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Hello, I currently have a (raw) socket server by python/php and I want to get Tick() of many pairs from MT4 to this server. I search so many libs/dll for MT4 (WinSock, WinINET...) for this but all do not work. I would like to make each chart a socket client to connect to socket server. Then, each...
All of a sudden one of my FFCal news indicators is giving this error in build 1080 using the EventSetTimer function. It worked perfectly fine in previous builds, was there something change that I am missing?
  Daily Cams EA (22   1 2 3)
Camarilla Pivots are some of my favourite indicators. If you are not familiar, go to to understand the basics. I used the Daily Cam levels as an indicator, but I designed my own strategy (EA) with somewhat different logic to above reference. The EA turns-out to work well on...
void ReadFile_Array()  {   FileHandle=FileOpen(subfolder+"\\TestCSV.csv",FILE_READ|FILE_WRITE|FILE_CSV);   if(FileHandle!=INVALID_HANDLE)     {      while(!FileIsEnding(FileHandle))        {         str=FileReadString(FileHandle,FILE_READ|FILE_CSV);        }     }   for(Separator=",";str...
Anyone know how to configure  mq4 file, so I can choose and change anytime  maximum spread ? I only managed to create the  icon in the EA settings:  extern double   MaxSpread  = 5; but I can`t figure out the rest of the settings... Thank you
Here my indicator code in below. I want to catch the Arrows to open orders. please help me. #property indicator_chart_window#property indicator_buffers 2#property indicator_color1 Blue#property indicator_color2 Red//---- input parametersextern int       NumBars=500;extern int...
Please coders, help, Im not so experienced in MT4 coding. I wont to take and show in EA, RSI value at moment of opening ticket, OrderSend. My EA opens tickets in RSI range 30-70, but I need to know RSI value exactly in OrderSend moment and show that value in Chart for analysing and optimising.
Hello, Could someone tell me what are the steps to revert Metatrader 4 to earlier versions, if possible given some examples please? I have several indicators that do not work with the latest version. Thank you
  Ichimoku (371   1 2 3 4 5 ... 37 38)
I started to test some Ishimoku EA and suddenly recognized that it is necessary to have more information about it. Thus we start this thread. I will try to post everything about Ishimoku indicator here.
I tried to make a library. dll file for my EA with Microsoft Visual studio 10. But compiler says 'old code' and doesn't works the. dll. I also tried to compile original. dll file from Examples folder of MQ4, but same result. Please tell me which version of Visual studio will works?
Hello  I know if we find error in   OnCalculate()   by instruction  return(-1) we can stop indi execution and exit it   . But when in sub-program or function is there an instruction to stop the indi execution ? Tnx
Hello everyone, I have been slowly making additions to code my EA. I only have 1 GB (Type-DDR1) on my laptop. The problem I am experiencing is that MetaTrader4/ MetaQuotes4 crash. I think I know the answer, but is there any way to use external ram..
Hello ,, i want ask how can read String From API if i send String from C# by(WIN32 API) to Desktop Like This  "|EUR_USD|1.2323|1.233" i use char | to split this string first name pair second price bid and third price ask   now how read this line in mql4 from my Desktop .!  thank you :)
either in tester or live chart EA/indicator/script, I would like to know how long it takes for a section of code or the entire EA to run through complete sequence.  I checked a thread here which had a speedtest.mq4 attached, but I could not ascertain how to apply it to my situation. Could use MQ's...
Can I use ihigh and i low for stoploss in an EA, and which part of the code should I add it too?  Thanks!
My computer is four core. But only one core is used when tested in the ea test. It takes a lot of time to test or optimize. Is there a way to use all four cores, or accelerate the speed of testing or optimization?
I have a EA and is in back testing in MT4.  While the chart result shown only after the testing ended. If I want to see how my EA works from bar to bar, how can I do it? Thanks in advance
Hi all, I would like to program my EA to detect if an object appears (an arrow... put there by an indicator) on the current bar of my chart. Is this possible? Thanks! Shawn
I want to use high/ low of previous bar for SL. Right now I have it set at static value in extern int.  I want to add sl = iHigh(NULL,0,1) and I understand that the change needs to come after order send, but whatever I try it will compile with no errors but not run properly on backtester... Please...
Kaufman AMA (adaptive moving average) made specificaly for the new metatrader 4
Hello,   Ihope somebody can help me.   Becausethe Nasdaq moves in $ 0.25 increments, I look for my expert a way to round anumber like 5812.66 to 5812.50 or 5812.45 to 5812.25 etc    Who can give me an exemple how to do this? Thanks!   Hans Blancke
Hello to everyone, I have encountered problems with the code written before the build versione 1599 of Mediaeditor. The code for casting between structures is no longer accepted. What I'm saying is verifed. I still have a version of Metaeditor build 1562 and if I compile the following code is...
I'm created an EA and backtesting it... Can someone please look at trades 5 & 6 and tell me how that trade resulted in losing $20?  I can't figure it out.  The trade was closed under where it started by 20 handles and it still resulted in a loss.  That doesn't make sense to me.
Hi, SymbolInfoDouble, GetSymbolInfoTick, all those functions are answered with error 4106 in testing mode. Symbol unkown or not selected. SelectSymbol fails because of backtest mode. In my expert i use multiple symbols and need bid and ask of extern symbols also in backtest. How to achieve this ?...
Hello, I would like to know how to continue drawing indicator after the last bar, is it possible to continue drawing an indicator in future date? Thank you
Hi There, I'm wondering something, now I'm developing EA that would normally check Daily Trend and calculate many things with H1,M15. mostly data come from iClose(), iHigh() by multi Timeframe, then it will check with current opened order and process with some Indicator.  I notice sometimes market...
Is it possible to edit some files to get more currency options in the strategy tester?
I want to add additional symbols to MT4 and upload custom market data in offline mode for building and testing EAs. How can I edit symbols.raw symbols.sel symgroups.raw ? This is only for offline testing and optimization purposes. I am using MT4 as the engine to build/test/optimize these symbols,...
hi at all, is this a parameter or method, for get minimal size of my lot (example 1 lot; 0.1 lot; 0.01 lot) ? Or, i must calculate it, every time with my input value (example: 0=1 lot; 1=0.1 lot; 2=0.01 lot) ? Thanks a lots! at all!