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Hi everyone. I’ve a bit of a head scratching problem with some back testing and I wanted to know if anyone else had ever experienced this or something similar. I have an EA which I have developed and tested successfully over a period of 3 years – 2018 2019 2020. At its simplest, the EA opens
Hi, I have a Volumes Indicator that does not display information about the bars when I hover my mouse cursor above it. Can somebody tell me how to do this? I tried to figure it out, but I failed. Thank You Very Much, Attila
i want orderflow indicator for mt4 plz help me This is the basic dedicated server package from Will this be enough to run 25-30 MT4 terminals with EA's open in them? If not should i upgrade to more cores or more RAM? Thanks
Hi everyone, I want to create a strategy that can be used in any timeframe. In the strategy there's a dynamic variable and there's a static variable (hardcoded). For it to works in any timeframe I need to change the static variable into a semi-static variable (changing the value according to
Hello, Wondering if someone can assist with troubleshooting an EA that I am currently developing. I am getting the following error: Possible loss of data due to type conversion. At the following line: if(OrderSymbol() == Symbol() && OrderMagicNumber() == magic_num) { size++; ArrayResize(tradeList
Hello, please help me out to understand why the Indi works only when adding to the chart (Init) or when compiling code ? //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| TTF.mq4 |
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I am looking for some information on the Alt+S copy and paste into this forum function/button. I have tried these combinations and the results were bad. 1 copy code open edit post click on page then hit Alt =/+ key then Shift S in order to Alt+S and that did nothing. 2. copy code click edit page
Hey guys, i am new in coding and i just did a few days of research to write my own code. I want to trigger my EA when a arrow shows up. After looking hours for it I found out that my Indicator has a password which i have to consider as well. After aaall that i made my first trades with it. But it
I have some indicator problems, dunno how to describe it, its pretty confusing, been struggeling with this for over a week ! I have used up all line buffers (7 of them), and are using a good number of so called work arrays, these are arrays which are linked to the indicator buffers using [
Hey guys, I'm using an EA on a VPS to copy a master MT4 account (investor read) into a second Mt4, but due to the fast closure of orders, they usually last 1 minute or less, or due to slippage or "latency" of the expert, I'm not achieving the results of the first account. How can I solve and improve
Hello Everyone i wrote a EA based on ART strategy. It is opening only one trade in one chart. But i want to open many trade on different chart. Like same EA in different chart and want to open trade on chart. But when i attached this ea on different chart it is not opening trades although there is a
extern double PB1= 104.000 ; // Buy price of Phase 1 extern double OS1= 0.01 ; // Order size of Phase 1 extern double SL1= 0.150 ; // Stop Loss of Phase 1 extern double TP1= 0.150 ; // Take Profit of Phase 1 extern double PBDip1= 1.000 ; // Dip Level for new buy in Phase 1 int start() { bool
I have a class library file that contains classes used in the main body of an MT4 EA (MetaEditor 5.00 build 2375). Here I have two classes: The first one {#PivotPoint} has members for index and price of a pivot point. The second class {#ForkDef} holds the parameters of a fork, most of which are
Hey Buddies I'm not a computer programmer and my question seems simple. But I'm confused about it. I have read MQL4 book and function reference, but i can't find the solution. I just want to check if there is an open buy position or not? I tried to use OrdersTotal() but it returns buy and sell
input datetime InpDateTime = TimeLocal (); I would like the input panel to always show the current date as the default value when prompting for a date. However, when I write the above, I get an error. What can I do
hy , i dont know why in my script return always error 130 if i set a price 1.09556 for example work anyone can help me ? thnks //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| ExpertPens.mq4 | //|
Hi, I have checked forward test data (MT4 report) by quant analyzer4 (software)  and it's draw-down is so small. Why is it? I have watched EA trading and it shows much bigger draw down actually. For example, during my EA trade, max draw down was almost $2000, however I have import trade result into...
is there any difference and is it ok to use generic so i can use 1 mt4 for my different accounts from different brokers
Hi All, I need some help with my MT4 platform. It crashed and I decided to delete it and re-install a new one. Initila it wouldn't uninstall. I had use a software uninstaller to uninstall it. Now, I am trying to install a new one but each time to install it refuses to install and return this message
i am having a issue with this program. i am trying to make an ea which should open a trade when Ma crosses and should have gap in them ,if these two conditions met then should open trade on end of current candle/bar , but this ea opens so many trades buy and sell at same time. Please help
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In case some of you have been wondering what was the "wonder" indicator picture posted a couple of times in the digital filters thread, and, since rules for advanced elite section are a bit different : It was a MACD of a Hodrick-Prescott filter. One version of that indicator (Hodrick-Prescott...
So I'm trying to create a Multi Currency Multi TimeFrame EA. I've come so far that it loops thru currencies and Periods of my chose. I send those to a Signal function that test the signal of my chosen indicator. So far so good. My problem is that if my SL takes out my order on the first bar it
I get this error on validation my product but it is running well on backtests . Please help me! double GetLotSize() { double minlot = MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_MINLOT); double maxlot = MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_MAXLOT); double leverage = AccountLeverage(); double lotsize =
Hello, I created a bot in Python and now I want to use it via MT4. I need 2 Interfaces - one to get the live data from MT4 (tick data or 1m candles would be fine) and one to place the trades the bot comes up with in MT4 (like a signal). What would be the best way to approach this? Are such...
Hi Guys, So I have been trying to export basic price data into a .csv format from MT4. Basically what im trying to achieve is to get the range of a particular bar at a particular time of day each day that runs in the strategy tester. IE iHigh - iLow @ 9am each day populate that into a .csv on a
Seems like every other color of line can be changed, even the arrow color as part of OrderSend and OrderClose, but not the dotted line that joins the arrows after an EA has closed a trade. Anyone know if both the color of the line can be changed and the line style?
Hi guys! The trades we place are being copied to a telegram channel, for this we need to enter a URL in the expert advisors tab you can see in the print screen below. The problem is for some reason the allow webrequest always gets resetted back to default so the URL disappears and we the trades no
I tried to install several indicators in the metatrader4 on my Mac Big Sur but they don't work. I right-clicked on the application as per the guide on the metatrader4 site and chose "show package contents", then I searched for the indicators folder and simply dragged the indicators. Then I reset
Dear everyone, My chart window version indicator works perfectly, but separate window version don't work correctly. I only change "#property indicator_chart_window" to "#property indicator_separate_window". I attach separate window version indicator soure code in post. Please tell me how to fix it