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Hello, Let say I have an indicator in EX4 file, it shows nothing but an alert only,which will tell me to buy, sell and exit the market. Can we make an EA base onthis indicator only? Thank you
Hey everyone, I am looking foward the code of the attached indicator. It is meant only to combine two or more indicators buffer to generate a third signal as you know, but I only have the compiled file already and I am trying to make a full package within only one file. Does anyone has the code or
No error in the log. Doesn't matter if I double click on the ea or drag it on the chart, nothing happens. I noticed that the diamond symbol is grey though
Hello all, Happy New Year. I've been searching for a very basic MT4 engulfing candle indicator that suits my needs but had no luck. Most of the indicators I've found require the candle to fully engulf the high and low of the previous candle which is not necessary for my strategy. I just need it to
Hello All. i'm trying to write a simple indicator-based Expert which send Sell and Buy Signals , with iCustom Function. my problem is closing Orders. my code Sends Sell and Buy orders when buy or sell signals come , but now i need a code which close the last order before sending new order. can
Hello What is meaning of these codes? I don't understand Red and bold parts. 1- what is variables started with _ ? 2- what is _mtfCall ? 3- what is meaning of this statement : double PP=( )? : ; If possible, please send me documents or references to understand these codes
Hello, I am about to make my first trade. I have downloaded metatrader 4 and got a funded and active account. I have wached the tutorials too. Could Somebody help me to get started
There is an idea in the metratrader 4 help files, tools > configuration at startup, that I really want to start using: I want to script my metatrader 4 to run certain commands automatically, such as: -automatically perform and save a backtest of a specific EA and currency pair from x date to y date,...
Hello, Please I need help with getting the code correct. i am new to the metatrading EA I have two moving average and an ordersend for buy when one cross the other and ordersend to sell when the other crosses the first one. what i want to do is get the first order to close when the other lines
Hi All! How can I make a code to know the bid price of a specific time? For example: I'd like to know the EURUSD bid price on 2007.05.03 15:35. What isthe code? Please, help me! Thank you!
Hi, How to convert indicator to EA? Anyone can tell me. What support to change if indicator convert to EA? I'm newbie...
Just wondering, if i can do this, like, i have an indicator, when it changes its color, then its a reversal signal. i want to know if i can do this?
Happy Holidays to everyone. I just want to ask if there is a script that will draw horizontal lines on the support and resistance for the last 300 candles on the chart? can anybody help for the mql4 codes.Thank you very much. Your help is highly appreciated
I would like to calculate TP and SL by percentage of my balance . is there any format to do that ? thanks in advance
Hi, is there a special place/forum for Android builds? Release notes, bugs, etc. Since build 1231 and the version b4, I'm getting an Android UI crash every time I start the APP. Furthermore, it is impossible closing the app from foreground. On Android Levono TB-X304F, Android 8.1.0 RGDS hk
Hi, I am very new to trading and the mt4 platform. I want to test the demo version of the <Deleted> EA. I have downloaded it into MT4, and when dragged onto a chart it tells me to test in the strategy tester. I click the test button, and the tester opens with prepopulated fields for the symbol and
I have an IC Markets MT4 trading account (set up today) and I have not been able to connect my mql5 community market tab (But it displays my community username when I hover over the purchased tab). Prior to this it was working in the demo account. If I now log into the demo account it no longer
Hi all, I have a CAD funded live account, MT4, and when testing EAs looks like the Profit / Loss is shown in USD and not CAD. Is that how MT4 performs the tests, it assumes the account is in USD? Also, does MT4 testing takes in consideration my commissions per trade? For example: say the EA takes a
I wanted to test an EA in a period from 2009 to 2019. I have downloaded all the historical data which goes back to 1999 and I also have set the max. candles to 2147483647. But for some reason when I start the backtesting it just stops and there is not even an error. I have attached a screenshot of
MT4 Strategy Tester has a big limitation. it doesn't show multi timeframes when running tests. Like I want to see the Daily, H4 and H1 timeframes at the same time when it runs. Any solution to add multiple charts/timeframes to the runner on Strategy Tester at the same time
Hello everyone, i have a problem with metatrader 4. I just installed MT4 into my new computer which has Windows 10, but whenever i try to run MT4 it just open for few seconds and then shut down by itself. Has anyone had this problem? i also tried to re-install MT4 but it didn't work. Please help
Pleasant Day to everyone. I've been working on an indicator that shows when the current trend is at a Higher-High, Lower High, Lower-Low or Higher Low position. Indicated as HH or LH Text Above the Candles in Green and LL or HL Text Below the Candles in RED. The problem I'm having is that the text
Hi everybody, I am doing several tests on my micro account, passing lot 0.01 as hardcode on EURUSD gives error 131, whereas on USDJPY which has distinct point compared to EURUSD it works normal, however the USDJPY lotstep specification is 0.01 whereas on EURUSD it is 0.10, both have minlot on 0.01
datetime dt = iTime(NULL, PERIOD_D1, 6); datetime dt2 = iTime(NULL, PERIOD_M5, iBarShift(NULL, PERIOD_M5, dt)); Print(dt); Print(dt2); When executing the above code, I get the following: 2019.12.28 16:38:12.284 test EURUSD-ECN,H1: 2019.12.17 23:55:00 2019.12.28 16:38:12.284 test
I've tested some expert advisor with DLL functions. With one computer, many MetaTrader4 Platform running on each another named folder copied. But One certain MetaTrader4 has problem.   I invested the log of data folder, MT4. After 20 EA loaded successfully, 'login on through first.. previous...
Hi. i'm trying to wrote a simple expert based on indicator buffers. but when indicator send a Sell or Buy signal , my expert make many buy or Sell Orders! while i want to Run the order just once , not dozens of times. also i want to close the past order when a new order runs. can anybody help me
In the EA of MT4, I want to extract the transaction results by specifying a specific date and time in the past. As a result of writing the following code, OrderOpenTime ()> "2019.12.10" will be extracted, OrderOpenTime ()> "2019.12.15" is not extracted Some cases cannot be extracted by date. *
Hi. When I trace trend lines, horizontal lines, ... when scrolling the graph, my finger touches drawn lines randomly and ruins my patterns and it's on my nerves. I really need to lock the lines especially when I've drawn many resistance and support lines along patterns. Please help me
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Hi everyone, does anyone know an Expert mt4 who performs automatic operations but customizes the parameters? like doing a buy or sell action above or below a ema, for example? Thanks
I need an example of how to set expiration time in a pending order. In this example, the expiration time is 0. I need example of pending order "Goodfor the Day Only". ticket=OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUYLIMIT,1,1.3104,3,Ask-25*Point,Ask+25*Point,"My order #2",16384,0,Green); Thanks, Wackena