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Hello I have a doubt regarding setting spred in tester. Values set in spread parameter are 1 pip or 0.1 pip? For example, if my broker provides 1 pip for EURUSD. Do I have to say spread to 1 or to 10 in spread settgin for testing EA ? Thanks in advance Juan
Hello Friends, Can you please point me how to stop EA from trading if the last trade is loss, I want to code this as other EA as the EA i had was compiled EX4. Extra notes / IDEAS : I had only 1 EA running . either stop EA from trading or close MT4....
Does anyone know if it is possible to connect 2 nq4 files? and how to menage the variables?
Hi, My tester is not showing some EA's in the drop down list. The navigator is not showing them either. I saved a new EA, compiled it, and saved it to experts folder. it is saved as .mq4 I've closed everything down, and restarted everything. Several times. the new .mq4 does not show up anywhere...
Hi, Made an EA and was wondering why it did not work if there were no errors i the code. And found a problem. Even if i put that rookie code(bellow) i get init() alert that function initialized and that's it! I do not get any alert from start() function! How should i reach that code in start...
Hi, full of enthusiasm my new EA should start to trade on GBPUSD with an USD-account of 10'000.00 US$ in the strategy-tester (here the complete result-tab): #       Time              order       tickt     lot       open       stop     target             profit           balance1    2013.10.01 03...
double Hxval=High[iHighest(NULL,0,MODE_HIGH,14,0)];        double Lxval=Low[iLowest(NULL,0,MODE_LOW,14,0)];                      double AVGX=(Hxval+Lxval)/2;   {   ObjectDelete("UpSymbolAz"); ObjectDelete("DnSymbolAz"); WindowRedraw();      CntBarsz = 70;      int lowshiftz=iLowest(NULL,0...
Hi folks, I have just downloaded MetaTrader4 as instructed by a trading programme I have joined. I seem to be having trouble getting realtime charts. When I initially opened my platform there were four charts all set to a timeline of 4hours. So I changed to a timeline of 1minute but they now just...
Hello! I would like to make an indicator in such a way that it draws on the price chart, and also to include a separate window with an oscillator. All in one single file and indicator. Can this be done? Or something similar? Cheers!
Hi, alerts keep on popping up, saying ADX_Alerts: USDCAD M1 Buy etc. Does anybody know how to switch it off? Thanks for helping!!! Hans
I'm calculating pip cost for all major pairs. But I wonder if it is possible to calculate pip cost (price per pip) for CFDs? On most online pip calculators that i found, i see only major currency pairs. http://www.investing...
Hi folks. Some help to identify this indicator from the picture, and how to setup. Thanks and regards.
In one of my EA I get the error 4059 ERR_FUNCTION_NOT_ALLOWED_IN_TESTING_MODE ona OrderSend function. What is strange is that the first 2 orders are send correctly and then suddenlythe others give all the same error 4059 Any idea why? thanks
Is there any plan to add a Expert Advisor(Generate) in MQL4 Wizard which can create/generate my own experts based on standard libraries? BTW, currently there is no "Expert" and "Trade" standard libraries in MT4 build 574.
now I log on 2 accounts on my PC, I want to realize that: when I trade an order by one account, then I want to the other account send relative order at once. Shall I realize this by some function?
Hi, In order to see a history bar's local time, I need an indicator line that shows the local hour --- day or minute is just the same between server time and local time. It will be perfect if it's Arabic numerals, instead of a line, that shows in the seperate window. Thanks.
Hi, Very simple question... how to access volume from symbol different than one from the current chart? double Volume[] will give me only the value from the current one :( Thanks, Art.
Just a tip to better direct users to the site resources: take a look on the landing page: which is the main resource/link a just landed user see? Traders Forum & Articles no immediate highlights on others resources like Jobs, Market and Signals this is just...
Hi All, Can anyone help me create a script that can, 1. Close Partial Order + Move SL to Break-even 2. Close remaining order if, P drops 12 pips below indicator EMA (10). It should be fairly simple but I do not know how to program. Thank you! Ravi
What is going on? This is an Easylanguage port of John Ehlers MESA Stochasticindicator on page 22 of S&C Jan 2014 Am I using the buffers as arrays correct? Are the arrays initialized to 0.0? The Code: <REMOVED> Here is a picture of the output. Please help
Hi guys Could you please advise me about the below case? i want to draw some VLINE to seperate the whole week in H4 in 3 par t could you please advise how can i do that? i can draw fix VLINE with ObjectCreate(), but i dono how can i set it to draw for current week
Hi How can I get a random number between two numbers ie. 1 and 100 with mql4 functions? And how do you shuffle an array with mql4 with random seed. Thanks
//+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                                SELLMoveLines.mq4 |//|                        Copyright 2012, MetaQuotes Software Corp. |//|                              
I want to modify Heiken Ashi Indicator. When I attach Heiken Ashi Indicator I want the background to be blank ( Candlebar change to line chart, and the line chart color to be black). What must I to put in Init Section ? So I only see the clean Heiken Ashi in my chart. And I want do it without...
When timeframe is changed, position is changed.
Hi, tired of trying to make working EA. Wish to have RSI EA which opens position on particular time. It initializes, no errors are found, but it does not open position. Loaded code on EUR/JPY at 2pm and RIS was at around 50 in 5min chart. What is the problem with that code:
Hi! Im writing a custom indicator and it's going to MIMICK keyboard shortcuts. Now I'm SO frustrated because I can't find the NUMERAL value for each KEY. So far all I know is: CTRL = 17 Q = 81 Please help me. SURELY there is a list of them all somewhere? Far out!
I need a inner and outer trend line breakout MTF indicator based onprice points. Plz Help
How do you make a variable variable in mql4 ie. int count=0;count++;double calc = high*var{count};Where var variable would be var1
What is close[0], since it represents the current tick,it must be the current quoted price, so: Is it the current Bid or the Ask price, and how does the MT4 choose which one? Or is it the average of them? For example currently on my broker Bid=Close[0], but why not the Ask ? Please explain, thanks!