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How do you reset MetaTrader 4 to its original default settings at installation?
Please let me ask for some helps because I have tried many times .It is not in good condition .Still error.So I decide to get some help. Here is trade condition if ( OrdersTotal () == 0 ) { OrderSend ( Symbol (), OP_BUYSTOP, 1 , Ask+INCREMENT*pt, 3 ,Bid- 5 *pt , 0 , "Buy" , MAGIC
Hi I make an empty robot to tester an indicator , I run the tester , then I attach this Indicator , in demo chart , the indicator shows true results , but in the tester , there is something wrong the results is not true , I don't know it , please some help to identify the problem , I want to build a
I can use ObjectGetValueByShift() to get the values of the channel's main line. But how do I get values of the second line? Is it possible at all? Calculating using linear equation formula based on time yields incorrect results due to non-linear time change in the chart.
Hello Guys! I have an ex4 (compiled) file of an indicator whihc generates buy and sell signals and draw arrows on the chart. How is it possible to extract that part of the code that generates signals? If I have those codes, I can use it in my EA as iCustome. Should I have the source file to see the
Hi, Im programming an EA that calls a Custom Indicator for values. EA goes something like this: int init()   {      Alert("Initializing");       itrend_1 = iCustom(currency,PERIOD_D1,indicator,0,1);      itrend_2 = iCustom(currency,PERIOD_D1,indicator,0,2);            trigger_1 = iCustom(currency...
Im currently trying to write a function for taking partials but it seems not to be working.Aby help in correcting my mistakes will be appreciated amd better still,if you could come up with a better fun void Takepartials() { bool status; int cnt; RefreshRates(); if(OrdersTotal()>0) {
Hello, As the topic's titles suggests, I am having trouble with a specific issue. Given that I have the ticket number, how do I get a return true/false, 0/1, whatever.... to make code that acts accordingly, if the order has close by stoploss or takeprofit. Anyone knows? Thanks in advance, PP
I have MT4 and installed VWAP indicator When placing on charts options appear, I hit ok and nothing is shown on chars
For buy limit order, we buy at the price lower than current market price ; for sell limit order, we sell at the price higher than current market price . So my question is, can we actually write a code that places a buy limit order at a price higher than the current market price and a sell limit
Lets assume i want to get full protection. As i heard someone decompiled the locker of account. I may want to prevent client mistake aswell . If client sends the mq4 File instead of ex4. The question is If i create an MQH File and include that in to ex4. Compile. So even if they mistakely send mq4
  Volatility indicators for MT4  (118   1 2 3 4 5 ... 11 12)
What volatility indicators out there are coded for MT4 that I can use other than the Bollinger bands? Please post links if you can. I'm looking for a way to better place my stops based on market volatility
  Error Code 5004  (36   1 2 3 4)
Hallo, I just update my MT4 FXDD client terminal. The new updated client terminal gave an error code: 5004 which I didn't have in the old MT4 client terminal. I understand that error 5004 is about fileopen error. I have checked and I have done "fileclose" for every "fileopen". I have also checked...
Hi everybody, I'm having this problem since long time now, and I'm not able to find a solution. I'm not sure it's my software problem or broker's. ONLY ON SOME BROKERS, when trying to execute orders on gold, I get error 4106 unknown symbol. Symbol is visible in marketwatch, and if I try to open
Hello guys I'm trying to build a custom indicator.I'm a newbie in mql4 developpement. I read and I know MQL4 allow drawing uop to 8 indicator lines. I used 4 buffers to colors the candles. Now I'd like to display at least 12 lines more but It doesn't work. I
Hey guys, im working on a Expert Advisor and need some help. How can i check if a position has been closed by a triggered Stop Loss? Currently i check if positions are open and if not, i want to know if the last position has been successful closed or as said, triggered by Stop Loss. I searched the...
  Fibonacci EA  (2)
I'm new to MLQ4 and I'd like to know how to create an EA using the Fibonacci levels or object. Anyone? Please help! Thanks!
Whats my problem? input int cn= 100 ; double lowP[]; void OnInit () { for ( int i= 1 ;i<=cn;i++) { lowP[i- 1 ]= iLow ( Symbol (), 60 ,i); } Comment (lowP[ 0 ], "\n" ,lowP[ 1 ], "\n" ,lowP[ 2 ]); } show this
i use 2 indicator in my mql4 code and i can get data from them and my expert work very good. but i have a problem : when i run expert on the chart ,one of the indicators not show in chart!!! and i have to drag that indicator to the chart to see it
Hi all, I have been working primarily on MT4 which has undoubtedly the broadest support among my brokers, only a couple offer MT5 and not necessarily with the same instruments I want to trade with my algorithms. Recently I started delving much deeper into MQL5 and its standard library classes for
There is a deviation/slippage setting in MT4 that prevent slippage over 1 pip, it is also 0.5 as default. Mlq5 claims the trade will not open until this condition is met, but yet followers of signals complain of +4 pips slippage! Is this setting not working
Hello guys I have been trying to find a script soo the Signals from my signals provider get automatically placed in my mt4. if anyone can help me out on this it would be much appreciated
  MT4-Java API  (72   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
I'd like to introduce MT4 Java API: MT4 Terminal Java API (JFX) is intended to provide Java interface to MetaQuotes trading servers through the standard MetaTrader 4 client terminal (MT4 Terminal).
  RSI with Alert  (3)
Here is the RSI indicator with alert added into it so that you can know when oversold or overbought levels have been crossed
I am looking for a graphical trade assistant for MT4 something that can help me to set TP and SL and let me understand how much I am risking in bothe money and as a percentage of my account. I need it to work on all pairs and to do multiple trades simultaneously. Does MT4 have one built in? If so I
Hi, I am coding an EA and I have generated like 4 versions. I created the last and now none are working. The EA has been working for 2 weeks and suddenly it does not open trades. Any ideas? A friend has a copy and it still is working
When I try to download an app from the website Market, nothing happens. However, I can download apps when initiated from the MT4 platform. The problem is that most of the apps I use show on the website, but not on the MT4 platform. Any suggestions
I wanted to have notifications on my metatrader4 but I can't access my ID
Hello There Guys , i have made this trade copier Ea based on Master and Slave . Master account just save the information of trades in excel file and slave account take the information throw excel file and open trades on slave account , but what i need is i just want that slave account open the trade
Hi I would like to be able to capture the Moving average value at the time of Order. I was using ibarshift to convert OrderOpenTime to a bar value to use in iMA, but I have noticed that the MA value continues to calculate until the bar of the timeframe selected closes. Is there a way to prevent