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I am developing an EA based on the breakout. Manually, i will placed the two horizontal lines on the mt4 chart and when the price crosses that horizontal line it will automatically open trades. But, I wanting that if the trade is closed it will automatically delete that two horizontal lines on the
Morning all, I had levels drawn on numerous charts which have been there for months, when I've opened up MT4 this morning they have all disappeared. Do you have any idea on how I can get them back without drawing them all again? Many Thanks
I enter all the parameters with gmail, but it still comes up with Mail: error connecting to And I check the gamil, it doesn't allow the less secure apps now which mean I can't open the less secure apps. How can I fix it or what kind of email address I can use
Good Morning all, i was testing iCustom function with the attached indicator. I call it on this way: double EURUSDEMAUP0 = iCustom("EURUSD",_Period,"EMA_Cross__SES__BDv8_12_31__1",2,15,true,0,0);double EURUSDEMADN0 = iCustom("EURUSD",_Period,"EMA_Cross__SES__BDv8_12_31__1",2,15,true,1,0); And adding
Theres is a bothering lag when changing timeframes, I wish I could input on the indicators setting how much MTF bars I want to be plotted. Thanks. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//| MTF_Candles.mq4
Hi friends, I come across these function in MQl4. ChartTimePriceToXY() and ChartXYToTimePrice() While I was doing one of my coding exercises, I tried to convert a price say 1.0850 to X and Y coordinates and convert the resultant X and Y coordinates back to the price, expecting to get back the
Hello, Just bought the new htc one and downloaded the mt4 android app and noticed that there are no high and low wicks on any of the candles just the main bodies only. This is kinda weird and was wondering if anyone else has or is experiencing the same thing on their phone as well. I had the htc...
Hi everyone, I hope you are well. I have developed a trend indicator. I want to display its output with a web service by using a usique desing. I wonder if this is possible. The unique desing is too important. I wonder if I can show the output with a unique desing. However, I don't know hoe I can do
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Trend Direction Force Indicator made by mladen, it compiles without any errors and should work but indicator window is blank. Tried on 3 different broker's MT4 but nothing. //+------------------------------------------------------------------+//|                                Trend direction &...
Hello Fam, I am having an issue with a multi dimensional array that would not accept values. This is the logic: When a trade is made, values are stored in an array. If conditions change, I will modify the trade with only made by this EA specifically (EA number). For some reason, I cannot input the
I am trying to use a custom indicator to an EA as a resource, i have already tried the documentation way I add at the beggining #resource "\\Indicators\\SqLinReg.ex4" and Oninit {//--- get custom indicator value double value=iCustom(_Symbol,_Period,"::Indicators\\SqLinReg.ex4",0,0);
Hello, I wrote a code for rotate all the symbols on the same chart, but not working. Could someone tell me what is the problem or give another working code for that? Thank you. int start() {int symb=SymbolsTotal(true); for ( int i=0; i<symb; i++) {
  if (Bid > 1530 && Bid < 1540 )OrderSend(Symbol(),OP_BUYLIMIT, 1, 1530, 0 ,0 0, 0, 0, 0, Green);   when price is still in rang 1530 - 1540 ,program is still  sending many order.   How to send placing order just one order?   Thank you very much 
Hi guys,   So i have this problem: The periods change buttons are getting stuck as soon as i click on them. I have to deselect them manually just like you have to deselect auto scrolling.     Quiz: Which time frame am I looking at? I don't know either. xD It's really annoying!   So is there a fix...
My first issue is this: I use Oanda. I am in the US and we have the FIFO rule. Basically if I put a ST or TP on my order then I cannot send another order of the same size unless the previous order has been closed. The first order placed must be closed before another order can be bought. This only
Can anyone explain to me why MT4 in the account history does not have the entry NET PROFIT (or similar) which also calculates the costs (swaps and commissions)? It is absurd that such an important thing is missing. What's the reason? Advice on how to do it
Friends, I am trying to modify one of my EAs in MQL4 to draw and move horizontal lines, but it won't draw the lines. This is the code I'm using. Can you tell me what is wrong? string LT = "LineTest"; if(ObjectFind(LT)) { ObjectMove(LT, 1, 0, Ask + (20 * Point));
Hey everyone, Before beginning, I must say I have read several forum posts (including): It still not clear to me, how to correct calculate Pips / Points for different categories. I am aware that we must adjust for 4/5 digit
Hello, if someone can please help me, i'm trying to make my mt4 indicator works in more than one coin pair at the same time, in only one graph, this way it would send me a alert about USD/JPY while i only put it on EUR/USD chart, for example, someone can help me please
I've got this function which i don't know why it doesn't  work. I want the EA to place a buy order is last closed  sell trade was a loss. double LastS(){double ProS = 0;       for(int i=OrdersHistoryTotal()-1; i>=0; i--)         {         if(OrderSelect(i, SELECT_BY_POS, MODE_HISTORY) ==...
I am having a problem with executing of pending orders in MT4. I want the order to be executed ONLY if it TOUCHES that exact price. But because of the spread, the order is executed earlier. How can I solve that? Thank you
Hi, how can you backtest against real live data ? I see that MT4 historical data is stored in history folder (there are multiple default, DEMO & LIVE folders). I am guessting live data goes into live folders, but my question is, how can I modify settings in EA tester so it runs against this live
Hello all, I am wondering if there is a way to get multiple lines of text using Comment(). I have tried to search, but no luck so far. Thanks in advance, LW
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I want to get Contract size value, how can i get it? There is no Market information identifiers for this. MarketInfo()
Hi all, I'm not a programmer and trying to do something - this can be easy for you. So, apologize firstly. I need to limit my trades. I've used OrdersTotal() function but there seems like a problem. It does not work properly and EA keeps going to open new positions. Can you guys help to check and
Using EABuilder & download functions on new EA. After download, compile then back test...the results are changing but when i push "open chart" nothing appears. Have tried to delete prior versions to no avail. Any thoughts
hi all This is a simple EA which will open 4 trades, 2 buy orders & 2 sell orders. The EA will save the ticket numbers for the buy orders in array ( BuyA [ ] ), and the same for sell orders in ( SellA [ ] ). The problem is when I try Comment/Print the profits for BuyA [ ] & SellA[ ] it is only
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Hi I have a question, how to check account type(standard, mini, micro) ?
Dear Team, i subscribe to MQL5 signal, but i cant see it now on my terminal? Any recommendation
Good day all, apologies for my informal approach can someone please help me if possible i am using a demo account and i have logged profits which shows on my balance but is missing in the history tab, please help