following
Hi friends, I created a Trade Panel using graphical library located in Inlcude/Controls. need to know is it possible to convert all of these objects to only 1 object. As you can see there are many objects in my Object List. need to have all of them in one object. Is it possible
I have a custom indicator that that provides alert messages to set pending orders I want to write a EA to auto trade, but I don’t know who to parse the alert message in real time to the EA Does anybody know who to write this part of the code
Hello there. I have been unable to install MT4 on my HP laptop. There is no error message not even error code just text on install window "Sorry, something went wrong: Try again later!" Going trough posts I did not find any that would match my problem. Has anyone else been experiencing these sorta
Hi I need someone to write two functions in mql4, they should take in a 1D array (for example let's say the values calculated for MACD), one function should calculate the RMA for the array and return the result array buffer, the other should do the same but for ATR. I'm fairly new to mql4 and no
How can I check, if the custom indicator exists??
Hi This line of code in an EA in mql4 is giving No history data error; iHighest(mSymbol, mPeriod, MODE_HIGH, barsGroup, i); Reading up on Is this the only way to fix it? Since CopyRate gets the data from the server into an array. But then do I have to make up
Problem: appears that Terminal not seeing 12th symbol in history file header. Ref: F1/Userguide/Tools--History Center struct HistoryHeader has "char symbol[12]; //symbol name" ==================== I create .hst with 12ch symbol name. Looking at created .hst file "!TicksGBPUSD9.hst" you can see...
Hi All, Just want to share a Kijunsen line indicator. It is the part of Ichimoku system wich is used to confirm trend and as a Stop loss level. Ichimoku also has other lines and usually it makes the chart hard to read. more info about Ichimoku system: Ichimoku Kink Ichimoku Kinko Hyo - Oscillators -
as we know that RSI=100*RS/(1+RS) or RSI=100-100/(1+RS) and RS=A/BA is the average of the summary of price raises (base on close price)B is the average of the summary of price falls (base on close price) so if we want to get 'A' of above we should do as double f(double x){ return
example signal.txt EURUSD;BUY;10;100;100 how to make robot / EA to execute the order? thank you
I've created a dll that sends email with/without attachment to gmail For sure you can use it with hotmail/yahooetc. Setup Copy the dll to the MetaTrader_Path/Experts/Libraries folder. Copy the xpMail script to MetaTrader_Path/Experts/Scripts folder. These are the xpMail inputs: ServerFor gmail we...
B"H Hello, The "SendMail" function allows mail-sending to a single pre-defined recipient. How can I send a certain message to several email addresses? Thanks, Simha
I like to send an html formated email with attachment from MQL, how to do that? is there any external dll to do this?
There are three trading sessions by GMT Asian session start from 21-23 GMT to 7-8GMT. UK session start from 7-8GMT to 12GMT US session start from 12GMT to 21GMT. If want to trade only from UK session start to US session end time ,How code in mql4. Please give me some examples.I found many samples