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  Code for risk per trade? (25   1 2 3)
Hello, I have coded my first EA and I am looking for the code that will open lot sizes at a percentage of my account. Can anyone help please?
  TRIX Indicator for MT4 (33   1 2 3 4)
TRiX (3 Exponential) indicator for MetaTrader 4. The TRIX is a trend-following indicator used by triple smoothing of price and looking for anomalies and rate of change. How To Use TRIX How To Use TRIX Download here: Click here to download Great trading!
hey guys , i need this code : i have 3 positions , first position is OP_BUY with lot 0.01 , second position is OP_SELL with lot 0.02 , third position is OP_BUY with lot 0.04 , when first position closed by take profit , close second position with lot 0.01 and third position close with lot 0.02
  Can price != price ? (71   1 2 3 4 5 ... 7 8)
I'm trying to understand something strange that I am seeing so I can better code round it in the future . . . I noticed something strange happening with one of my Indicators, it wasn't doing what it should have been so I checked the code and it looked correct. So I did a little investigation and...
  trailing stop (6)
Hi everyone. I am trying to implement a trailing stop. The code compiles, but the trailing stop function is not working in tester. I am trying to call the function in the very first line after OnTick, so i would assume that the function will be called every time there is a new tick. But no orders
I search on net Rubicon EA but didn't find.. so i develop my own... I did it with my little knowledge, if someone has good idea, please share. Steps To use: 1) Download Rubicon-Indicator.ex4 (I dont have mql4 file, i download ex4 from internet) 2) Download Rubicon-Expert.ex4 3) Place...
I was looking at the Server Manager's Event Logs and noticed that two of the terminals throw the following log error from the SideBySide source Activation context generation failed for "C:\path\to\terminal.exe".Error in manifest or policy file "" on line . A component version required by the
Dear all, I hve made my own EA. My idea is to check last 9 bars abd if their bodies is above EMA than it should open order when highest high of those 9 bars +3 pips is reached. When i do a test of strategy (for 3 year period) the result is that there is one pending order sent and it isn't executed
Example: you have an M1 chart with an indicator that shows the monthly pivot. In order for the indicator to calculate the pivot, it needs the high low close data of the last month. That means if the end of the current month is approaching, you need the M1 data on this chart back to the beginning of
Hello, First of all, I would like to mention that I am not an expert in mql4 and I would appreciate very much any help about this issue that I am facing. I have spent several hours trying to solve the problem and I couldn't. The problem: I am trying to build an indicator that calculates the maximum
Hello All, I am have very basic programming skills in mql4 and I'd appreciate some help with the following code.  I'm trying to code a simple moving average that starts at daily open that has a period equal to the number of candles present on chart since the beginning of the current day (timeframe...
 Is there a way to attach or remove a particular EA mt4 script to mobile app like iPhone or Android and do the trading by enabling the EA script? If there is an option for this, kindly please let me know the steps to do this. Thanks alot!
Hi, I have several MT4 terminals trading at the same time and am trying to export RTD (Account Balance, Profit etc) from each terminal to Excel so I can monitor in one place. I know that Pepperstone and some other brokers provide this as an EA but they are unfortunately not my broker. And I think...
Hi, I'm relatively new to programing MQL4 and would like to know how to code an expert to understand the open and close prices of the previous bar? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Chris.
Hi I ran the following code just now: void OnStart() {//--- Print(Ask); Sleep(5000); Print(Ask); } And the ASK price was the same. EURUSD H1, FXPro Demo5 Is this the same for OnTick()? So, once the event handler is called Prices freeze
  Connecting EA to database (15   1 2)
Hi Can someone please assist me with my EA. I need it to connect to a website/database and with the use of variables true and false. these variables must be checked every 12hour or 24 hours. then depending on the data base stop all functions of the EA or continue as normal. Please assist or if you...
Hello, I am using MT4 and I've got a problem with my expert adviser. When I want to open a trade automatically through my expert adviser, there is slippage of the TPs and SLs of the open order. So what I am trying to explain- lets say I want to open an order on the current price, which is 11896.22
Hello! I hope you are well. Please, can someone help me to resolve this problem. I try to make an EA basing on the crossing of 2 MA. The EA have to take position when the 2 MA are crossing (down for buy positions and up for sell positions) but the EA don't work as i want. Please help me
1040buy20 is a buy indicator, however it alerts both green and red candles (I hope it indicates red candles down 24pip to buy) Red candle240 is an indicator that the red candles fall 24pip Can you combine these 2 indicators together? help me please my english is bad ( google translate )
Hello all, When i want download my EA on MT4 on my McBook pro, i can not. The EA run on Windows system... Do you know what is the problem please...? Thank you> Seb
Sorry, this must have been asked many times, but I still can't find it on my own. void BailOut() { Print("Emergency! Abort!"); return; } void mainFunction() { if (bool NuclearWarfare == 1) { BailOut(); } Of course, it's an oversimplification of what I want, but it should be clear enough. The return
Hi Guys, I'm integrating Metatrader4 platform with external signal data. What I have to to is plot arrow on specific candle time in M1, for example: Suppose you have to plot arrow at this time and price: price 1.1234, time: '2020-03-02 13:15:01'. How can I get the chart candle on where I have to
When you save a Back-test report in MT4 you clearly see the date period used in the back-testing. Am I missing something or is this information simply missing in a saved MT4 Optimization report?! Thanks for your help! :-)
Hello, I have some issues loading historical data. I want to test an expert advisor for which I need lots of 1Min Historical data. 1. When I keep pressing the home button on the 1 min chart to load more historical data, there is only a few weeks back I can go to. After that, pressing the home button...
Friends, do you have a problem with the MT4 Strategy Tester
Im trying to create a dynamic stop loss based on a moving average. In my example i use the 20 period Simple Moving average as my SL level. To this function i would like to add a "max SL value in pips" and "minimum SL value in pips". if 20 SMA is more than x pips away from entryprice, use "max sl
  add pip in candle (17   1 2)
this indicator only alert blue candle ( price close > price open ) how to him alert only candles up 100-200pip please help me edit him thank so much
What do I need to delete or reset to get the current build of metatrader to save all it current display settings so that when I close and open MT4 I still see all the toolbars and navigator windows setting I had when I closed MT4?
Hello, this is my first post. Does anyone have experience in using MT4 using Parallels software? I've successfully installed MT4 on my Mac, and the MT4 runs without any problem. However, the number displayed on the grid as well as the font menu is displayed too tiny that it's unable for me to read...
Hi all, I am trying to code a EA with two MAs; First will be a high and the second is a low, both with 20 periods. So the condition is when a candle crosses the upper MA it starts a buy order signal and this order closes when a candle crosses the lower MA. The same happens for a sell order; when a